The Strongest Level 0 Aikido Practitioner, Now, Here I Come to a Different World! Chapter 3

The Strongest Level 0 Aikido Practitioner, Now, Here I Come to a Different World! Chapter 3

Chapter 003

Great Goblin

Peach was astonished. She even begged him, but Nagare went alone, towards the place where the Great Goblin in question is.


「Wait a moment!」

Peach cried him to stop.
Therefore Nagare turned around and asked ‘What?’ turning her eyes at her.

「You know! A ordinary person who is not even a adventurer, says something like, ‘ I’m going to defeat it, I’ll be right back’, you can’t expect to be told, ‘Yes, is that right?’! Even I am more or less a C2 class adventurer! So if you are going, then I’m going too! 」

「Sigh, even though I don’t care, you are low in magic, isn’t that right? Can you fight?」

Frankly, the enemy this time is completely different from those goblins who were dispersed.
Even if now you know how to fight using your staff, you simply can not expect that everything will be okay against this type of enemy.

「There is no problem! If it’s about magic, then I can recover a little bit using the skill 【Meditation】!」

Hmph! And she puff up her chest with pride.

「Is that so…? I understand, then, let’s wait a little」

After saying that, Nagare began to wait for her to recover her magic.
Though there isn’t much time, he considered that judging by its movement speed and distance, he can wait a little.

「Puhaaaaaaaaaaa! Wa-Wait a moment. I have to do it, only two, no, three times more, and I will be able to collect enough magic for several shots!」

「…Just in case I will ask you, that is what you call meditation?」

Though Nagare saw what Peach is calling meditation, just now, or rather, he had a considerable doubt so he asked her about it. But,
「That’s right, if this is not meditation, then what is supposed to be! Ah, don’t tell me that you don’t know what is meditation! It has to be that. Few people know about this」
Then, she was filled with confidence.
However, It’s impossible for Nagare to not know about it.
Rather, he always meditates at the end of his daily training.

The way of the spirit is also important to the God Slaying School of Aiki-Jujutsu, and for Nagare who has mastered it, it’s not wrong to say that the meditation is already a part of his body.

ButーーWhat is Peach doing right now is completely different from what Nagare knows.
For now, the posture she is doing, well, let’s say that is okay.

Even when it’s absolutely necessary, it’s common for Nagare to perform his mediation standing upright.
But the problem is that after that, Peach closed her eyelids, and even stopped her breath completely.

And then, even after 30 seconds or more, she continued to hold her breath, and when her lovely face was distorted, with all her strength, she ended breathing.
Afterwards, she ended taking a big mouthful of air, and started again her meditation or whatever she calls it.

Of course, even if I’m in another world, I know that the way she is meditating right now is the correct way of do it in this world.
If the place changes, the rules also change.

But, he is Nagare, the one who understood everything as a whole.
He understood instantly that her meditation in the way that is right now has a lot of unnecessary things.
After all, she has to breathe again and again, and when Nagare judged it, it was obvious that the magic that she had gathered with great trouble was dispersing itself in great part.

「Can you give me a moment?」
「What! There isn’t time, so be brief」
「Sigh, from what I see, I think I have a better way to meditate, want to try it?」

Eeeh? Peach raised her eyebrows in doubt. Hearing that one of the few skills that she had obtained such as 【Meditation】is wrong, it spoiled her mood.

「Listen well, first you need to have this posture, and you should not stop your breath」

「Whaat?! What are you saying! Stopping your breath is something you need to do in order to meditate!」

「No, if you do that, at the moment when you breathe is obvious that your magic is going away. Rather, what is important are the breath techniquesー」

Saying that, Nagare teaches politely to Peach, and yet he imparts quickly his breathing technique.
And thenー

「Wh-What is this! Only after meditating for a while, with this way, there is a great difference in the collected magic! I can’t believe it!」

To the surprised Peach, I only said, fumu, and then I pulled my chin down.
And according with the meditation that Nagare teached her, it was obvious that this way collected many times more.
It seems that it was like Nagare said, it was really pointless to stop your breath.

「Even I can not believe it. Hm~m, this was a, breath technique? How it was called?」

「The Lamaze method」
「That is, that is! It’s really amazing!」

What matters most is that she is pleased, Nagare was also smiling.
Nonetheless, If Nagare himself has to say it, this is not a special method at all, in regards with the meditation, this is the basic of the basics…
Although she was not full, but even so, she recovered a considerable amount of magic.

「Good! I can continue if I have recovered all this magic! Now, Nagare! Let’s go for it!」

For some reason Peach was excited, she began to lead the way.
As soon as her magic power returned, she changed her attitude.

However, Nagare didn’t say anything about it, he only chased her small back.

And then, after walking for about 10 minutesーーSomething was there.

「Indeed, this is a quite spectacular view」

Great GoblinーーWhat Peach said about the abnormal species is right, its aspect is really different from the others goblins I saw before.

Its overall appearance is rough, a body like a barrel, and with a shape which it appears to be covered with lumps of angular muscles, its extremities are thick like a large tree.

And even though it looks like primitive man with its chin a little out, as expected, its has the goblin’s trait, a true green color. Its has not hair, and its ears are pointy like a triangle.

And above all, its stature is about three meters, that’s the only definitive difference with the normal goblin.
It has broad shoulders, and when you are standing in front of it, its shoulders seem to be even wider.

The goblin is wearing something like a grass skirt, and is holding a club in its hands (Rather, it seems like a log) while moving forward to somewhere.

From what I see, the Great Goblin doesn’t have any companion, and like a monster, it’s making the earth tremble while sweeping away everything in its path.
Only by being at its side, there is a great possibility of being trampled to death, that might be the reason why you can’t keep an eye on it from close.
And that might be also the case to those 300 goblins, maybe a custom of theirs, the subordinates go ahead before their boss.

「As-As expected, its power is in a completely different class to the average goblins…」

To that appearance that can be called a masterpiece, is evidently that it made Peach shake.
As expected, she is still a young girl, but I understand her, that she is unable to move her legs for being frozen with fear.
And in the other side, Nagare was calm.
The joints were slightly relaxed, right now his entire body is overflowing with feelings of wanting to make it his opponent.

「As I have expected, I’ll go by myself. Peach can see me from hereー」
「Wh-What idiotic thing are you saying! That’s not something you can deal with somehow face to face! It’s alright, leave it to me. Even if I look like this, I’m able to open up to the tenth magic gate」

After Peach says something like that, she started to mutter some peculiar words.
By the way, a Magic Gate is the way this world organizes the magic ranks, and at the moment when you use magic, is displayed as a door opening.
In other words, you can say that the words that she is muttering right now, are like the keys to open that door.

There are 12 gates in total, the lowest is the twelfth gate, and the highest is the first.
There are many types of gates, the Saint Gate, Phantom Gate, Dark Gate, Heavens Gate, and there are even five types of God Gates, and in addition of them, there exist unique gates.

And because the Saint Gate belongs primarily to the shinto priests of the church, they mainly use healing magic.
The ones with the Phantom Gate are called Summoners, they can summon phantom beasts. The ones with the Dark Gate are able to use a type of magic gate that is able to interfere with the souls of the dead and even using them, a magic that is mainly used by a group of people called necromancers, however, it seems that is normal for them to be avoided for having such characteristic.

The Heavens Gate, by only saying that is a magic that the angels themselves uses, it seems that almost no person is able to open this gate.
And as the name suggest, the God Gate, is the domain of the Gods, a mythical level.

And among all the gates, the one which Peach is opening is the tenth Magic Gate… But to tell the truth, is not something so amazing,
Although, the mere fact of being able to use magic is already considered amazing in this world, that in itself is noteworthy, but if you are blessed with talent in magic,you would be able to acquire it without having a hard time.

Though Nagare understood all about it instantly, he did not interrupt her and only continued to gently watch her.

「ーーFe・Bera・Rira… Open yourself tenth door of the Magic Gate! Invocation – Flame Technique 【Flame Lance】!」

After finishing the chant, drawn near the front of Peach’s chest, between her two hands, a whirlpool of flames was taking shape, the next momentーーThe flame of at least two meters of length was wrapped in form of a lance and was thrown to the Great Goblin.

While the thundering sound of being burned alive was marking the success, the scorching spear pierced his side splendidly.
I see, even if is the tenth gate, it’s a fine thing to use it if you see it for the offensive side.

If this was your average goblin, it’s probably that you could pierce and end the life of at least two or three goblins.

But this timeーーThe opponent was a bad match. As one would expect, the Great Goblin is a monster worthy to be called an A-class.
The Flame Lance that she threw, even though it hit, the monster grabbed it and after pulling it out, it ended up being smashed.

「Th-That can’t be, my magic didn’t have effect at all…」

Peach ended up shocked. And then, the Great Goblin’s face was directed towards us.
It would have guessed our position looking at the direction from where the magic was activated.

It seems that is capable of using its brain a little.
The Flame Lance that Peach threw, if I have to guess the distance, it was roughly twenty meters.
A distance that can be covered easily with such gigantic body.

「Wh-What to do! That was the most powerful magic of all that I have!」

Seeing that nervous appearance, Nagare ‘it can’t be helped’ murmured.

「As expected, it’s my turn to go out. All what Peach has to do is just look at me from this place. Whatever happens do not move from this place because it’s dangerous」

「Eh? Wa-! What are you saying! Is obviously that you are being reckless, going against that kind of monster!」

She cried to me.
However, looking sideways at Peach, Nagare easily declared.

「No, it’s alright. Rather, I’m a bit disappointed that it doesn’t look so great like I thought」