Superhero Comic - Overlord's Path Chapter 2

Superhero Comic - Overlord's Path Chapter 2

 Chapter 2--Money, Clothing, and Weapon                              

Inside of old gun bar, this rainy night, the atmosphere is almost out of control.

The gray hair youngster already standing, with a revolver in his left hand, pointing to the uninvited Cyber, everyone knows that revolver is not just used to scare them, there are real bullets inside, what's more, is that Berne know how to shoot, he wasn't just boasting about the guy who disappear, maybe he didn't kill him, but he was 


You have to know, there's a huge difference between who has killed a man and those did not, Cyber looked at the muzzle, it's slightly shaking, seems like the boy is really excited, no wonder, just a youngster, still immature, just about 20years old, didn't even shave cleanly.

what was I doing at the age of 20?

Cyber's eye jumped a bit, an indescribable headache, make him stop recall the old days, the only things for sure was, at that time his hand will not shake when holding a gun.

"Hey! Bastards, don't mess around in my bar! Get out!"

Father Kristine saw Berne pulled his revolver, got worried, dropped the wine and roared, but Berne just ignored him, just staring at Cyber, Carl turned and called,

"Shut up! Old man, it's none of your business."

"You said Carl's knife won't hurt you! What about this?"

Berne squeezed the word out of his mouth, to be more threating, he put his finger on the trigger, hoping to see some reaction on Cyber's face, it doesn't matter if it's terrifying, angry, but would be the best if he's begging for his life, it would make the not well-born Berne feel something special.

But none! Cyber's didn't react at all, facing Berne, he laid on the chair, put the gun toward his heart and said lowly,

"A revolver? Very nice... It's a good weapon, you know, a great weapon must maintain in a good shape for it to be able to shin, and most importantly you need to know the correct way of using it..."

"What do you mean? Son of***!"

Carl punched Cyber in his face, the young man's head was turned aside when he turned back his face, there's bloodstain on his face, Cyber moved his mouth, feeling the taste of his blood, that familiar taste, let every single cell and pore in his body screaming, he needs to constrain them... but soon he won't have to...

"I meant, you need to check if you got to make sure you move the pin block before firing."

Berne was shocked for a second maybe because he actually didn't know about this or some other stuff, in short, his eyes turned to the revolver in his hand, in less than 1 second, he realized he has been tricked again because of the revolver Jermy give to him doesn't have a pin block!



Cyber, who just punched in the face by Carl without a response acted like a awaken tiger, moving his body to the side, iron-tong like left-hand grip Berne's collar, pulled him down, Berne screamed sharply in anger, but it doesn't stop him from falling, Cyber's other hand wiped the table, raised high, and thrust sharply.

Next moment, a flash of cold light, blood splatter, There was something on Berne's other hand which was holding the desk.

Carl's knife, in Cyber's hand, thrust through Berne's hand and the table.

"Ah ah ah!!"

The cry of pain, like a wounded beast, rang through the bar, under the pain, Berne subconsciously about to shoot, but there's nothing in his hand, weapon! None! Snatched!

"Son of***!"

Carl jumped out, with the clenched fist, about to teach this Asian a lesson, next moment, after Cyber turned, an Icy cold thing pressed against his head, and the freaken smiling face that never change, and bloodstain in the corner of his mouth, looks bit discomfiture.

Eye to eye, Carl is still enraged, while in Cyber's eye, only nothingness, with the soft smile, twisted! absolute twisted mind!

And just like what he thought, his hand, very stable.

Poor Carl, his face didn't even have time to change, then...


gunshot, he falls.

Carl's shatter head flying all over the place, the body lost all the balance, falls to the floor, white thing mixed in the blood, just like playful children playing with the water faucet, was spilled everywhere.

Kristine Daddy was also startled, he pulls out his old M1903A1, aiming at Cyber, and roared

“God d***! drop the guy! Freak!"

Cyber didn't listen to agitated Kristine Daddy but with a little bit of disgust, taken off the black hoodie stained with blood, half-naked, with a drenched pajama, turned to the last redhead boy.

He just pulled his dagger out and saw the whole action frame by frame, this poor boy was so frightened he just stood there, even the ludicrous action of pulling the knife was stalled.

Cyber glanced at him, then shift focus onto Berne, still wailing, the blood ran down from his wound all over the table, agony made him not notice his brother was shot in the head until Cyber use finger wiped the bloodstain on his cheek, then smeared it onto his cloth.

"You know, it happens when you shoot at such a range."

Cyber grumbled, "When the bullet goes through the head, those things will spill all over the place, so I usually don't go aim accurately,

you need to know, to kill a man, the heart will always be easier than the head... did you hear what I said?"

Carl responded with an even louder cry.

"Ah ah ah!Dog s***!Dog s***"

"I said, shhh!"

"Aaaaaaaa! I'm gonna freaken kill you, bastard!"

Cyber shrugged his shoulder, land his sight onto the redhead, gun pointing to the back of Berne. Then came the pondering smiley.

"Actually you thought he was annoying too, isn't it? He's always acting like a boss give you orders, even though you two are just the same! You always wanted to teach this dog s*** a lesson right? It's fine, don't restrain yourself, I know you wanted to do it, I'll help you."

"No... I didn't... NO!"


Another shot, tepid liquid splattered on the petrified thug's face, his face, his face suddenly turned lifeless, Cyber breathed with a sigh of relief, sniff the blood mixed in the air, give him some refreshment after drenched in the water, he stretched his shoulder, Threw the revolver on the table, and pulled their cigarette pack, take one out and lit.

"Puff... I was here, because of three things, some money for me to eat, a weapon that can protect me, and also some alright clothing that won't disgust anyone, also keep me in warmth..."

Cyber sit on the chair, slightly leaned, bury his face in the rising smoke, this makes his face vague, then put the feet filled with dirt and water spot on the bloody desk, but the eyes were staring at the redhead, he flicked his finger, "You know what I meant, right?"

It's like an order, restart the lifeless redhead's conscious mind, he trembled putting his knife on the desk, and rapidly take off his black jacket and lining sweater, also his pants and shoes, putting them on the chair next to Cyber, acting like a quail, wearing only shorts and white socks, jittering in front of Cyber, begging

"Don't kill me, please I won't say anything, I'll keep my mouth shut, please! Don't kill me, for god's sake.!"

Cyber looked at the clothing next to him, a look of satisfaction came over his face, he knocked, spread out his hand, muttering,

"Ok, ok kid... look I already put the gun away, this is a sign of amity, isn't it? Alright go home, and be a good person, understand?"

"Yes, I understood, I understood... thanks."

He was in a hurry, only wearing underwear and socks, running to the gate stumbling along, it's almost like staying here for one more second, will be stuck with something horrible, Cyber didn't pay attention to him, just checking the sweater, and wore it after making sure its not too dirty.

The moment he puts on the sweater, behind him, the redhead made it to the gate, he opened his hand widely, with the joy of rebirth on his face, just like a prisoner who's ready to embrace freedom.


The third gunshot, the bullet hit him in the back, his face forever freezes, the body falls upon the ground, rolled a little further, then losing all the vigor it once had.

It wasn't Cyber, he's putting on his pants, emotionless on his face like everything was planned. 

One bar, two men, three corpses.

In this rainy night with stuffiness air, the pungent smell of blood quickly spread everywhere, but no one's talking, Cyber hardly fit his foot inside the shoes, and then put the black jacket on, and patted the cloth, trying to get rid of the dust that doesn't exist.

After all this, he took the loose change on the table, putting the coins in his hand and shook it, also 4 bullets inside of his pocket, then took the blood-soaked dagger, wiped it on Berne's cloth, and found another 13 round of bullets, at last putting the unsavory cigarettes inside his pocket, walk to the counter.

The shoe stained in blood leave conspicuous footmark one after another, father Kristine already threw his old M1903A1 on the counter, he was sitting there, looking outside of the bar, Cyber holding chin on his hands,  latter threw the coins on the old wooden table, said lightly,

"A cup of beer, daddy, if there's food, bring it also. "

Kristine Daddy, who's over seventy, looking at him, winkle creased on his face, like an aged lion, he didn't get up and seek the wine, but asked a question, "In what name? Cyber, it's just not enough money for a drink in my bar, also the guy you just set free, that will bring me a lot of trouble!"

"As an old man, I hate troubles!"

Cyber take off the used cigarette, hitting the ashtray, the last puff of the smoke,

"But the troubles are solved, by yourself, so... in the name of friendship, bring the beer, Daddy also open the window the smell is really disgusting."