Sora ni Usagi ga Noboru Koro


Sora ni Usagi ga Noboru Koro Volume 1 Chapter 1.1

Sora ni Usagi ga Noboru Koro Volume 1 Chapter 1.1

Sora ni Usagi:Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 --- Against God's will (Without reason or rules) ---[]

At lunch break, when I was relaxing on top of the school roof, the uncaring school bell rang shaking me from the midst of my stupor. Unwilling as I opened my eyes, I saw the deep blue sky stretching for miles, when something white invaded my vision.

Weird, I didn't recall seeing any clouds in the sky, what is this white thing? As the speed of the unoiled cogs of my brain increased, I pondered the question.

The answer came very quick, underneath the white object, are two columns of a meaty coloured object, simply speaking they were someone's legs. This scene suddenly gave me a shock.

If you were to try to make more sense of this scene, to be more accurate, there is a girl standing next to me. As my sleeping posture has led me to be facing the sky, and her skirt was impossibly short, is the cause of me seeing clearly, something white and fleshy, the second I had my eyes opened. As I pondered at these useless thoughts, I noticed her legs were equivalent of a mountain sheep, so smooth, silky and beautiful. But of course, if they were really mountain sheep, they would be so much fluffier and full of hair.

Okay, first things first.

"I say Fuyuki Youko ."

I kept to the same sleeping posture when I first took my nap, and woke up, still half staring up those panties.

"Hm, yes, what is it? Kirimura Seiji "

The owner of these panties and legs opened her mouth to speak. Oh yes, Kirimura Seiji is actually me, that is my name. It isn't counted as normal, but not quite as special name. But at least, my name did not sound of those in a harem game storyline plot protagonist name. A name with no special characteristics or luck. For my short 16 years of life, I have not experienced a harem so far, but yes, I'm the unspecial type of person.

"It's quite difficult to say this..."

As I kept staring at her panties, calmly speaking.

"I can see your panties."

"Hm? Hehe, of course you can see them, I did it on purpose, Kirimura Seiji ♥"

Her face revealed a captivating smile.

"Is that so..."


She nodded her head. Nodding to me should be useless. Shouldn't you have at least the desire to change positions, so I can't see your panties?

"... Actually, I don't want to see your panties."

I said that from the bottom of my heart, she replied in an unbelieving tone...

"What? You are not even a tiny bit curious?"


Replying immediately, resulting in her seeming to have suddenly thought of something, and quickly pulled her skirt down.

"Oh Kirimura Seiji , you are such a pervert! ♥"

"Hey, now pretending to act like that is way too late. And also, don't add those ♥ to the ends of your sentences can you!"

She is definitely interesting.

"... Don't you feel ashamed?"

"What is there to be ashamed? Although this is the standard panty shot scene, but I don't feel at all ashamed, and I have no further comments to add."


I got kicked lightly, this kick was so soft it felt like it was more nudging my face, and then, I saw her panties again.

"Kirimura Seiji , it can't be that in your brain, there isn't at least the thought to have me because you saw my panties? You should have, right?! Tell me that you have!"

"Are you trying to vent your frustration? And also, that thought never occurred to me once."

"Ok even if you didn't have that thought, it's ok, but..."

"And I did not get aroused either."

"Kirimura Seiji ... it can't be that you can't be aroused right?"

"It's not that either!"

She seems to provoking me on purpose, causing me to react more aggressively. If this conversation were to continue, it would probably end up with 80% of the dialogue unprinted. With the decision to stop looking at her panties, I got off my back, to start looking at other areas of the girl besides her panties and legs.

With red as the basis of the uniform, on overall, it was quite the unique design, with addition of black laces, and using sandals as indoor footwear. With hair at medium long length, and the bangs a little too long. A refreshing color of orange hair, an energetic pair of eyes, most people would say her appearance is cute. With minimal makeup on, it is unnoticeable at a brief glance. She also knew that her own looks were above average, also knew how to manipulate this trait, to leave a good impression on others.

This girl is my classmate, Fuyuki Youko .