I've Left the Demon Army. Please Let Me in a Hero Party. Sakakibara Monsho,榊原モンショー

My 100th consecutive day of work. Over 150 hours of overtime every month without overtime payment was no longer a surprise. I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to leave the demon army.
However, for someone like me who could only use destruction magic unique to those with the potential to become the Demon Lord, finding a new job was quite difficult.
I was looking at the notification board at the adventurer’s guild in a city within hero territory––
‘Beginners Welcome! We fight evil! Personal Experience: After joining this party, I realized that the world is a wonderful place!’
Apparently there’s minimum wage and barely any work overtime. That alone makes it way better than the demon army. It seems like I’ll finally be able to live like a person so I’m going to go to the interview.