Pixiu Rearing Guide Xuan Lou Chong Xiao,玄楼重霄

It is said that the ancient mythical beast overlord Pixiu will ward off evil from your home and has an insatiable appetite. Once a thing enters its mouth, it will not come back out.
The young master of an antiques shop, Du Ziyu, surprisingly has had non-stop luck ever since he obtained the ink jade Pixiu, and also picked up an additional ” x-ray vision” ability, making him rich.
However, everything comes with a price. The Pixiu also needs to eat, but it’s spitting out gold, silver, treasures, and jewels. It will only be full from “eating” people.
“If Pixiu don’t eat human food, what do you eat? Real gold and silver?”
“There’s two conditions.”
“There’s conditions for you to eat gold, silver, treasures, and jewels? Under what conditions would you eat stone agate?”
“Then what is it?”
“If you’re not here, I’ll eat both gold and jade. If you’re here, I’ll only eat you.”
Antiques store master shou X mythical guardian beast Pixiu gong