The Boyfriend That I Made

By Kurenishi Shino,呉西しの

The Boyfriend That I Made Chapter 1

The Boyfriend That I Made Chapter 1

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The Boyfriend that I Made
Chapter 1: “I wanted to see you.”

What would you do if you were able to create an existence that thinks solely about you?

Who and how would you make it?


I sighed as I stared at the mountain of wrapping papers along with the big capsule that occupied the space in the middle of my 1LDK room. Unconsciously, I found myself peeking at the capsule once more.

Inside the capsule, was a sleeping man submerged in fluid.

Since a towel was covered from the shoulders until the lower half of the body, I could only confirm the face but just like an artificial product, it has a lovely shape and it was just made according to my calculations.

He had neatly thin eyebrows, long eyelashes, a straight-bridge nose, and thin lips that although as a girl I see him, I find him sexy. I’m sure that once he opens his eyes, he will look just as beautiful as a sculpture.

“What a beautiful face…”

But, he’s different. This was not the guy that I wanted.

I look at the delivery slip that I was holding in my right hand. In it, words of gratitude were written on a template and under the contents column there was “Ore-sama.” Once again, I let out a sigh.

I took out my smartphone in my pocket and called the number was written in the delivery slip. After the sound of the machine, it immediately connected to the call centre.

“Thank you for calling. This is Numata from the call centre of ASD Corporation. What seems to be the matter?”

He was very curt but I was relieved when he had a kind voice.

“Um, I have purchased an android from your company but I think the one that I have requested is different. Is it possible for you to check it out for me?”

“I deeply apologise for this. Could you tell me your name and invoice number?”

I carefully read aloud my name and number to him.

“You must be Miss Hashimoto Maya.”

After saying he will search it, I could hear the sound of typing and other people speaking over the phone. But it was nowhere near as loud as the thumping of my heart.

I was really looking forward to this day.

I even took the morning off from my part time job, put on makeup, and wore my favourite light pink dress.

It was all for the sake of meeting my sole boyfriend.

“Miss Hashimoto…”

Over the phone, I could hear what seemed to be an apologetic voice.


“I deeply apologise. When we were making the android, there was a mistake in the processing and it was the one that you have answered, Miss Hashimoto. So it means that we have sent you the android that was the exact opposite of what you asked for.”


“So, in line with this, we can replace the product with the one you have initially ordered but it will take approximately one week for production. We deeply apologise for our ineptitude but is it possible for you to be in custody of the product for one week?”

“O-one week?”

I surveyed my room once again. If the scattered wrapping papers were to be stuffed in the garbage bag, it can be made as a foothold. But the room is being compressed with the bed and the capsule, and with the situation as such even the foldable table couldn’t be extended.

But it will just be one week of endurance.

I will be able to meet my ideal boyfriend in just a week.

“I understand. I will be in custody of it for one week.”

“Thank you very much. Also, please try not to boot it up repeatedly.”

“…? Okay, I understand.”

“Then, we will contact you in the future regarding the retrieval of the android. We deeply apologise as to what has happened today.”

“Not at all. I am looking forward to your arrival.”

Once the call ended, I put my smartphone on the bed and went into the kitchen, and took out a garbage bag from the cabinet. I stuffed the wrapping papers in the bag as I picked them up. Unintentionally, my hand stopped and I looked at the capsule again. Technology nowadays is really amazing, huh. I find myself thinking deeply.

“His eyelashes are even longer than mine…”

Inadvertently, my voice leaked out. If there wasn’t a mistake with the manufacturing, I could start up the android already. Thinking about such things made me depressed.


“I wonder how do you activate it?”

The surface of the capsule had a smooth and semi-circular dome shape. There is nothing like a switch or joints.

“Well, I won’t even be starting it up anyway.”

I was even warned on the phone that I wasn’t allowed to start it up. I pulled myself together and start to prepare myself for my part-time job at night.

As I took a step forward, I accidentally stepped on one wrapping paper that I may have forgotten to throw away.


My system crumbled as my field of vision went into slow-motion. Together with a dull sound, I felt a sharp pain shoot through me. It seems that I hit my head against the capsule.

“O-ouch… oh no, what about the capsule?”

I hurriedly looked at the capsule. When there seem to be no cracks on it, I felt relieved.

At that moment, a sound like air leaked out and the glass of the capsule slowly slid to the side.


The fluid started to overflow from the capsule. Without a thought, I went to grip the glass surface to bring it back to a close but, unfortunately, it opened up completely.

“Wait. Huh? How do you close this?”

My eyes start to water at what was suddenly happening. Without a care of what was happening to me, the fluid just continued to flow out.

My favourite dress became wet but I didn’t even care.

The fluid stopped flowing at the surface of the capsule. Inside it, the man’s face is floating on the water’s surface. The more I look it, he has such a pretty face. I found myself unconsciously admiring it.

With a twitch, his long eyelashes moved. Then slowly, his eyes fluttered open like wings of a butterfly. He has beautiful blue pupils like the sky; they were beautiful eyes.


It was just a short period but it felt like time itself stopped.

A large hand took me by the arm, and I found myself pulled into the capsule. I felt the warmness of his skin as I got embraced by his large frame.

“Maya, I wanted to see you.” He murmured close to my ears.

“It’s a kiss.”
Look forward to it!