I'm a Villain

By Unknown

I'm a Villain Chapter 1

I'm a Villain Chapter 1

Chapter 1 : Resurrection

[Shocking News! A high school violence case. The brutality of the grandsons of 4th generation tycoons and congressmen, and the son of the CEO of a law firm.]

[Before the bullied high school student committed suicide, he released his will on SNS. On the will were the names and the identity of the perpetrators along with the details of being bullied for a long time.]

[The victim’s parents sued the perpetrators. However, due to the lack of evidence, they were declared not guilty. The parents of the victims filed for an appeal after being unable to bear with the decision. After that, the public’s outcry…]

[There has to be more evidence for the prosecution to declare them guilty. A hastily constructed special investigation team is currently gathering evidence.]

“Hahaha, Did you see that? Look at him spasming when the boiling water touches him.”

“You retard, wake up. You’re in pain because of a little water on your dick? Oh no, you got seared.”

-Smack! Smack!


“Shut the fuck up! Hey, someone plug his mouth. Yeah, an underwear will do fine. Smell? This fuck already stinks like garbage.”

“Why don’t you just spray air conditioner on this bitch?”

This was a highschool violence case. The victim hanged himself. The parents of the victim filed for an appeal, but the appeal ultimately failed. The perpetrators were backed by people in power, so it was difficult to punish them even with evidence.

Fortunately, a decisive piece of evidence was discovered. All that was left was to release the evidence to the reporters.

“We were lucky”

A member of the special investigations team, LeeSoo Han breathe a huge sigh of relief. He didn’t know how much trouble he had to go through to find this evidence.

At that moment, the phone rang.

“Team Leader.”

“Did you find the evidence? You did? That’s a relief. I called the reporters over like you told me to. They were willing to come even if it’s past 10pm now. By the way, why are you bringing that here? You could have just sent it over mail.

“It’s a USB drive. We’re on the highway, and we don’t even have a computer. We have to get to a city before we can send it.”

”Is that the case? By the way, LeeSoo”

”Yes, Team Leader?”

“Are you confident you won’t regret this? The people you are tracking down, they are associated with the top brass of this country. They’re already pressuring us to stop the investigation. Even if this case goes well, it will be difficult for you to keep your position. Of course, if the perpetrators are declared guilty, they can’t fire you under the public’s watch.”

”I know team leader. No, Ahjussi. II will try to keep JungHee off the harm’s way as much as I can”

“That’s not what i’m talking about, I’m just worried about you.”

“It’s fine, just hold on for as long as possible, I will take care of the rest. And…. Ahjussi?”


“Thank you. For believing in me. “

“You’re like my son brat. Even though we’re not blood related, I raised you since you were little. If I can’t trust a brat like you, who else would I trust?”

“I’ll hang up now.”

Team leader Yoon TaeSuk raised the orphan LeeSoo like his own son. Probably about now, he is getting pressured by the higher ups. The people in power wouldn’t want the file containing the evidence to be released.

“Hurry, there is no time”

“You’re going over the speed limits, LeeSoo”

JungHee replied exasperatedly.

Of course she was nervous as well. She was worried enough, but even LeeSoo was rushing.

The USB that contained the evidence of the violence case. What would happen if this information were to be disclosed to the public.

It was obvious. This case captivated the public. The higher ups showed a huge interest in this as well. If this  evidence were to not be accepted as evidence, then the lives of the special investigations team members would be over.


LeeSoo closed his eyes.

Even if that was the case, LeeSoo came this far because he felt empathy with the bullied victim.

He also experienced bullying in the past.

‘Human Trash’

Doing evil acts while relying only on their background.

The victim is dead but the perpetrators were declared not guilty and got off Scot free. It would be the definition of a rotten society if these bastards got off with no punishment.

It was the same with the bullies that terrorized him.

Trash who terrorized others but had no repercussions.

They had parents wielding great power in society to protect them.

The burden of going through all this trouble was not on the dead student, but themselves. Junghee stopped herself from thinking that way. They would lose more than they would gain.

“Thank you JungHee. “

“What kind of corny things are you saying?”

“Nothing, It would have been hard without you.”

The reporters were already gathered. All that was left to do was to release the evidence on the USB.

Lee Soo was optimistically thinking about this.

Suddenly, A huge truck was approaching them.



“What happened?”

His mind was in a disarray.

He had no clue what was going on. All he remembered was a huge impact crashing into his car, and the car being overturned…


His eyes snapped open.

‘Junghee should have been badly hurt as well. What happened to her?’


There was no answer.

LeeSoo was terrified. Despite his fear, he turned his eyes to his side.


A head that was snapped off the body. The eyeballs that popped out of her sockets were staring back at him with a desolate look.

“J-JungHee, JungHee Yoon! Say something!”


JungHee was gone. She had an instant death. But LeeSoo didn’t want to believe this. She was alive and well moments ago but he couldn’t believe her dying like this.


Thump! Thump!

LeeSoo was shivering in terror when he heard the sound of footsteps. LeeSoo felt relief thinking they were here to help, but…

“Huh, One is still alive?”


They muttered on about how this was out of their expectations. It was a voice full of killing intent.

‘These bastard, They ran over us on purpose’’

Every hair on his body stood up.

This was not a simple road accident. It was crashing with intent to kill. They would not be so calm if it was an accident.


A man squatted down. He had a creepy smile on his face as he looked at the dead body of JungHee and licked his lips.

“She’s a beauty, what a shame. Well, it would have been more weird if she didn’t die.”

“You, who are you?”

“Me, hmm, well who am I?”

The man with the creepy smile pulled out a knife, and pointed it at LeeSoo’s chest.

“I’ll give you a piece of advice before you die. There are people in this world you can’t afford to offend, Mr. Policeman. You’re gonna die right now because you can’t understand that.”

“Whose order was it? JinSung Corps? Congressman JinYong Lee? Or…?”

“A dead person doesn’t have to know.”


The knife was stuck deep in his chest.

A stream of blood fell down from his mouth.

The man smirked.

“In your next life, I’ll pray for you to be one of the people in power. Oh, and I’ll take the file with the evidence.”

That was the last sentence that LeeSoo heard.


I’m gonna die. LeeSoo awaited death when the knife stabbed into his heart.

‘But why am i still feeling pain’

When his heart was pierced, he definitely lost consciousness. Living would be impossible. But….


His pierced heart, for some reason started beating again.


LeeSoo quickly undid his seatbelt and got out of the car.

‘I have no time to waste lying down like this. I have to get up and catch those bastards who killed JungHee.’

As long as he had the slightest vestige of life left,  he couldn’t give up. His whole body was screaming in agony but he suppressed the pain and stood up. At that moment.

[Do you want to live? Do you want power?]

The whispering of a mysterious voice.

His mind was in a state of disarray. He didn’t know if he was hearing things or not. But why did that matter?

LeeSoo desperately nodded as he thought ‘‘I want to live. I want more power”

[Your determination has awoken the hidden power sleeping within your blood. Congratulations, member of the shadow race. You have been given a second life]


LeeSoo felt an unimaginable pain that swept through his entire body. It was akin to thousands of insects ripping his body apart.

It was almost unbearable.

It couldn’t compare to the pain he felt when he got stabbed by the knife.


[You must endure. This is the process of awakening the hidden power]

‘Wh-who are yo-?’

[I am the power that was sleeping in you.]


[The power of the shadow race. You, who was reborn will be a ‘shadow knight’ that will purge the world of evil.]

After that, the voice could not be heard anymore.

LeeSoo couldn’t hold on to his conscious anymore as he fainted.