The Strongest Level 0 Aikido Practitioner, Now, Here I Come to a Different World! Chapter 4

The Strongest Level 0 Aikido Practitioner, Now, Here I Come to a Different World! Chapter 4

To the town

You could hear the voice of Peach from behind, but regardless of that, Nagare just started walking forward.
And to this appearanceーーThe Great Goblin stopped its movements.

Surely, it was surprised by how calm the person in front of it was, or maybe it was asking itself what was his intention. Maybe that sort of questions were floating in its mind.

Perhaps, even Peach who was looking at my back might have had ‘Eh?’ a question mark in her head.
The way Nagare was walking was so slow to the point you could feel it.

Nagare’s way of walking was unique. At glance, he was advancing step by step in a relaxed manner, it was like you were seeing a noh, and yet, his posture was excellent, every little movement was performed beautifully, only by seeing that it would leave you dazed.

Even though Peach misunderstood and thought that Nagare belonged to a family of dancers, but surely, you could feel a similar air in those movements to the dancers.
But, those were movements extremely unfitting for the battleーーIt was to the extent that you can’t help but to think like that.


The face of the Great Goblin was dyed with astonishment.
That was reasonable. Until just now, he was in its field of vision, moving relaxed as if he were about to yawn, so it began to think about how it could crush him. But, when it took notice, the opponent was already in front of it.

That’s right, looking at Nagare from the side, he looked like a fly that stopped flying and was standing there comfortably. But in fact, he crossed the distance in a instant, to the point that you could say that he manifested an ultra high speed movement.

However, for people who were seeing him, such speed was reflected the other way around, as if he were moving in slow motion.
To his extremely fast movement, no more than one step was burned into their eyelids.

Therefore, the disparity created by the lag caused an error and that error ended up shaking their brains.
For those who witnessed it, such unnatural phenomenon destroyed their reasons.

And it doesn’t matter if it is a human or goblinーーThe result, the nature of the Great Goblin made it unable to accept it, and as it was dictated by its instincts, without a shred of doubt, it swung the log towards Nagare.

And as expected, this was also within Nagare expectations.
To the approaching log, Nagare didn’t show any sign of wanting to evade it, he just raised his arm and stopped the log. At that moment, the slender body of Nagare sank like a sponge, and matching that, the whole impact was warded off to the ground.

And as it’s obvious, the log didn’t cause any damage to NagareーーThe impact already been absorbed by the earth has circulated through the footwork of Nagare and so, the impact returned from beneath his feets along with the added power of the earth.

Again, Nagare stopped the impact with his entire body, and as if the impact wanted to return to its original position, the impact was forced to go towards the Great Goblin.

This incident only lasted about 1/10,000,000 seconds.


What immediately followed was the voice of doubt of Peach. It’s reasonable. Because just right know the figure of the monster which was swinging downwards the log disappeared from the field of vision.

But actually it’s not like it disappeared. This is the secret technique of the God-Slaying School 【Ji-ryū tentsuku】ーAs result, the impact that went momentarily to the earth rebounds with a force of thousands of times to the one who started the attack, in other words to the Great Goblin.

As result, the power exceeded the speed which a person can recognize making the Great Goblin’s body rise up to 10.000 meters in the skyーーThus, while rotating, the Great Goblin began to descend to the ground.

However, it’s likely that the Great Goblin has a lightweight body with a weight about 1000 kilos.
So if such thing began to falls from 10.000 meters above the sky, only by speaking of such impact, it’s easy to imagine how terrific it would become.

But here it is, Nagare, the genius aikido practitioner.
He isn’t a man who deem acceptable to involve unnecessary things when fighting.
Naturally, that includes this beautiful nature.

Therefore, to the rotation. The surroundings of the goblin’s body who was falling while rolling at high speed were wrapped with something as it were cotton candy, both sides were converging.

Hence, a thick layer of air was formed in the surroundings of Great Goblin’s body who was falling, the result wasーーAfter it landed on the ground, the impact flows towards its inside and it’s absorbed within the layer. Due to the waves of the compressed force, the Great Goblin’s large body explodes.

However, similar to a tornado, even if they are only the pieces of meat, they start to gather in the inside due to the layer of air, and not only they not scatter around, they started to splendidly accumulate in the same position where the Great Goblin was.

This incident happened in the same time that Peach blinkedー


「I no longer understand the meaning of coming here」

Sigh~For some reason, she expressed together with a sigh.
With his eyes closed partially, even with such accomplishment, Nagare was somehow with a stunned expression.

「Ye~s, even I felt like this food would have more consistency than what I though, so I’m a little disappointed」

「It could be that you are even more dangerous than this abnormal species?」

With a careless remark, Peach started to regard Nagare as a dangerous creature.
She didn’t want to think badly of him after receiving his help, but as a consequence of seeing his remarkable power outside of the standard, it can’t be helped that she took a step backwards.

「At least be relieved that I didn’t act violently without any reason」

Nagare answers with a grin.
Peach cheeks redden.

「W-Well, if you were a really dangerous guy you would not have helped me」

Turning away her face lightly, she said that as if it were to convince herself.
It seems that monsters treatment had stopped, but I would say that it was a little too easy.

「By the way, what are you going to do after this?」

Just to confirm, Nagare asked while pointing parts of the Great Goblin’s body.
Thereupon, she gaves a short ‘Aah’ answer.

「I don’t have other choice but to go to report to the guild, so I need to take along a part of for the subjugation part. Also I would like to take the magic core too… But I wonder if that still remains intact?」

「It’s alright」

Saying that, Nagare took from his sleeve, the Great Goblin’s magic core and one of its ears for the subjugation part.
He extracted such things before it exploded because he thought that something like this would happen.

「Wow, you are attentive. But how did you know? You’re not even an adventurer」

It was natural for Nagare to be aware as he understood everything as a whole.
By the way, for an adventurer to prove having defeated the monster, a part of the monster, in other words a subjugation part is needed.
And if you speak of the magic core, that it’s a material that would become a magic tool, something that you are able to buy in the guild.

「I have the feeling of having heard about that somewhere」

However, it’s not like Peach would be able to understand even if he says the truth, that’s why Nagare appropriately deceived her.

「Well then, what remains to be done is to take the magic cores and ears from the goblin’s remains… That’s what I wanted to say, but the amount is indeed numerous. So for now, let’s grab what we can…?」

Together with Nagare, both returned to the previous place, but that work, Nagare ended up doing it in the blink of an eye.
At glance it looked like he was moving in a relaxed manner as usual, but as a matter of fact, he didn’t take less than 10 seconds

「With this we have 300 ears, and also 300 magic cores」
「You are right… But well, it doesn’t matter. I came to realize that it would be useless to think about it. Let’s put them in this place for now」

Peach takes out a pouch from her waist and started approaching the place where all the materials and parts were gathered.

「A magic bag, eh?」
「That’s right. I can put things in up to 100kg」

A magic bag or in other words a magic tool that was made by combining the differents cores of monsters like the one that we’re about to obtain right now. Even if the appearance of it it’s small, cores have a considerable high power.
It’s more, if you open your mouth and start to pray silently you would be able to absorb it anytime you want, an extraordinary object.

「Yes, I have finished picking up the things. Now I have thought about returning to the town but that’s also okay with you Nagare? After all it would be for the best if you follow me to the town just in case you want to become an adventurer」

「Yes, originally I planned to do that, I will accompany you」

Nagare starts walking following Peach’s back.
According to Peach, the place where we are heading right now it’s called Hanma town.

By the way, the place where Nagare is right now is Baru kingdom. A country situated in the center of the Sauzu continent.

「Um, Nagare, there is something I want to ask you, it’s that okay?」

Coming out of the forest, along the road after leaving behind the main road, a question came from Peach.
Nagare replied that she could ask without worrying butーー

「…It could be that you were summoned from somewhere, something like that? You gave such feeling」
「No, I wasn’t summoned」

Without any hint of hesitancy, Nagare answered.
Because there is not a bit of lie in what he told.

「I, I see. You’re right~ If it is this kingdom then, it’s has been a long time since it’s treated as a taboo. So it’s not possible」

「But then why you thought in that way about me?」

「We~ll, it’s because black hair and black eyes are rare」

I see, Nagare nodded. Indeed, thanks to the effect of having rejuvenated, Nagare’s black hair is now shining with youthful splendor.

「Besides, you are wearing a strange clothes. But it could be that I’m worrying for nothing~. Black hair and black eyes are rare but it’s not as if there were no lineages like that in the past」

In this world, many times in the past people were summoned from another world.
Even among the different types of magic, this was a unique space-time gate, and by using this, a gate could be opened between this world and other world, making possible to summon inhabitants of other world.

But why they would do such a thing? There was such story, but regarding this, there are many cases where summoned people obtains a unbelievable, strong power when coming to this world. But to be precise, the numerous people who came from Earth, especially from Japan, seems to have a outstanding power.

There were many incidents where summoned people were mainly used for war, but as result it brought numerous problems with it and those were not few. So because the talented persons, the summoned received a slave treatment among other crimes against the humanity, nowadays is treated as a taboo. It’s like that butーー

(There is a possibility that what I felt at that time could be related with this)

While thinking things like that, Nagare was harboring a faint expectation about registering as adventurer in his first town.