Fugitive Poison User ~I Am Somehow Recovering in a World Full of Miasma~ ANEKO Yusagi,アネコユサギ

[Forced Possession Summoning]
A technique to forcibly summon a person from another world and defeat a monster sealed within them. It is a forbidden large-scale magic that mankind has devised to defeat an otherwise undefeatable dragon.
Yukihisa Kogure, a black company worker, was summoned to another world with this [Forced Possession Summoning] magic on one day overnight. The dragon, Veno Yveval, was sealed within Yukihisa’s body.
『To subjugate a powerful dragon by using the life of a person from another world? They will come at us with everything they have. Won’t you cooperate with me to survive?』
「Isn’t that an offer i cannot refuse? I do not wish to die.」
Thus, the escape of Yukihisa and the dragon, Veno, began.
An otherworld fugitive drama depicted by extraordinary storyteller Aneko Yusagi, unfolds!

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