Sacred Chevalier

By Touma Shinozaki,篠崎冬馬

Sacred Chevalier Chapter 1

Sacred Chevalier Chapter 1

1.Virgin Lost

My name is Kaito. I was born and raised at Lente village which was located at the remote region of Holy Felsis Kingdom. My dad is a blacksmith and my mother is a medic. The population of the village was roughly 1000 people. However, we were in the middle of war against Tollmacia Empire) which was to the North from here. This village which was close to the border of the two nations had armies visit here frequently. Since we had to polish swords and spears as well as preparing medicines, they had no trouble in regards to work. As such, I had no trouble in terms of lack of food and was raised without any worries.

"Kaito! Did you peek when Mrs Lilia was taking a bath again!?"

Dad's fist landed on my head. This Mrs Lilia he spoke of was a woman who had moved next to us last year. Her husband apparently passed away two year ago. So that made her a widow. She was single. When you hear the word 'widow' you would imagine someone old. But the fact is Mrs Lilia was amazingly pretty. She had breasts which bounced so much and also a voluptuous bottom. On top of that her limbs were slim and she had a skinny waist. I heard that mom was pretty in the past but you couldn't tell that if you see her now… Well, let's forget about her. Anyways, Mrs Lilia was super pretty that normally guys wouldn't leave her alone. Then doesn't that make you a healthy guy if you want to see her naked body?

"Mr Ddraig, please don't be too hard on him. Kaito is in such age so he must be curious about women. I'm glad he is satisfied with a naked body of an old woman like myself…"

"Oh no, Mrs Lilia. I truly am sorry. I am not sure who he got this from but he had always had a strong lust since early age…"

Dad grabbed my head and held it down. Mrs Lilia looked troubled. I'm also fourteen years old this year. Isn't it natural for me to want to see a woman's nude?

"But this really is strange. Certainly around Kaito's age it would be normal to be curious about girls. But in Kaito's case his curiosity is a bit too strong…"

"He's just a perverted brat! I truly am sorry about this!"

Dad bowed his head. But Mrs Lilia smiled and approached me. Her seductive lips was getting close to my ear.

"Kaito. If you want to see a women's body then don't do it while hiding and just asked them boldly. You know that such low act of peaking would just make women become scornful of you?

Mrs Lilia took her distance from me after saying that. At this moment what had I imagined? A healthy lads as yourselves would understand me, right?

"No matter how I think about it, Kaito's sexual desire is a bit too strong. Is he alright?"

"Yeah, I'm also worried about that. A guy would have the desire of wanting to talk to girls and make girls to be attracted to them. But Kaito's desire of something more beyond that. The act of wanting to have sexual intercourse is strong. Normal guys would get the urge to have sex once or twice a month. But in his case it's every day. I hope it's not a sickness or anything…"

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. There is one big difference between my world and your world. And that would be the strength difference of "male's sexual desire". In your world and if you were young your 'lad' down there would be hard every morning right? But the guys in this world was different. Their sexual desire weren't that strong. Apparently they would only get a hard on once or twice a month. I said 'apparently' because I am different. I always have a hard on every morning like you guys.

"Perhaps Kaito has a blessing of the Goddess Ueros. You heard of it too, haven't you? At the Royal Knight Academy the Paladins and Chevalier enrols there. Wasn't Mrs Lilia also a Paladin too?"

"Kaito a Chevalier? Darling, your joke is so strong that it's not funny. Chevalier is someone who is compatible with a Paladin and is able to satisfy them by using their own life. If he becomes a Chevalier then we have to see the dead face of our son! I won't allow it!"

I was listening to the conversation between my parents through the door. Dad stopped this discussion due to mom's rage so I had no idea what they were talking about.

That night, I sneaked out from my house and visited Mrs Lilia's house. From the way Mrs Lilia spoke, she may let me see her naked body if I asked her upfront. That's the expectation I had but more than that I was curious about the discussion dad and mom had. I wanted to know what were Chevalier and Paladin. Even if I asked dad he might not answer me seriously after seeing him like that. Then asking Mrs Lilia who was a former Paladin would be the best choice. Mrs Lilia was surprised at my visit. But she nodded her head and let me into her house after I mentioned about Chevalier and Paladin. The room that belonged to the pretty woman who was older than me had a sense of cleanliness and it also smelled good. My crotch started getting hot.

"The sexual intercourse between a man and woman would receive a blessing from Goddess Ueros. I presume you already know this?"

I nodded my head to Mrs Lilia's question. I told her I knew that.

"Umm…if I'm not wrong the sexual intercourse isn't a simple act of making babies but also a ritual of offering to the Goddess. By having an intercourse the man receives a fortune and the woman receives the strength and beauty. And when they bore a baby, they receive oracle. They name the baby from the oracle they receive…was it?"

"Yes. That is why men can only get sexually stimulated roughly once a month. If they receive fortune frequently then it wouldn't be called fortune anymore. This applies the same for women you know?  The blessing from the Goddess Ueros can only bestowed to women only if they have sexual intercourse with the person, she gave her virginity to. That is why there are many women that protects their virginity till they get married and why there aren't many people getting a divorce. It's because they can receive the blessing only with the same partner… However, there is more to that story."

Mrs Lilia brought out tea and snacks. We sat opposite to each other. She was lightly dressed despite being night. Her enormous breasts then bounced.

"Even if it's called a Goddess's blessing it's not something so powerful. Even if it's called 'strength' what majority of women receives is something like being 'healthy'. It usually has a strength to allow them to cure their fever immediately after sex. However, there are exceptions for everything. There are women who would unleash tremendous strength after sex. They could do something like activating magic which is called the work of Gods or even annihilate the enemy's forces single handily… There are some exceptions as such among men as well. Their sexual urge which only comes once or twice instead comes once a week. At times there are men who can even get a greater feat of getting the sexual urge once every three days. We call such exceptional individuals as "Chevaliers" and "Paladins"."

"Umm…why is that?"

"To make it simple it's for military reasons. The power of Paladins would change the outcome of war. If you have many Paladins around you then you would be advantageous against other nations. Though the example I gave earlier is something which is very exceptional. Majority of the Paladins just have the strength of two or three men. Same goes for men. If you can get sexual urge every ten days then you would be considered as a Chevalier candidate."

"I understand the reason for the Paladin but why men? What kind of fortune is there…?"

"Dummy. There's no way such supernatural power would be activated all the time. I guess it would last for about a day at most. That's why Chevalier and Paladin would go to the battlefield in a pair. And the night before the day of battle they would have sex. Even if they have to use drugs."

Mrs Lilia's expression became serious. I then remembered about her deceased husband right away.

"The drug you mentioned, is it perhaps…"

"Yes. A type of love potion…no, a poison you would take when you want to have a baby. Chevalier drinks that and gets sexually aroused forcefully to have sex with his Paladin. Taking it once or twice won't do much. But the more you take the more you shorten your lifespan. Their sexual desire is their lifespan itself. The act of drinking that is the same as borrowing your lifespan beforehand."

"Why…why would they go so far!"

I was mad. What turned this beautiful person into a widow was war and the country itself for commanding it. "What do you think life is!". That's what I thought. But Mrs Lilia shook her head.

"Royal Knight Academy is the training school for Paladins and Chevaliers. We were told about it before we enrolled and were given the choice to choose. Those who entered there enrolled while knowing all of this. So, in exchange we are given something else. Especially for Chevaliers they are pardoned from all school expenses and their lifestyles are protected. Their salary are so high that it's a sum you wouldn't have imagined if you were a commoner, you know? Though they were using up their lives like stated so it would be natural… …I can have this lifestyle thanks to the assets left by my husband."

"But aren't you lonely, Mrs Lilia? Isn't it painful?"

"…It sure is painful."

Mrs Lilia shed tears after she said that.

"I told my husband to let's give up numerous of times. Chevalier can't leave the army for the rest of their lives. If they did try to leave halfway through the course then they would need to return the school expenses and life expenses they were given. I told him that would be fine. Even if we ended being poor just how happy I would have been as long as he was alive…"

Mrs Lilia's shoulder was shivering. So, I could no longer say anything further to her. Mrs Lilia eventually calmed down and smiled with a refreshed look.

"My apologies. I shouldn't have been…so upset about it. Even though I though I had moved on…"

Mrs Lilia took my hand. She placed on her cheek. My heat was taking a beat. My crotch was hot. She then asked me with an emotional eyes.

"Are you still feeling excited?"

"I'm super…excited."

"The Goddess Ueros was unfair. Men would only get sexually aroused once a month but the same does not apply for women. Women would get sexually aroused if it fulfils all requirements."

"What requirements?"

"To get their emotion shaken, then calm down…and to have a male standing in front of you. Not a man but a male. The female's womb aches towards the male that is sexually aroused like a dog."

Mrs Lilia got up as she said that and came besides me. She opened my legs and reached out her hand to my crotch. My hot manhood was stimulated so I couldn't help but cry out.

"Ah…it became so hard…"

She exposed my lower body quickly. Seeing my penis that had gotten hard she made sigh of astonishment and swallowed her saliva. She touched it with her white and elegant fingers.

"It's amazing…it's much bigger than my husband's… It's so hard…and manly…"

Her face closed in so her hot breath touches my penis. Mrs Lilia stared at me as she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. She took a single lick to the tip of my penis. Her long eyelashes and her emotional eyes. She looked so young and beautiful that she didn't look like she was about to hit her thirties so I couldn't help my penis to get even harder. She started to take a big lick to my whole penis as she used her fingers too.

"Very rarely my husband had sexual urges when we weren't on duties. At time like that my husband loved to have this done on him. We won't receive the Goddess's blessing unless we have intercourse. He said being able to satisfy his urge without having an intercourse was the biggest luxury he could have…"

She rubbed her cheeks against my penis and then started moving her head up and down. At times she would take her mouth away from it and lick it. All the time she does that she made sure too stare at me. The exactment I had was indescribable by words. The sensation of having a beautiful widow "take care" of my sexual urges. I had a feeling as if I was 'using' Mrs Lilia's soft mouth as a tool.

"Are you able to cum? Very well. Release it. Release out your sexual desire hard as you can into my mouth."

She sucked my penis while she closed her mouth. I couldn't endure it any longer. My brain went blank as I released it hard as I can. Mrs Lilia stopped moving and accepted all of me. I saw her throat move. She was drinking it. When she eventually calmed down she started to move her head up and down without letting her mouth let go off my penis. She was sucking the remains. She had a look of ecstasy expression.

"…It sure has been a while since I did this. The smell of a man… It was much dense and had much stronger smell than my husbands… Eh, this can't be? Why? Why do you still have a hard on?"

My sexual arouse didn't disappear at all after seeing Mrs Lilia lick around her mouth. Instead I got a bigger boner than before. Mrs Lilia put on a shocked look at seeing me who hadn't lost his sexual desire.

"K-Kaito? Are you perhaps…"

I didn't care what she was shocked at. I simply wanted the female who standing in front of me. It felt as though my mind was go nuts. I heard jarring to my ear. I heard a voice coming from the depth of my body.

(Fuck her! Fuck her dead! Fuck this female's body till her every part! Smash all your lusts towards this female! Fuck her till her womb gets full and rupture with your cum!)

"Mrs Lilia!"

I pushed Mrs Lilia to the floor in impulse. It was pretty much a rape. I take her clothes her off as if I was tearing it. Her voluptuous breasts appeared while making a bounce. It was a round and big fruit. Her nipples were pink and was already hard. Despite the size of her breasts her areola wasn't as big. Her pink nipples were so light that it blended with her white skin. I couldn't endure it any longer and took a bite from it. Her voluptuous breast was soft and I wanted to continue eating it further.

"You can't! I have my husband… This body only belongs to him…"

Despite saying that Mrs Lilia did barely resisted. She resisted by words but her body was already prepared to accept the male's body. I untied the knot of her shorts. I could smell the smell of the female's body. The smell of a fully ripened body of mature woman. Mrs Lilia no longer resisted. Instead she spread her legs herself. Even though this was my first time my male instinct was telling me how to devour a female's body. I placed my penis on top of her wet genitals and pushed it in right away to the end.


Mrs Lilia cried. Her tonned abs shook. It felt as though my hips was about to melt into her body for an instant. I thought it was a miracle that I didn't ejaculate. That was how wonderful this sensation was. It held my penis very tightly and was strangling it tightly too. It wriggled like it was a separate living thing of its own and felt as though it was melting me. Are female's body this amazing? I moved my hips desperately. I took a bite of her bouncing breast that was bouncing rhythmically with my hips.

"It's delicious. Are female this delicious? Mrs Lilia. You taste the best. See here. You can tell, can you? My penis is also saying how delicious you are and it's in joy so much."

Mrs Lilia cried out in joy every time I thrusted my penis into her.

"Darling…please forgive me…"

She embraced my head and wrapped her legs around my hips. She wanted more of me. Then I didn't need to hold back. The sense of guilt that the small logical mind I just had disappeared. I simply turned into a male dog in its mating season that was devouring the female flesh. My penis was hitting the deepest part of her body. Knowing that I was raping her till deep into her womb was satisfying my urge of conquering her body. I eventually felt that I was about to hist the climax. Mrs Lilia resisted a bit.

"You can't! A baby…at this rate I will bore a baaaaaaaaaby!"

I shut her up by placing my lips on top of hers. I didn't care. I'm going to fill this female's womb full. I will conquer every inch of her body and taint her body with my smell. I was obedient to the voice that was coming from deep within me. I thrusted very deeply into the deepest part of her body and ejaculated explosively into her.


Though Mrs Lilia said that her back was shaking in joy. My cum was filling up her womb. It was the best sensation I ever had. I guess this is the feeling of wanting to "conquer" someone. This female's body I could only take a sneaking peak off gave me the feel of accomplishment since "I clearly did devour her". But it did not fill me up. As a proof my boner did not disappear. I lifted Mrs Lilia up and we were connected in a seated position. Mrs Lilia stared at me.

"Who exactly are you?"

"I'm Kaito."

"No. You also feel it, don't you? My strength is increasing. The Goddess's blessing was bestowed on me. This can't be happening. How can I receive it from having sex with someone besides my husband…"

"Not sure…no idea at all. What I understand right now is…"

I grabbed Mrs Lilia's ass with both my hands. She was shocked. But she put on a face of a female again.

"I still haven't filled up my appetite."

I ate Mrs Lilia's body till morning. I ejaculated to her face, her mouth, her breasts, and her womb. At the end she was soaked in white.

"Sending Kaito to Knight Academy?"

The entrance ceremony for the Royal Knight Academy located at the royal capital would be held in September. Apparently, the boys that would be a Chevalier candidate would be allowed to enrol there from the age of sixteen.

"This boy was only taught the basic literacy and numeracy skills at this village's learning cabin. Even if we were to send him to Knight Academy all of a sudden, I really don't think he could keep up with the studies!"

"She's right. I thought it was time for me to teach the way of blacksmith to him. We had been getting so many jobs recently. Mrs Lilia. I feel bad for you but I will make Kaito become a blacksmith and succeed me."

Dad and mom were shocked at Mrs Lilia's suggestion and was against it. But Mrs Lilia didn't hold back either.

"Kaito no doubt has the qualities to become a Chevalier. And his qualities are unrivalled. As a former Paladin I would guarantee that. He is loved by the Goddess Ueros more than anyone. If he were to use his qualities, he would definitely leave his name in history as a great Chevalier."

"But they said that a Chevalier can only live about ten years! Even your husband was…"

Mom had teary eyes. Dad also nodded. I also don't like the idea of being able to live for only ten more years. But Mrs Lilia rejected that.

"That would most likely not happen to him. The reason why Chevaliers' lifespan was short was due to taking love potion on the battlefield to get sexually aroused. In the battlefield where you don't know what will happen you have to drink it mostly every day. That's what shortened their lifespans. But how about him? Even without relying on love potion he is sexually aroused every day. I know no one who has a stronger life force than him."

I feel embarrassed when I heard Mrs Lilia say I was "sexually aroused every day". But apparently this was a miraculous trait for a Chevalier.

"There's no problem for his studies either. He had only turned fourteen…so he still has two more years till he enrols. Till then I wall take responsibility and educate him. How about we let him decide himself on top of that? Fortunately, the headmaster of the Knight Academy is someone I am acquaintance to. I suggest we allow him to choose his way of life after we have him observe the royal capital in two years' time."

Dad hummed while crossing his arms. Mom was looking at dad. Dad asked me with a serious look.

"I'm still against it. But if Mrs Lilia who was a former Paladin is saying this then Kaito may have the qualities to become a Chevalier. Kaito is a man. Sooner or later a day would come when he would leave this house. Kaito, tell me what you personally want to do?"


At this time I really didn't know what a Chevalier was. Except, what I understood was having a super beautiful Mrs Lilia train me personally was a super attractive offer. Declining that was something I couldn't do.

From the next day, I started living in Mrs Lilia's house. Dad and mom weren't against it since I lived just next door to them. Instead, dad was more worried about Mrs Lilia. What he said was…

"If this perverted brat does anything then feel free to scold him."

Yeah. I will do it. I will exactly do that. I will do it hard as I can. Without holding back. I will do it much as I can.