Sleeping Beauty's Sweets

By このはなさくや

Sleeping Beauty's Sweets Chapter 1

Sleeping Beauty's Sweets Chapter 1

My name is Phyllis Magica. Magica Company’s second daughter and 2nd year student of the national magical academy of Frank Kingdom. I just recently turned 16 years old.

I have relatively common brown hair and brown eyes. There is nothing in particular worth mentioning and looks are mediocre.
I often hear that those who attend the magic school have amazing magical power but that isn’t the case — magical power is below average, poor at studying, doesn’t exercise… in short, a leftover.

If you’re wondering why I am attending this school, there’s no other reason aside from wanting a certificate with the words 「Graduated from a National High-Class Magic School 」. No matter what course you take in the future, if you didn’t have this, there will be large difference in your future!
This Frank Kingdom’s national high-class magic academy is a world-famous magic academy. Although one is studying in an environment blessed with the patronage of the royal family, because the person is a national graduate, there is no hindering obligation to the Frank royal family and one can flap around the whole world. Because of this, the eggs of excellent magicians are gathering from all over the world.
However, because those attending this school are blessed with wonderful pedigree and talent, everyone has a noble goal. To the me who only wants a secure job in the future, next to those saying「For the sake of developing the country!」and「Development of new magic!」… I can’t say such things in a loud voice, ne?

But even I have a special skill. That is, I sleep really well.
When I think of when I was a child, my mother would often praise me saying:「Phy* truly sleeps well and so okaa-san is saved~ Truly a good girl, ne!」
Nowadays, undeniably, anytime and anywhere, and in an instant, I am able to skillfully fall sound asleep. I grew up as such a child.
My few friends don’t really understand it much but I can confidently say that is a very convenient special skill?
For example, in this magic academy’s dormitories, each student is assigned their own private room. At the time of the entrance ceremony, there were many people who couldn’t sleep well. Surely everybody, due to the change in environment, became lonely, ne? But I was alright due to this special skill. In addition, even before important exams or before events; until now I have never had insomnia and lacked sleep. How’s that? It’s amazing, isn’t it!
The embroidered pillowcases and eye masks I gave to my friends so that they may sleep comfortably were popular and little by little, spread by word-of-mouth.
Ufufu, it is Prospective Customers Get, ne?
At any rate, when I graduate from the academy, I may be able to ask father to open up a small shop.
That’s why, while I was still in the academy, I diligently endeavoured to develop new sleeping goods.

「Un, candy・・・If it’s like this, one will worry about cavities, ne.」

Currently, I am in my room feeling troubled while arranging the sweets on top of my desk.

「If it’s chocolate, it may melt・・・mint・・・if it’s that, all the more would keep you up. Marshmallows・・・」

At that time, with a ton-ton knocking sound, the door of the room opened simultaneously.

「Phy? I’m entering, ne. Maa, what an amazing mountain of sweets! What’s the matter?」

The one who entered was my close friend Anastasia-san. Anastasia-san was an ojou-sama of the Randall earldom, had dark pink hair; and was a charming, exceeding excellent, and lovely person.

「Ana, long time no see! You’ve come back, ne? How was the wedding of your onee-sama?」
「My onee-sama and brother-in-law-sama were, of course, lovely, but there were many boring introductions and meetings of which I am uninterested in. Ne~, is it okay to have a little bit of your sweets? I also have souvenirs. Let’s eat them together.」

Ana smiled while saying so and a maid-san who was behind started to make preparations for tea. Ana is a noble’s daughter therefore she has attendants with her at the academy, you know! Amazing, ne!
My room has a bed, a desk, and chest with an attached mirror. Afterall, there is no built-in closet because it is just an ordinary room. The maid-san pushed a wagon and brought me a cup of tea. Thanks to Ana, I felt like a petit celeb.

「And so, what are you doing with these sweets?」
「It’s this, isn’t it? I was searching for a nightcap substitute.」

That’s right! These days, I am developing a specially-made nightcap.
Although I said nightcap, it isn’t a hat. In order to sleep well, you drink alcohol, right?

「I have been thinking though, if you take a drink before going to bed, won’t you feel like going to the toilet? Of course, there are herbal pills and powdered medicines that induce sleep but even to drink these you will need water, right? Even then, it is inconvenient to have to carry around drinks and so I’ve been wondering if there is any other way.」
「Maa, certainly, that might be so.」
「Right? That’s why it can’t be a drink. I was thinking that wouldn’t it be nice to have a sweet that would quickly melt in your mouth?」

That said, I took a few sweets from on top of the desk.

「The first thing I thought about was candy but candy takes time to dissolve and eating it before going to bed will likely cause cavities, ne? Chocolates melt and mints will likely keep you up・・・」
「What do you think of meringue? It will melt as soon as you put it in your mouth.」
「Meringue! However because it breaks easily, it isn’t suitable for carrying around・・・」
「That’s right, ne? Certainly meringue isn’t suitable to be carried around, ne?・・・That’s it! There is something good (for this case)!」

Such Ana received a light blue box tied with a beautiful white ribbon from the maid-san who was waiting behind her.

「How about this? I brought it as your souvenir. Open it and see.」
「Wa~ Thanks! What is it?」

I excitedly opened it and what appeared was a sugar cube with a small pink rose attached. The pink rose which was tightly packed inside the box looks completely like a handicraft and is so cute that you wouldn’t think of it as food.

「Uwa~ Cute!」
「Ufufu, isn’t it? Brother-in-law-sama had them specially made as congratulatory gifts for the marriage. The pink rose is a flower my onee-sama likes. It’s romantic, ne?」
「This, is it okay for me to use it?」
「Of course! Phy is making sleeping goods for which I am always grateful for. My onee-sama is also your fan, you know? Before the wedding, she was too nervous to sleep and it continued on for days and she didn’t know what to do; but then onee-sama used the aroma burner present in her room and fell sound asleep.」
「I see~ I’m glad it was useful. Then when this is complete, I have to give it to Ana first, ne!」
「Happy! I’m looking forward to it, ne!」

Ufufu, with this, I have secured the materials!