Zhan Dao Ji

By 齐成琨

Zhan Dao Ji Chapter 5

Zhan Dao Ji Chapter 5

Ye Sheng opened his eyes, inhaled sharply, and shouted. Zhang Han was so startled that he stopped in his tracks!

“8th Layer Qi?! How is this possible?” Zhang Han hoarsely shouted. Ye Sheng, just by inhaling, in a split second reached 8th layer Qi!

Wang Qing’s expression also changed, his face twitching. Ye Sheng has merely gone through Na Ling yet already reached the same stage as him. Wasn’t this too powerful?

Elder Liu coldly glared at the two of them and didn’t say a word.  And then he turned towards Ye Sheng with a strange and rare look on his face, one of admiration, as he thought “This child knows his manners, understanding when to be aggressive and when to be meek! If one person were to take me prisoner or attack me, I would certainly attack back, but this child understands restraint! But at the same time, this Ye Sheng is powerful! The elders and Wang Qing must rope him into our side, while this Zhang Han must be isolated. This child is extraordinary!”

Ye Sheng coldly glared at Zhang Han, but did not move a step. He knew that his strength had rapidly expanded like a balloon, so he had the same level of power, but he didn’t hadn’t condensed his Ling Qi into a solid ball yet. His strength could not reach that of Zhang Han’s, but right now he could be considered one riding on the tiger’s back! (TL Note: Idiom for using connections to intimidate others)

Elder Chang with one look at Ye Sheng could identify his true character: at this point it would be impossible to stop him! Zhang Han was pressured by Ye Sheng’s imposing pressure, and his face was rapidly changing emotions, but he had no courage to speak out.

Ye Sheng opened both of his eyes and his power ballooned once more, “9th Layer of Qi!”  This time even Wang Qing couldn’t help but shout out!

“Ah?” Elder Chang looked at him with amazement, “Oh? He is still conscious? He didn’t roused himself? This child is truly not simple…”

Within Ye Sheng’s dantian, the mass of light slowly began to rotate. After every rotation inside, even Zhang Han felt pressured on the outside. One rotation was one increase in a layer of pressure! Under this pressure Zhang Han slowly began to sink down, under this kind of powerful pressure, he may truly explode!

Zhang Han turned red, and tried to support himself, although he could barely move!

“Zhang Han! I have no quarrel with you! Between us there is no animosity! However, twice you have tried to kill me! If I had not been vigilant, I would already be a corpse lying on the floor!“ Ye Sheng shouted. Suddenly, the pot started to mysteriously shake, absorbed a part of the rotating light in his dantian, and then the ball of light stopped!

“Chi!” Zhang Han felt the pressure on his body relax. As his body went loose, his mouth filled with blood, which he violently spat out.

However, in contrast, when the ball inside of Ye Sheng’s body stopped moving, it generated a thin silk-like thread and drilled into his dantian, causing him pain.  But unlike Zhang Han, his face was unwavering. Inside his body, his power continued to grow while, on the outside, it looked like he was still at the 8th Layer Qi level.

Zhang Han’s complexion was still changing, and his hand hovered over his bag. Yet when he looked at Ye Sheng’s unwavering face coldly, which glared back at him, he was unsure of what to do, because it was impossible to tell if Ye Sheng was bluffing or if his power was real. He hoped that Ye Sheng would not come after him but he wasn’t too sure. Even though Elder Liu was here, if Ye Sheng was to attack, he would not stop Ye Sheng. But Ye Sheng did not understand the rules so he would not dare act.  Even at a time like this, despite facing great injustice, it is no time to take a gamble!

Zhang Han clenched his teeth and moved his hand away from his bag. He bowed and said, “This matter was caused by my hot headedness. I apologize to Junior Brother Ye.”

Ye Sheng’s face didn’t change, but when he was looking at Zhang Han a cold light flashed in his eyes.

”What my master told me about cultivating was true… the law of the jungle, that the strong will kill the weak.  It seems I must eliminate them completely the first chance I get,” Ye Sheng thought.

“Okay.” Elder Liu indifferently waved his hand. “Zhang Han, you have attacked a younger disciple, and as such there is a punishment. You must face a cliff for 8 days and forget this matter. Wang Qing, although you had been fighting outside the elder’s hall, you will not be punished. However, do not expect to be forgiven another time.”

1After hearing this, Zhang Han’s face changed greatly and Wang Qing gave Elder Liu a strange look. “Elder Liu…” Zhang Han saluted, and begged for leniency.

“Get lost! Annoy me any further and you will be expelled from the sect!”

Zhang Han’s face changed. He gave a bow and walked away, but while he was walking away he bitterly glanced at Ye Sheng.

Wang Qing smiled, looked towards Ye Sheng, and said, “Congratulations Junior Brother for such a great achievement.” he then bowed towards Elder Liu and said, “If there is nothing else, Elder Liu, then this disciple takes his leave.”

“Go.” Elder Liu softly waved his hand. Wang Qing nodded and in the blink of an eye he faded as if he had just disappeared.

Ye Sheng watched as Wang Qing left, and heaved a sigh in relief. Within his body the energy started to recede and he sunk to the ground.  He turned towards the Elder and said, “ Thank you, Elder, for saving my life!”

”This boy…” Elder Liu didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “Truly good luck…”

”Elder Liu, what did you say?”

”Tsk tsk, child,” Elder Liu laughed, “Do not confuse my intentions. Today if I had not been in a good mood, when I was guiding you with my Ling Qi, I would left the instant you cursed at me, long ago.”

”Ehhh…” Ye Sheng thought back to when the small dragon had entered his body and remembered that he had cursed! And quite a bit!

“Okay.” Elder Liu waved his hand, “Don’t use that same old polite language with me. I hear it all the time. Come over here and let me take a look at you.”

Ye Sheng walked over and the elder put his hand on Ye Sheng’s forehead. “1st Layer Qi? Huh, not bad! From now on, you are one of our sects cultivators!”

“1st Layer Qi?”

“Follow me, you cannot miss the new disciple ceremony.” Elder Liu said, as he grabbed Ye Sheng and rushed towards the palace hall in a flash.

“Elder Liu?” Ye Sheng was unsure what was going on and wasn’t comfortable with where this was going when all of a sudden the scene changed. They had appeared in a hall! Inside this large hall there was a faintly visible flame hovering in the center above a statue. Suddenly, within his body, Ye Sheng felt himself absorbing something.

“This is… Ling Qi?”  After Elder Liu’s display inside his body with the dragon, this feeling was no longer unfamiliar to Ye Sheng, He immediately sat down and began to chant the sayings that Elder Liu had told him.

“What is this kid doing?” Elder Liu looked at Ye Sheng quizzically. He knew that when most disciples entered the elder’s hall they would stand around and look in admiration, not just sit down and start training because there was Ling Qi in here.

“Ehhh…” Ye Sheng was embarrassed as he looked up. “This Ling Qi….”

“What are you doing?” Elder Liu looked at Ye Sheng helplessly. “I brought you in here to take you through the ceremony, and then all of a sudden you start cultivating…”

Ye Sheng was very embarressed, he looked up and laughed nervously. “So can we start?”

Elder Liu brought him over to the black statue and said, “Here, put your hand on top of the statue’s head.”

Ye Sheng walked up and did not hesitate to put his hand on the statue.

“Pay attention! And look into the statue’s eyes!”

Ye Sheng expectantly looked into its eyes when his consciousness suddenly went hazy! The world began to spin! From Elder Liu’s perspective, in between the statute’s eyebrows, a white light flew out and imprinted itself into Ye Sheng’s forehead.

”Ahh…” Ye Sheng moaned. After a half hour when the world had stopped spinning, he opened his eyes and asked, “Is it finished?”

”Hmm. ” Elder Liu nodded. “This is out sect’s mark, So long as the sect exists, then this brand will always be with you wherever you go. With it, we can sense your life and death, and it can save your life if it is absolutely necessary.”

Ye Sheng was astonished, such a mark could have such an amazing effect?

“And with this, you can be considered one of our sect’s disciples.” Elder Liu had said all of this with one breath. “And now come with me. I will teach you some basic cultivation knowledge…”

Elder Liu led Ye Sheng through a dusty corridor, and stopped in front of a door.

Elder Liu stood outside of the door before banging on it three times. “Open!” At his shout, the large doors slowly opened.

“Here is the Practice Technique Pavilion!”

“Come in!”

Ye Sheng followed Elder Liu inside.

”Sit.” Elder Liu pointed at the ground and then sat down crosslegged himself.

”The Ancestors will help you awaken your spirit. You have already been through Na Ling, so it should be easy for you to reach the first stage, but in reality you are just someone who knows nothing about cultivating.”

“If you listen well, this will be a big help in your future as a cultivator! So listen and this will assist you well!”

When Ye Sheng heard these words he immediately sat up straight.

“To cultivate, there is only one true way, if you want to seize the heavens and the earth! Once you reach the Yuanying stage or higher, Heaven will not allow it and you will suffer many calamities. Though, this stage is impossible to reach. Even for both you and I, it is impossible. But that is why I must tell you it is important to have an extremely powerful foundation!”

“There are several levels! First is the layered Qi stage, Daotai,  Xiao Danjing, Da Danjing, and Yuanying! Each level has a different cultivation method, and has several techniques! These techniques will steadily open up all of your meridian channels and unleash your human potential.  This is how you cultivate your base! According to legend, once you reach the Yuanying stage, you will become omnipotent!

”Omnipotent?” Ye Sheng heard this and he started to breathe heavily. He couldn’t help but long for such power.

Seeing Ye Sheng, Elder Liu smiled in satisfaction. “Next I will tell you the difference between techniques. There are jealously guarded secret arts, which, if you can train them and have a good foundation, would enable your power to exceed your level!

“It goes up to the Daotai stage, and as you cultivate you can go up to five levels! And as you reach these levels, your meridians will open, making you even more powerful! And learning a weaker method can help you attain a higher level! Because of this there is no need to be greedy. You must take your time to cultivate, and your ability to cultivate one step at a time will lead you to the true path!”

Ye Sheng nodded and carved these words into his heart.

Elder Liu looked at him in admiration and said, “Earlier outside of the elder’s hall, I had seen you and Wang Qing having a dispute, but I didn’t step in. Would you like to know why?”

Ye Sheng looked at him and then shook his head.

“Because the sect must not have any cowardly people! And if you see anyone stronger than you, you must yield. And if you see something that is full of injustice, then you must step in and help!

“I had punished Zhang Han, but in reality, the rules do not prohibit interdisciple fighting. I have only done this one time, and will not repeat it.”

Ye Sheng laughed bitterly and thought, “Why would Elder Liu help me? Because he had punished Zhang Han now he will be angry towards me as well and it may inconvenience me someday.”

Elder Liu naturally didn’t know what Ye Sheng was thinking about, and glanced around the room.

“Well, now I will create a method for you to begin practicing…”