Author’s Synopsis:——————————————————————————————————————-
Sand buried deep within the bones of the dead,
With the taste of blood flowing under the breeze of the sun
The history of the Big Bang is no more,
As a steel fortress shrouds the horizon
That is when the conspiracy of the apostles’ slowly affect everyone’s live
Peace is about to be broken, as terror is approaching.
As a single juvenile is shuttled between the Earth and Arad as he is called by the “summon”..
Let the terror begin!
TL’s Synopsis:
Life used to be so simple,
Full of false hope and endless beliefs in one’s ability in wooing that beautiful girl.
But in a single instant,
Everything as you knew it, plummeted faster than a spoken rejection.
What is real and false can’t be determined,
As the world slowly falls into the maws of the apocalypse.
How will our simple friend respond to the call; the summons?
No matter what he chooses,
Chaos SHALL Reign!