The Man on the Island

By HeKan,何堪

The Man on the Island prologue

The Man on the Island prologue

The Man on the Island- Prologue

I must escape!

Ji promised herself silently. Her entire body was strapped to a tree stump. The rope binding her was twisting her elbow painfully.

The scruffy man was already sound sleep, snoring quietly. His nostrils fluttered softly, and the tip of a sword gleamed under his straw pillow. Ji looked at him with her hair on the end, disgusted.

The bonfire gradually blew out, and the chilling sea breeze blew into the cave. It slightly lifted the man's fur coat, sewn together with the skin of countless beasts. His hair was terrifyingly long, resting on his wide back.

Ji's attention slowly turned to the blade near the man’s head. Her eyes dragged across the sword, black with years of dried blood. She shivered at the thought.

Jesus Christ! Is he really a cannibal?

She met the man after she was swept onto the island. As a new white-collar venturing into the world, it was pure luck that she had the chance to go on a company vacation. Even though it was just a small beach on the subtropical, she was incredibly eager.

Suntans, beach volleyball, seafood feasts… Ji patted her pockets, and looked at her receipt-carrying executives with respect.

When they were near departure, some male colleagues cordially jumped on a motorboat, laughing and yelling. Ji was quick, and jumped on without even putting on her sunscreen. With the past days of exhilaration, the warnings by the old villagers didn't seem important at all.

The boat charged towards the empty sea. When they couldn't see the shore anymore, they realized they were lost!

The short-tempered colleague Wang immediately roared at Zhaojun, who was manning the wheel. As everyone argued incessantly, they decided to go west using the boat's compass. However, a looming storm was coming right behind them….

The boat rocked so violently, Ji was thrown off the ship. She choked on a lungful of bitter seawater, and woke up on a shore of an uncharted, uninhabited island- No, not uninhabited. A savage ran out of nowhere, and started chasing her as soon as she fell in his sight.

His ragged clothes, wild hair, and unintelligible cries, looked like something that came out of Robinson Crusoe * !

Ji made a split-second decision. She ran into the island, and instantly stepped on a thorn bush. She yelped in pain as spikes drove into her feet, itching and hurting everywhere.

The man swiftly caught up to her, and lifted her from the ground. His thick facial hair blurred his features. His wild language was impossible to understand.

Ji panicked at the sight of his fur cape, dyed red with blood. His speech didn't sound like some small-area dialect. Her chest grew tight- judging from its pitch-black forest, this island definitely isn't in touch with civilization. Hell, this might be the home of a cannibal tribe.

No one could blame her for that thought. There were too many examples in film and books. Primitive, territorial cannibals holding rocks or bones, cracking her head open with one stroke….

The man looked at her darkly, sizing her up with his mysterious expression. To be honest, she looked like a mud tortoise with her mud-covered legs and her torn life jacket.

Ji could only watch as he stared at her ruined jacket and rudely wiped her face, exposing some identifiable features.

Ji couldn't be described as beautiful, but she had nice eyes and eyebrows, and showed some attractive dimples when she smiled. But that wasn't the case at the moment, as she was frightened out of her mind, and chilled to the bone by the sea air.

She managed to look at him, and blubber: "I…. I'm not good to eat…"

The man didn't even twitch. So, she switched a language, and tried to mime the words "food" and "friends" with her poor English. The man didn't change his cold, indifferent expression. Then, she timidly lowered her head, waved towards her mouth spastically, and violently shook her head.

The man's cold eyes finally revealed some impatience. He lifted her up, and hit her on the head with the back of his blade. Ji fell unconscious.

*Robinson Crusoe is an 18th century classic literature of adventures centering around its protagonist, Robinson Crusoe.