Sleeping Beauty's Sweets

By このはなさくや

Sleeping Beauty's Sweets Chapter 3

Sleeping Beauty's Sweets Chapter 3

TN: The POV has returned to Phyllis’ POV.

These past few days, I’ve been having a dream.

For the me who always sleeps soundly until morning, this is unusual. Anyways, inside my dream, I am in a very beautiful garden.
A white rose arch seems to have been built in order to lead towards tall green hedges of a maze.
Inside the maze, various people have come. There are married couples or lovers, couples who are conversing happily, a man happily taking a dog on a walk, an elderly man taking a stroll with a child・・・
Among them, only I am alone.
I am anxious as there is no one I recognize and I have lost my way many times when I proceeded forward. Passing through the maze, there is a place where you can find a lovely gazebo with pink roses entwined around it.

・・・ I wonder if someone will come and find me if I wait here.



When the first period which was a lecture on herbology finished, I closed my eyes and shook my head.
Due to the dream I’ve been having everyday, I can not shake off my fatigue. I couldn’t concentrate today during my favourite herbology class.「Magica-san, you’re looking pale. Are you alright?」
「That’s right. What’s wrong with Phy? Did something happen?」Ana and the herbology teacher, Marie-sensei, came over. It seems that I have caused these two people to worry.「Marie-sensei; Ana; I’m alright. Thank you. Somehow I’ve been a little worried over a dream I’ve been seeing but・・・Setting that aside, how are the new products I handed to you two the other day? If you don’t mind, please let me hear your forthright impressions.」
「That’s right, that’s right! That — it was very good! I was a little hesitant about eating sugar before going to sleep but I was able to sleep more comfortably than usual. Also, I saw a very good dream.」
Maa, Annabelle-jou too? I was also able to fall asleep more quickly than usual. Ufufu~ And then, I was also able to see a good a dream.」


The other day, Annabelle-san received sweets which were the results of trial-and-error while trying to make a specially-made nightcap.
Originally, it was a sugar cube you put in your tea to drink. Of course, it was safe if you place it in your mouth. Tentatively casting magic on 10pcs of sugar (Although the magic formula used in my magic wasn’t precise, it was only to the extent of casting something like a good luck charm・・・) , I handed the prototypes to the people I was close with.

「Ano, the two of you both saw a dream?・・・What kind of dream was it, if you don’t mind me asking?」
Ufufu~ In my dream, I was on a date with my husband who is away on a business trip. I was very happy since I haven’t been able to see him for a while. By the way, the history teacher, Professor Cocice, also had a dream the other day where he saw his pet who had died and was very grateful for it.」
Maa! Marie-sensei too? Truthfully, I too! Inside my dream, that, with my unrequited love・・・」


Ana’s cheeks turned a little red. Marie-sensei looked at me a little strangely.

「・・・It seems that everyone who had received sweets were able to see a dream, ne? Magica-san, how about you? Did you put magic in the sweets so that people would see a dream?」
「Magic to dream? The dream that I had・・・」

I remembered the dream I saw yesterday.
Yesterday, a man had finally come from the maze. He was tall, had pale light blue hair, and awfully dreamy eyes. That person was・・・just like・・・


TN: POV shifts to Elias-sensei again.

That day, as soon as I had arrived at the academy, I instantly headed towards the 2nd year classrooms.
The girl inside my dream was without a doubt the 2nd year, Phyllis Magica. She was a famous 2nd year female student. She held the interests of some professors due to her peculiar traits and was the centre of attention during the days of her admittance.
Although she held less magical power than average students, she specially used what little she had to produce splendid results.
That characteristic which can only be called as stealthy ーーー The magic she uses is hard to detect by others ーーー Depending on the combination, there are infinite possibilities.
The partner constructs a magic square while she invokes it — in theory, the magic will be harder to detect. This would be terrible if one abused it. ・・・ For example, in the assassination of important people or in creating large-scale traps to be used in war.
As a magician who is of the type that constructs magic squares like me, she is an existence that people would desperately want.
Therefore, the academy secretly observed her. To what extent would her peculiarity and disposition grow, and hereafter, what kind of future will she aspire for. The gentle faculty will casually support her nearby ーーー as such, I was also one of those people who were interested in her abilities.


Upon arriving at her classroom, at that moment she had collapsed from her chair.
Barely catching her, I carried and gently laid her on the floor to check her current condition.
She seems to be merely sleeping but the situation is strange. She is not waking up even in such a noisy classroom and continues to be in a deep sleep.

「Professor Elias, what on earth with Magica-san・・・」
「・・・Professor Marie, I will take her to the infirmary. Please assemble all those concerned.」

Saying that, I gently carried Phyllis and headed to the infirmary.

Summarizing the stories from the concerned parties, this time, she seems to have developed some kind of sleeping medicine. With a total of 10 pieces altogether, 7 people have taken it including me. Everyone had fallen into a deep sleep after using it and had seen a dream of which a part of it was common. A splendid garden, a vast maze, and the presence of a partner. Strangely enough, everyone was accompanied by their husband, lover, pet or child upon arriving at the maze. The only exception was the creator, Phyllis, and I.

Her magic power was put into a small sugar cube.

Perhaps, it was just magic that puts you into a deep sleep with a light feeling. But now it has turned into somewhat advanced magic since an unexpected effect has manifested upon which causes the target person to see a dream.
And thus, thanks to that, it is causing her to run out of magical power. It is an adverse effect due to her low magical power.
If you look at the situation, sooner or later she will get up after her magical power has run out ーーー but without being able to confirm the magic formula, the anxiety remains. There are 3 sweets remaining. These are the only clues as to how to awaken her.

I once again place one in my mouth and take her hand while lying beside her on the bed.

It seems that this garden always has fine weather.
I passed the white roses and head straight towards the center of the maze. I felt impatient as I hurried along. And then passing through the maze, I saw her sitting at the gazebo the same as yesterday.

「Phyllis! My goodness, you・・・」
「・・・Elias-sensei? Why are you here?」

I felt my strength drain all at once as she acted as if nothing has changed. Because of that excessively carefree expression, all my feelings of anger that had disappeared strangely came back.
Sitting down next to Phyllis, I took deep breaths in order to calm down.

「It is ・・・ Elias-sensei, right? Why is sensei here? Do you know where this is?」
「・・・ This is the dream you’ve created.」
「My dream?」
Aa (Yes).・・・ It’s beautiful whenever I come here. Is it a place you know?」
「No, it is also my first time seeing such a beautiful garden. It is also my first time seeing such a large maze. It’s as if there’ll be a castle or a noble’s mansion somewhere, ne?」

Aa (Yes).

She said so with her eyebrows drooping and her face clouding over.

「・・・ So this is my dream, huh ・・・」
「What’s the matter?」
Ufufu~ I just thought it was strange. That I can talk and exchange stories with that Elias-sensei like this when in reality, it is impossible.」
「What do you mean by that Elias?」
「Because amongst the female students, Elias-sensei is the most popular or second most popular teacher, you know? Really cool and is famous as the Ice Magician both inside and outside the country・・・ For me, you always seemed like a god-like existence. I really wanted to take sensei’s class in my 1st and 2nd year but because my magical power is scarce and because I don’t have any attack magic because I didn’t have the aptitude for it, I had to tearfully give up.」
Hou, I didn’t know that.」
「I was satisfied seeing your face from a distance from time to time.」



That girl stretched out her hand and nervously touched my cheek.

「That’s why, that there is a place where sensei is within reach・・・in addition, I can see your smiling face like this; even if it is a dream, it is unbelievable.」
「・・・Hou, interesting. Phyllis, did you want to touch me like this?」


Just like that, I gently clasp her hand which was touching my cheek. Her body trembled as she blushed.

Ah, ano・・・」
「Or did you want to touch like this?」

Ah, ano

Saying such, I drew her hand to my lips and kissed the back of her hand, grinning and laughing. Apparently this child was not completely aware of my abilities.

「I knew about you since the time of your enrollment. On the contrary, I knew you were watching me.」
「That is・・・Wa, it’s because I’m such a leftover, right?」
Kuku~ You really are interesting. I seriously want you to become my partner.」
Eh~ ah~ ano, what kind of partner is that?」
「You are not aware what a magician’s partner is? It is an existence where you both mutually support each other in both public and private matters.」
「I knew that but, that’s not it, why me・・・」
「Stop belittling yourself. ・・・ I want you.」

Eh~ ah~ano

The innocent Phyllis knew nothing.
If somebody has to protect you, it will be me who will guide and protect you. This time, I made a sound and kissed her palm. I could see that even her nape had turned red.

Eh, ah, ano・・・what should I do? Because I am inside a dream, I considered such an audacious thing. Embarrassing・・・」
Fufu~ You are cute.」

Eh, ah, ano

I placed a tender kiss on her apple-red cheeks.

「If such a kiss turns you this red, I look forward to how bright red you’ll turn when you wake up. I’ll teach you various things when you wake up.」


She looked at me with teary eyes.

「B- but, how do I get out of here? This is a dream, right?」
「・・・It’s simple.」

I gently held her chin and tilted it upwards.

「Since time immemorial, Sleeping Beauty has always been awakened with a ーーーー」
It was a gentle kiss.


「Well then, sensei. How does one avoid getting lost in the maze, after all?」
「You just have to hold onto my hand forever.」

There is no sequel.I wanted a sweet story for Christmas but I was not able to finish writing it in time.
Here is a one-day late present!

TN: This whole short series was posted on Dec 26, 2016.


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