The God of Study is Shy of Strangers Unknown

Madoka Kisaragi is someone who is better at sports than at school, a sparkling high school student, and belongs to the track and field team. On some occasion she had a dream she wants to achieve no matter what…..
But what should she do to achieve her dream despite her bad grades?
Then came Makoto Ichiyanagi.
A classmate of hers who is taciturn with glasses, though good in studying, he has a poor social disposition. He is always by the window, scarcely giving of his presence,
She dubbed him as the “God of Study”
She requested him to help her in her studies. And as a result, Madoka’s grades improved from the study method Makoto taught.
Meanwhile, on the other direction, Makoto’s shyness gradually gets cured through his contact with Madoka.
This is a subtle love story of two dull youth in their spring.