Ore no Sekai Kouryakubon! Chapter 2

Ore no Sekai Kouryakubon! Chapter 2

My received duty was to sneak into an enemy country.

Goliath town of the Valencia Kingdom has a huge city fortress that my kingdom, Eudora, is stopped by. A population of more than fifty thousands of people, in an impregnable city of high walls guarding the whole town, and with it being the center trade continent of the southern part of public roads, it’s no exaggeration to say my whole country’s earnest wish is to capture Goliath’s town.

The Eritoran and Valencia kingdoms are in the west, the empire is in the north, and then there are around three smaller countries in the east where the sea opens in the south.

The northern empire part devotes themselves to defense using where the mountains are for a fort, and after having destroyed the three smaller countries, and be that it as a basic deal with the strategy of dropping gathered military forces in Goliath town of Valencia kingdom, intelligence can’t be neglected.

Since quite a bit of fund is necessary for gathering intel, tea and cigarettes are imported from the South island, silk goods are brought in by merchants, and then is delivered to an agent who sneaks in to replace the items with money, and my duty this time is to deliver the information.

For me, a basic knight with muscles of a daruma doll, to have gotten such a job……is it because a big and muscular merchant would be suspicious? Now that I think of it, they made me look like a Goliath cadet.

It is certainly an enemy country despite the current truce. Bracing myself to sneak in……I wonder if I should go collect a little magic on the way. I advanced my wagon to the side of the highway.


『From the Shadow of a Quiet Lakeshore』

『From the Shadow of a Quiet Lakeshore』

Across the border, there is Trevi Spring little a ways of the continuing highway to Goliath. It is a bit much to call it a spring, but a mystic and beautiful scenery appears into view, and if you look around the rich forest area, the water is quite clear.

“With you back away, throw a golden coin into the spring, and when you pray, an old man appears, possibly.”

Being there are no signs of any beasts within the area, let alone people, I descend my body which felt even felt it underwent battle training. While thinking I’ll be buttering up an old man if I do this, I throw a gold coin into the springs with my back turned and gave a pray I learned at church.

“Even though you’re young, you did a good job.”


I was so surprised that my heart jumped. From the forest shadows that nobody should’ve been in, an old man in ragged white clothes came over with the help of a sick.


The old man throws his shoes into the spring as according to the book. Flustered, I entered the spring. The depth of the spring water was up to my knees. The old man threw in and pulled out his shoes three times, and then he put them on.

“Hmm, your dedication is quite good. Let’s do this, young one.”

Saying that, the old man takes out a lance from nowhere and offered it to me. I respectfully took it and put it on my side.

“Thank you.”

“Yes! Thou, be faithful to desire! But, don’t forget ambition! Be devoted!”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Then. Ten years later, thou will see a cherry blossom somewhere in this spring. That is I.”

“Yes. I’ll prepare good sake.”


The old man disappeared to the other side of the side and left the lance in my hands. Even though my feet were soaked in the spring, I stood there, dumbfounded. I may have been trembling with this book’s greatness.

『Obtained Erotic Lance – Sex Sword

『Obtained Erotic Lance – Sex Sword

Energy, vitality, origin resistance attribute, and origin attribute values rose.

Energy, vitality, origin resistance attribute, and origin attribute values rose.

Gathering HP points saves one from a strong hit (Maximum limit is up to 6P)』

Gathering HP points saves one from a strong hit (Maximum limit is up to 6P)』

Again for that area? Well, I knew since I read the book…….I don’t clearly understand, but according to the book, it appears to be one of those swords which are strong in the early stages. Magic is magic. Decided to gratefully accept what I have gotten now, I first dried my clothes. The sun has also set: should I camp out here for today? I even have water……


『Town of Goliath』

『Town of Goliath』

Dispatched the wagon from Trevi spring, I arrived at Goliath town in the evening. The castle wall is unbelievably tall! And as for how it follows…….I see, if we attack directly, the military power necessary is more than 100,000. It would be completely like giving out sacrifices.


While I am overwhelmed with the soaring castle wall, I face the castle gate which is also made of strong iron. As one would expect, the name impregnable fortress is no exaggeration. A long line has been formed in front of the castle gate, which is appropriate for a trading city. Many travelers and merchants had stampede due to the gates closing for the night, and the gatekeeper, who was also tired with work, half-heartedly inspects. That is the reason I made sure to arrive in the evening. I, It is my turn, and the tired looking gatekeeper peeps into the wagon, beginning to inspect the cargo.

“This your first time in Goliath?”

“Yes, is it not a big town?

“It is. Hmm, is it silk goods with the cigarettes and tea? Did you, come from Eritoran?”

Oh no! Since the gate heater asked with a cautious voice, I replied with a light tone, presenting a cigarette and the toll.

“Well, yes. This has become quite popular. Hey, can you check whether this is a true cigarette?”

“It is a good cigarette……you may pass through.”

The gatekeeper grinned and let me through. Bribes are really effective in any town. Pulling the wagon and slowly going ahead the compact people, I go towards the inn which is the base of spy information. You might say it’s awfully amazing that we’re holding a shop and putting up signs openly in enemy territory. This is Doga’s inn.

“Sorry. We are already full for today.”

A middle-aged man comes out and stops my wagon in front of the two-story, brick inn, and then lowers his head to me. There wouldn’t be a guy suspecting that this person is an agent.

“Did Ed reserved room four on the third floor?”

“Well, when you say that, there is only one room that’s empty. I’ll be taking the cart.”

Leaving the wagon, I enter the inn with the sword and my personal belonging bag. After a short wait, the middle-aged male guide returned and showed me to the room. There is only a simple bed put in a windowless room on the second floor. I put my bag and sword beside there and sat.

“Are you Doga?”

“Ah, yes. Since it takes about three days for the bill preparations, properly enjoy yourself.”

I guess the secret letter and money were in the main shaft part of the carriage. It is quite possible that the letter was camouflaged in the luggage I brought him. Well, I don’t have to know. If I knew, I would be scared about what would happen afterward.

“The carriage’s luggage?”

“I’ll dispose of them here. It is more convenient that way.”


“For a meal afterward, I also recommend the Tebasaki across the street.”

“I’ll go visit right away.”

He made a short conversation with sharp eyes which made him seem like another person from before. When the conversation was over, I left the room. When I was seen off by Doga, I took out the guide book from my bag and reviewed the description about Goliath.

There is resistance with carry around a thick, conspicuous guidebook around, but I had disguised it with attaching a torn Biblical cover to the book. If it’s the Bible, it will never be doubted. This does not apply to covering porn books!

There are three things to do in Goliath. A magic recovery item, search for the underground waterway of Goliath and obtain a ‘Heroine”.

The item for magic recovery isn’t so difficult.

Although it takes time to search everything in Goliath’s waterway, I have the guide book here. This book doesn’t simply have an amazing map, there are even written methods and descriptions. The lord of this town seems to have an escape route from the castle with this channel. If it follows the opposite way of our army’s intrusion route, it must be able to directly get through the high castle walls. According to this guide book……it shouldn’t be there, but I trust the book.

I don’t understand what this “heroine” is about. I would understand comrade, but are these girls shifted from the people of this intense town? According to the guide book:

『One heroine in Goliath town will become a companion.

Dancer Charlotte or fencer Siena.

It is easy to use Siena in the early stages. However, Charlotte is eventually strong.

You can only choose one of these two people.』

It appears……to have a character table with their names.

Charlotte’s Character: Cheerful – Open-minded – Colorful – Energetic

Her long, platinum blonde hair is gathered up in a ponytail, and the cloth of the sensational clothes worn upon her also nice figure is bikini like, which lets out her white skin. Having a moral uplift, she is a fairy of strategic type alongside her revision intuition. Her exclusive weapon of duel swords has a top class offensive ability with adjoining battles.

Siena’s character: Reticent – Earnest – Reckless

She has short black hair and slender for a course lineage of the black dog group. A master of the rapier attacks who wears light armor. The Siena is excellent with giving strong blows to a heavily armed infantryman. With having evasion, her critical rise becomes a powerful weapon in early stages. The second half will be lacking firepower due to the fact of her having no exclusive weapons.

It seems…Maybe I can understand that a “heroine” is an important person, but what do I do……well, there is no use thinking about it here, I’ll do it after I have a meal. Putting the guide book in my bag, I equipped a dagger and the sex sword just in case, and dispatched to the town at night!