The Absolute Evil for My Hero Ooizumi Takashi,大泉貴

A youth spring hero piccalesque colored with justice and evil
Regional city somewhere in Japan, Moon Du City. There is one place in the city of any size anywhere, unlike other cities. That is where a hero protects the city.
Usually a girl Mia who is living as a high school girl. She turned into a hero and fight day and night when a phantom of evil organization “Shakuga Leviathan” disturbs the peace of the city. A boy whose childhood friend watching Mia’s hero activities such as Taketo. He is a mediocre high school student who has not received anything, but there was a secret in Takeshi – that is, he is the lord of the revoisan, Lord Savior and Lord Helvenom. The purpose of Takesetsu. It was destined to live as a guy moon and to keep standing as an enemy for Mia who can not live without fighting evil.
What kind of destiny will the two people lead to the relationship between evil chief and heroes?
Keep fighting the beloved ones to defend the beloved, Youth spirited with righteousness and evil Picareque Romant born here!