Sacred Chevalier

By Touma Shinozaki,篠崎冬馬

Sacred Chevalier Chapter 2

Sacred Chevalier Chapter 2

2.Instructor Lilia’s Training

"Kaito, from now you must call me Instructor Lilia. Since you will be receiving my guidance for two years from now, we must make our relation clear, got it?"

It was the next day when Kaito brought his baggage and entered the house of Lilia who was a former Paladin. Lilia behaved like a pure lady as if the passionate night they shared two nights ago didn't happen. And she was acting as if they were strangers. But the same couldn't be said for Kaito. He was excited to think that he would be able to have that beautiful body of hers every night from now. He couldn't resist reaching his hand out to Lilia. That moment, Kaito's vision turned upside down.


He was thrown to the ground from his back. By the time he realised it he was staring at the ceiling. He finally realised that Lilia grabbed his arm and threw him.

"Don't get arrogant, Kaito. I am serious. Even though I have retired I am a former Paladin. And unexpectedly I have received the Goddess's blessing. If I wanted to I can kill you without even letting you blink your eyes."

"Mrs Lilia…"

"It's Instructor Lilia. You must call me that way! I will tell you now but there won't be a third time, got it?"

"Instructor Lilia."

Lilia finally let her guard down after hearing Kaito's response.

"Good. Now stand up. I will show you this house around."

Kaito got up in a rush. He could still feel the impact he received on his back which had went through to his stomach. But Lilia didn't care in the slightest and made Kaito pick his bags. The female who was kind beyond words and very lewd was no longer standing there. The one who stood in front him was a Paladin with a dignified atmosphere who was both strict on herself and others. Kaito was completely shaken since he received a powerful blow from the very start.

The spare room on the second floor which only had a desk and bed would be Kaito's room. The bedroom which belonged to Lilia and her late husband would be on the first floor. Lilia's house would appear normal at first but it was very well equipped. It might be small but it came with a bathtub which used wood to heat it. When Kaito left his bags in his room he changed to the training clothes Lilia prepared for him and went out to the yard. Lilia had also changed into training clothes. She tied her long blonde hair to the back. She stood there with her hand on her hips while she had her chest up high. Kaito had a beastly sexual lust come from within him which was saying that "this look of her is tempting as well". But Kaito knew he would go through pain if he do something reckless again.

"Today, I will check your current strength. I will test your stamina, strength, and intelligence. Once I know all of that then I will build a lesson plan for you. Now then, Kaito. Follow behind me. We will finish checking your stamina and strength by noon."

Normally, you would just eat in the morning and night. But it appeared as if Paladin who would go through lots of intense exercise would also have food at noon. Lilia started to run in moderate pace. Kaito followed behind her. He witnessed the soft meat he had tasted two nights ago shake. He gulped his saliva down and continued to stare at those meat. But his over confidence didn't last long. Lilia continued to run in a pace where Kaito was just able to follow. They continued running. Kaito started breathing heavily once five minutes had passed. Lilia glanced behind her. She saw Kaito who was out of breath so she nodded her head.

"Looks like you have a stamina of an average men. Now, let head back to my house, Kaito, we will continue to run to the house in this pace. If you don't want to miss out on your meal then continue to run to the very end."

It was a light exercise that lasted for fifteen minutes but Kaito was completely out of breath. When he barely made back home, he fell on the spot at her yard. Lilia on other hand was not only out of breath but didn't even break a sweat.

"The most important aspect in the battlefield is your stamina. There's no discrimination of whether you are a Paladin or Chevalier in that aspect. There would be nights where you can't take a sleep due to the attack of the enemies. And there are also times where you would have to walk through glasses with sinking mud in order to do a raid as well. So, what we need to do first is build up your stamina."

What they did next was checking Kaito's strength. She checked the strength of his arms, chest, abs, and back muscles. Kaito who was still fourteen years old had a body which wasn't fully developed yet and still had more growth left. Lilia who had checked most of his strength looked into Kaito's face who was laying flat on the ground.

"I will be blunt, Kaito. You don't have the slightest talent in becoming a warrior. Even if you were to become desperate in becoming stronger you rank in lower end of the High-tier class. Though you are going to become a Chevalier so that won't be an issue. What you need isn't strength after all."

"T-Then tell me what do I need?"

"You should ask more politely when you are talking to me. Anyways, if you are a Chevalier then having the stamina to run through the battlefield and having the hand-to-hand skills and sword skills to protect yourself would be sufficient. Majority of Chevalier would be satisfied with just those and ends up dead early. But you need to aim beyond that, got it? Let's speak more about this at late afternoon. Now then, it's noon. Go and prepare our meal."

They stood at the kitchen and prepared their lunch. What they were preparing were stir-fried salted pork with onions and potatoes. Salty soup with vegetables and mushrooms. And a rye bread. Kaito helped her by peeling off the potatoes' skin.

"You must remember that the Chevalier would have to look after the Paladin at the battlefield, got it? If you can't cook then you can't become a Chevalier. Obviously, that isn't the only thing. You must be able to clean and wash. And also, be able to do maintenance for their leather armour."

"That kinda sounds like being their servant…and I don't like it."

"It surely as when you are in the battlefield. But that isn't the only thing. Chevalier has an important role he must fulfil. Let's continue this discussion after lunch."

Yes. Chevalier has an important role of bringing the Goddess's blessing by having "sex" with a Paladin. For Kaito who was the embodiment of sexual desire, this was a role far charming than other jobs. His groin got hard when he started to think what they would do from evening.

Since he had been moving his body from morning, he was very hungry. So Kaito ate desperately. Lilia tilted her head and said; "Looks like it won't go as smoothly as he did".

Kaito waited at his room as his heart was taking a beat. His groin was already hard that it was about to rip his pants. There was knock on the door and Lilia entered. But he felt something was off. That was because she had a book under her arm.

"Now then. From evening I will test your intelligence. Kaito, try and read this book."

It appeared as though Kaito had a great misunderstanding. He sat right in front of the desk and opened the book. Lilia sat next to him.

"This is to check how much you can read, calculate, and critically think, okay? Remember, what is the most crucial for a Chevalier is their intellect, okay?"

"What do you mean?"

Lilia paused her words for a second at Kaito's question. She eventually spoke of her past.

"My husband been active as a Chevalier for nine years. My husband's life force was no different to that of an average man. He would have died in two or three years normally. But husband survived longer than that. The reason for that was because he didn't drink the drug."

"Eh? But wasn't he supposed to drink it…?"

"To be precise he drank it only when he needed to. The reason would be because you wouldn't know when and what will happen at the battlefield. That's why normal Chevalier drinks them everyday so they could be active at all times. But my husband was different. My husband tried to understand what and when will things happen. He grasped hold of both his enemies and ally's movement. He predicted their move. He calculated when they would dispatch their Paladins. He calculated all of those and then drank the drug. Though he still had to drink the drug two or three times a week. But that difference was clear a day and night when compared to other Chevaliers. My husband's prediction very remarkable. The reason why I survived in the battlefield was because I obeyed his instructions. Listen up. Chevalier's role is to prepare an environment which would be easy for their Paladin to move. The Paladin's "manager" is the Chevalier."

"Umm…sorry. I don't get it."

"It's okay for now. Just keep in mind that if you aren't intelligent then you wouldn't be able to be active as a Chevalier. Now then, let's study. This is an adventure book my husband had read. It's pretty easy to read so let's start from here."

Kaito received basic teaching from the village chief. There were many symbols and words he did not understand still. Lilia taught Kaito very carefully. For example, the way Kaito wrote symbols weren't proper. So, she put her hand over his hand and taught him how to. The several hours till they would need to prepare for dinner. In the room where there were only the two of them, Kaito continued to receive Lilia's teaching as he felt his heart taking a beat and his groin responding.

He washed his body and face using with the hot water. He got sleepy right away. He exercised from morning and he studied for the whole evening. When he laid down on his bed he slept immediately.

"Perhaps I was a bit strict…"

Lilia was in thought on her bed. Since it was the first day, she showed her strictness. She understood what went through Kaito's mind when she entered his room.

You are still young so find a good man and attain happiness…

Her husband died after he said that. It had been a year since he passed away. She was almost thirty years old. At a time like that a boy who fifteen years younger than her appeared. Her body remembered clearly about that incident which happened on that night. Her heart was taking a beat when she entered that man's bedroom.

(To give myself to someone besides my husband…but…)

Her hand went down naturally by itself. The joy of a female animal she experienced for the first time. The sex she had with her husband was quite a good experience. But the night she had with Kaito gave her an insane experience.

"Puff…puff…I can't, I can't do this…"

Her body got hot simply by remembering how he sucked her nipples and how he penetrated her. She used her right hand to grope her stomach and her left hand to touch down there. Her body craved for a man.


Her body shook. She couldn't be satisfied with just this. She only reached a climax for a bit. Lilia sighed. She most likely wouldn't be endure it tomorrow. She was in deep thought for a while as she closed her eyes.

Next morning. Lilia came to Kaito's room because he hadn't woken up yet.

"Kaito? It's morning. Wake up already…"

She walked into his room as she said that. What appeared within her sight was Kaito's manhood which was already hard while he was sleep. She gulped her saliva without thinking. She waked Kaito up even though her womb was feeling the urge.

"Wake up, Kaito."

"Huh? Ah, Mrs…I mean Instructor Lilia."

"Getting your thing like this from the morning…what exactly were you thinking?"

She glared at his hard manhood. Kaito made an excuse as he scratched his head.

"Ah, well…it's like this every morning."

"E-Every morning…r-really? Then it can't be helped then…"

She looked down at his manhood with passionate eyes as she said that. Kaito also looked at her beautiful face and wonderful body. He gulped his saliva down. Kaito who ended up without being able to do anything with her yesterday could no longer endure it.



Lilia naturally made a scream due to Kaito jumping towards her. She was pushed down. He tried to take her clothes off as he placed his face on her breasts.

"No, stop this at once! I will have to punish you for your action!"

"Instructor, Instructor Lilia! I can no longer endure this."

She could feel his hot and hard thing even from above their clothing. It was the same situation for Lilia in a sense that her sexually need had reached its climax within a single night. Lilia held that urge back with her logical mind.

"No…you can't!"

She used overhead throw to throw Kaito away. Lilia then fixed her clothes in a panic. Kaito's eyes were spinning because she couldn't hold her strength back.


Lilia approached next to Kaito who made that sound. Lilia's voice wasn't calm. It appeared that Kaito's manhood reached its climax from the shock of the impact just now. The sticky smell of a male spread within the room.

"Instructor…this is too much for me…"

Even Lilia would be troubled if he said that. This was hard even for Lilia. But she questioned herself if having a lustful relation like this with me was the right thing. But they wouldn't be able to continue their training if it continued like this. Lilia also reached a conclusion.

"Kaito. Endure it for just during daytime. Then I will give you a reward tonight…"

Kaito's expression changed to that of mere happiness. He got changed soon as he got up. Lilia left his room and walked down the stairs. She was getting her feeling straight as she walked down the stairs.

(This isn't an act of betrayal to my husband. This is to help my student who is suffering… Yes, this is for his sake.)

She made excuses in her mind. She got embarrassingly wet simply from a bit of smell that belonged to a man. She thought she would also need to change her underwear as well.

Unlike yesterday, Kaito was very eager in his training. All of this was the sake for the reward he would be getting tonight. Lilia who had calmed her feeling down explained their training procedure from now on to Kaito.

"First we need to increase your stamina. You would be running and building muscles every morning. If we train your upper body today then you would train your lower body the next day. We would train your upper body on day one and make it rest on day two. We would do likewise for your lower body. Following this procedure would make you achieve a strong body more quickly. At evening we will be studying. First, we would start from learning symbols and do calculations. But eventually we would proceed to study about tactics. I will also teach you about basic lifestyle customs. From cleaning, washing, cooking, shopping, and maintaining your fund… You would be taught all the necessary skills for Chevalier."

All of this was personally thought up by Lilia's late husband who was a Chevalier in order to train himself.  Lilia who spoke of this seemed very proud of it. It was clear that even now she deeply loved her husband. Kaito was jealous of her husband. He was clearly a winner in terms of being a male. But it felt as though Lilia was telling him that he wasn't in the same league as her husband is a man and as a person.

(I will take her. I will definitely make Lilia mine!)

He made such strong determination.

They finished their dinner. So, the time for them to engage in "action" was finally approaching. Lilia washed her body thoroughly than usual. She headed to Kaito's room. Both her body and mind was nervous.

(Was I always a lewd woman like this…?)

She knocked the door as she questioned herself like that.

"I-Instructor Lila…"

They embraced each other on top of the bed while being naked. Lilia smiled at him.

"For this time only, I will allow you to call me without calling me instructor. Now, come to me, Kaito…"

The ultimate treat was spreading her arm and was telling him to "eat her at will". Kaito jumped on top of her like a beast. He pushed her down and started to suck her breasts.


Lilia stroked the head of a fourteen years old boy who was calling out her name.

"It's alright. Just for today…you can do whatever you want to me, Kaito…"

"Yeah, yeah…"

For a boy like Kaito who had just recently experienced a woman's body wasn't able to focus on her words due to his condition. He simply thought of fulfilling his lust. He didn't barely do any foreplays on her and simply penetrated to her immediately. Kaito cried at the same ultimate sensation he had experienced few days ago. The moment his penis reached the end he ejaculated. Lilia was shocked due to having the hot fluid being poured into her so soon. But that didn't stop Kaito's lust disappear. The hardness of his penis was still there so he started to move his hips. The sensation which could only be experienced by females spread through out Lilia's body. Lilia made a lecherous cry.

(Aah…this. This is what I wanted… More. Eat me more. Devour me even more!)

She put her arms around Kaito's back so she could have his penis reach even further inside her. They kissed and had their tongues wrap each other. He was trying to taste the woman's body with his whole body. Kaito who had turned into a beast regained his conscious after he had ejaculated for the third time.

"Uah…amazing…Lilia's breasts. It's so soft, so I can't…"

Lilia positioned herself between Kaito's legs who had laid down. She placed his penis between her breasts. Her enormous white breasts were very soft and was changing its shape. She used her saliva as a lubricant and started to move her breasts horizontally against his penis softly.

"It's okay. You don't have to endure it and simply ejaculate whenever you feel like. This is your 'reward'…"

The way her husband felt pleasure was also effective against Kaito. She licked the transparent fluid which dripped from the tip of his penis. As she held the hot and hard penis between her breasts the hot urge which had disappeared returned. The smell of a male had gotten stronger. Kaito cried.

"I, I can't hold it…"

"Cum! Release it. Ejaculate it on to my face!"

His hips shook. Then the hot white fluid ejaculated onto her face and then spread down to her breasts. She was enveloped in the smell of a male. Despite the fact that he had ejaculated multiple times already, his sperm was still thick. She wiped the hot sperm which was on her eyebrows and nose with her finger and then proceeded to lick it.

"Amazing. It's thick like a cream…and tastes delicious…"

She proceeded to drink the remaining sperm while putting on her expression of ecstasy. She opened her mouth and showed him the sperm she had just sucked. She tasted the sperm many times by swirling her tongues inside her mouth and slowly swallowed it.

It was decided that a 'reward' from Lilia would be given to him every three days. If they do it more frequently then it would hinder their training. But any less than that would be hard for Kaito. So, the sexual lust of this male and female would explode on the third night.

"For tonight only, I am your woman…so you can use me and release all your sexual desire on me."

She whispered that to his ears and offered her body that was already ready for it. Lilia responded to all the position Kaito wanted. He grabbed her curved hips and penetrated from behind her. He licked her sweats that was on her back. He reached his arm from behind her and groped her breasts that was bouncing madly. He didn't hold back at all. He simply ate this delicious meat. He ejaculated inside her so many times. But 'fortunately', Lilia didn't get pregnant. On the days when she had her periods, she would pleasure him many times using her breasts and mouth.

But when he woke up he would find his instructor who would give him strict training. No matter how many times they had sex and no matter how many times she was on him, Kaito realised he couldn't overcome "that person" who was still inside Lilia's heart. This jealousy he had towards him might have been the biggest factor for him to endure this very strict training.

And the two years of training was about to come to an end. It was in August when Kaito was about to turn sixteen years old. During these two years he grew taller and he was twice as manlier.

"I have taught you much as I can. But this was something you could only learn by yourself. Henceforth, you must learn while you engage with other people in the society. There will be times when you would collide against them and when you need to endure it. There are things achievable only when you have confliction with others. From here on, you must learn these. You must leave this small house and live in the wider world."

Kaito was in tears when Lilia told him about the end of their training. Getting away from Lilia was painful for him. He wanted to forget about going to the capital and enrolling into the Knight academy. He wanted stay and live with Lilia here forever. But Lilia rejected that. She told him not to live in a small world. She told him that he must look into the bigger world. The night before they would say their goodbyes. This was the last night with Lilia.

"Aah! No, Kaito…not there…"

Lilia took her mouth from his genitals. Lilia then gave a confused looked at the man who was devouring her body. Kaito was sniffing her flower garden which gave a sweat smell while he was touching the small flower bud located just below it with his index finger and middle finger.

"You can't! Not there which is so dirty… No one has touched there yet…"

Kaito thrusted his fingers immediately. His fingers went inside till the root. He removed it slowly from it. Lilia made a narrow but a long scream.

"No one has tasted what is inside here of you, right? Then I will proclaim it. I'm going to fuck this part of your body."

Kaito lifted his body and made Lilia crawl on fours. He placed his genital on her flower bud. Lilia took a breath. She hadn't allowed even her husband to discover this filthy part of her body.

"Lilia, I'm going to proclaim this part, okay? This part of your body. I want to make it belong to me only. So sacrifice your bum to me."

Lilia had understood from before how Kaito had feelings towards her that was more than sexual desire. But Lilia did not answer his feelings. It was because the age difference was too big. She assumed this was a mere misunderstanding a young boy was feeling. That was what she was telling herself. And this boy would be gone from tomorrow. This was their last night together.

"Very well. My bum belongs to you. Steal my bum's first time with your manhood!"

The burning-like hot rod entered inside her. She felt pain. Lilia looked away and grabbed the bed sheet.


She cried to endure the pain. And his penis had fully entered till the root. Kaito then stopped moving.

"Wow… So, this is what your anal feels like… It feels like my penis is being wrapped in silks. So it feels so good…"

"K-Kaito…keep still for a bit like this. My tummy hurts…"

"Sure. I will stay like this."

After a while the pain started to go away. At the same time there was a change in Lilia's body. She started to feel a sensation she had never felt before deep inside her which was spreading throughout her body.

"Lilia…you are wet already. It's dripping down till your thighs, you know?"

"I-I can't be… Getting wet due my bum… I possibly can't be…"

"Lilia, your bum belongs to me now. Only mine. The taste of Lilia which I only have tasted…"

Till now Kaito was chasing after "that person". But he had finally overtook him. Now, the only thing left for him to do was to make this part of Lilia only for his use. Kaito then started to move his hips.

"Hah! Haaah! N-No. If you move…"

Lilia hesitated due to having the sensation of excretion. On top of that her body was getting hot due to this sweet sensation which was different from being penetrated from her vaginal. Kaito gradually started to move a lot with his hips.

"It feels amazing! I never thought, I never thought I would feel this much from being penetrated into my bum!"

Lilia cried as if she was corned to a dead end. Kaito was also enjoying this first experience fully.

"Lilia's bum is mine only. My personal thing! So, I'm going to make sure you remember this!"

"Yes, that's right! It's yours. My bum. It exists only so you can cum inside me! So please cum inside me!"

Both of them sought for each other madly. Kaito's manhood got bulkier. At his final thrust it explodes immediately inside her. The heat was being poured inside her in a place different from her womb. Lilia's body was in joy at this and made a magnificent cry. But the mating between these two male and female did not end here. The two of them sought for each other's body till morning where they would say their farewells.

And the day of saying their goodbyes had finally arrived. Kaito's parents and Lilia walked him to the coach stop located outside his village in order to send him off. In order to go to the capital, Kaito would need to go on to multiple horse-drawn coaches in order to arrive there.

"Kaito. Give this letter to the headmaster. She was my colleague. I'm positive she would treat you well."

Kaito who had received the letter from her was desperate in holding back his tears. The memories he had build with her for the past two years were flashing before his eyes. He understood this wasn't a farewell for the rest of their lives. But thinking of separating from Lilia was very hard to endure for him.

"Once I become a Chevalier, I would come for you, Lilia. If it's me then having two or three Paladins would be a piece of cake…"

But Lilia smiled sadly and shook her head. Her duty was done. Getting involved with him any further than this would possibly hinder his growth. That was what Lilia thought.

"Kaito. A future which you possibly can't imagine is waiting for you. But if it's you then I am certain it would be fine. You would be able to become a being which would be recognised by all…a true Chevalier."

"I will do my best. That's why, wait for me…"

His parents took a step forward. He received a leather bag from them which had travel expenses and clothes inside it. His mother tells him as she looked up towards her son who had grew taller than her before she realised it.

"Kaito, you have to consider this very carefully. You don't have to worry about travelling expenses to the capital. If you changed your mind after listening to the explanation at the academy then return home immediately, okay?"

"Kaito, this is your life. Live as you seek. But don't forget. This village is your home town. You have a home to return to. Just don't forget about that. Now, get going!"

His father pushed his back. Kaito nodded and gave his farewell to his parents and Lilia.

"I'm going then! I will definitely become a Chevalier and return!"

His parents and Lilia sent him off till they couldn't see the coach.

Seven hundred years ago. There was a man who had built an empire by leading countless of Paladins. He had lifeforce which was equivalent to several thousand times than that of average men. This man who had the blessing of the Goddess Ueros would later be called the "Sacred Chevalier" and became a legend.

This story would be a sweet, harsh, and bizarre adventure of a man who had a strong sexual desire towards women. His name was "Kaito". Would he be just a lecher or a history changing Chevalier? At this point no one knew.