Isono Tadashi is a 36 year old-guy with a stronger sense of justice than most people, but he has a plain appearance and thus never had any luck with women. Moreover, since the latter part of his twenties his hair started to go bald, and he also stopped exercising. This triple combo of plain, bald, and fat was always following him that even when he just dropped in a convenience store, people looked at him with scorn in their eyes. One day, he encountered a fire. A child was left behind inside the burning house, so he volunteered to rescue her and ended up jumping from the second floor to his death. When he woke up, he was revived as a girl named Oono Natsumi who was in a coma because of a traffic accident. Being born again as the beautiful Natsumi, he decided to enjoy this life. And upon knowing the beautiful Natsumi who likes to spoil the opposite sex was actually a girl with black heart, he was determined to live through this life kindly as a girl.