Virtual Evolution

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Virtual Evolution Chapter 2

Virtual Evolution Chapter 2

Virtual Evolution Chapter 2: The Limitless New World

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A special thanks to Snowtime for helping me with some sentences filled with difficult Chinese jargon

It was just a single sentence, and yet, it had Le Yuan nearly falling flat on his butt, a chill running up his spine.

There were only a few people who read novels and were aware of the Main God Space’s Invitation, not to mention Le Yuan, a third-rate writer. That alone caused Le Yuan to be lost in thought.

Snapping out of it, Le Yuan glanced at the page again and found that it was just your typical game advert. Knowing this, his racing heartbeat finally began to subside into a normal rhythm.

Le Yuan hesitated, but thinking about it, he just swallowed and decided in the end to watched the game intro:

‘Landmark Virtual Games brings you into a completely new reality where Immortality is no longer just a dream. In the form of another world, we give you another chance to experience life, a separate life filled with opportunities.

Outside World – an urban city with limitless entertainment. In half the time, you will feel as if you enjoyed yourself two folds.

Inside World – A zone without borders just waiting for you to explore, where the time inside is fifty times longer than in reality; here, time will no longer be able to hold you back.

A new world where you can become king! So come join us in the《New Territories》.’

Following the introduction, Le Yuan saw that there was an attachment with a worldwide report –

‘By all the permanent, leading members of the United Nations, thirty-two countries came together to develop a virtual game, “New Territories”. Official release, September 1st, the first open run of the “New Territories”.

‘The essential focus of each country in New Territories is the progression for new science and technological power. Replacing the traditional keyboard and mouse, a virtual device which runs by the manipulation of brain waves allows the player to be in the game world for a more real and more exciting experience. New Territories claim to break away from the typical game concept.  When players enter the virtual world, they are not playing a game, but experiencing another life.

Notice: New Territories (NT) have started selling virtual devices starting today, and everyone has started lining up, leading to long lines at the store. If you want to experience a new life, be sure to buy a virtual device.’

After reading the introduction, Le Yuan’s first reaction was the sheer limitless amount of opportunities.

Not to mention the advance in technology for a complete virtual experience, where it deceives the human senses, completely separating you from reality, Le Yuan couldn’t believe that the game could make you feel as if you lived fifty times longer than in reality.

His second reaction, was to take control. Whether or not there was a limitless supply of spots circulating to play this game, he had to buy it in advance. Being of the first to join, he’d get the most benefit.

Besides, since they dared to have a worldwide distribution of the game with a massive release, it indicated the improbability that they would not let many players in. And in the initial stages, with the possibility of something going wrong, and a death occurring, why not try it out early to be prepared in case of an emergency?

Just from looking at the introduction of New Territories, Le Yuan wanted to scour the web page to find how he could purchase the game. After carefully gleaming for information, he found that the console for the game could be divided into two kinds.

The first was the helmet type. The page described it like an exaggerated form of a motorcycle helmet that you would hear of in online game novels. A virtual helmet, referred to as the virtual game helmet, was only priced at 998, that’s right, a high-tech piece for only 998, not three or four thousand, not even one or two thousand, but for 998. This was the best quality and value , with 99 mainstream functions….

As he thought of the sight of 998 on the ad, Le Yuan gave a self-deprecating smile. But his face soon changed in colour. For a high-tech product like this, is was if they couldn’t wait for it to pop all over the world, sacrificing the lasting structure of the equipment to sell speedily like they were just cabbages. This was like counting your chickens before you hatch. There was no basis for this.

The description if the console’s function was as follows…  Running the game will produce a particular electromagnetic wave that puts the body in a state of hibernation, significantly reducing the player’s physical activity. A player’s longest game time is 7 days. After 7 days, the player will be automatically disconnected from the game so the player could adjust themselves appropriately before they enter it once again.

The helmet has a built-in power supply, which is available if external power to the headphone is shut down and can last in ‘off mode’ for 3 days; has a privacy mode, reminding the players … …

Le Yuan decided against the game helmet after reading the introduction. The maximum time in the game world was 7 days, but it was up to 50 times that in the game world, meaning there was 350 days total in the game world. Not even 1 year. This was a huge disappointment.

More important reason is the game helmet style, no matter how, it looked like “sword domain” in nervgear (wrapped head with the protective gear boxing), Le Yuan first thought to take this game helmet, and he felt goosebumps. 

Second is the game cartridge and it looked like a coffin, more modern and built of advanced science. It Include the Silver and Gold package, which basically had no difference with the game helmet features, but in addition had a more a comfortable environment, and the maximum playing time was up to 3 months. Though that was the case, there was a gap in the built-in battery life. The standard (silver) had a time limit of 1 month, and the luxury (gold) had 3.

Le Yuan carefully compared the two, and selected the standard model in the end. The ratio of the high price point to price ratio of the luxury was not as good as the standard. Second, the built-in battery time really was not that big of a problem, even if a major disaster power outages, and 1 month’s time was enough.

A good while after calling customer service, Le Yuan heard the soft voice of a young woman.“Hello, this is the NT service 7728, what can I do for you? ”

When Le yuan heard the voice, he was obviously surprised for a moment. The sound was too soft, so much so, that his senior otaku heart became startled.

“Sure no problem,” she said as her lovely voice bombarded Le Yuan, “there is a special order page on the official website of the game. We have distribution sites in major cities around the country, supporting online payments as well as delivery; we also arrange for professional assembly of the equipment and for future maintenance problems.”

“In getting the equipment, can you guarantee that it would not take too long?”

“Please rest assured that you will receive the package by the designated officer within 24 hours of sending through the order. We will not delay your gaming experience. “After Le Yuan asked a few more details of the order, he hung up.

Raising his head, and seeing the time was around noon, Le Yuan suddenly felt he did not want to stay indoors. He wanted to go out before the equipment came, and see how the province changed.

Coming home, while Le Yuan was struggling as he carried a few large bags,  he saw at a glance  several uniformly dressed men in caps, where beside them was a tall package.

“Hello, you are sending the New Territories Gaming System? You guys are really fast! Le Yuan saw it took less than half a day for them to arrive, and seeing as how he was gone, and left them waiting, he couldn’t help but feel regret.

[TL: He’s not filled with regret because he feels sorry for letting them wait, but feels sad that he was not there sooner to get it setup.]

“Customer service is supposed to rush your order. Those that can or are willing to buy a game cartridge are rare. The game helmets are more welcomed by the market, after all, it’s cheap and convenient to carry.”

Le Yuan moved to the door, and welcomed the New Territories staff inside the house.  It took about thirty minutes for the game cartridge to be assembled and during that time Le Yuan asked a lot of questions about The New Territories.

It was a pity that regarding the game, he did not get much substance out of the conversation. Their knowledge of the game information was strictly confidential. Players had to explore the game on their own. Which he found unusual.

After sending away the installation personnel, Le Yuan was excited to to lay in and try out the game cartridge, but unfortunately what popped up was, “Hello and welcome to New Territories. The game has not opened yet, time remaining until launch, 54 days, 17 hours, 36 minutes, and XX seconds”.

Although he couldn’t play, Le Yuan was still excited even after a long time had passed, after all, this was the legendary VRG, Virtual Reality Game.

Alongside Le Yuan’s excitement, the opening day of New Territories came.

  1. 八星八箭工艺 is a type of diamond cut, meaning to say best quality