Mushi to Medama Akira (日日日)

Usagawa Rinne, a normal female high-school student, was spending happy days with her lover, Sakaki Guryuu. However, the peaceful days shattered suddenly on the night of Sakaki’s birthday. Sakaki witnessed Rinne getting killed, her eyeball gouged by a girl called, “Gankyuu Eguriko,” as well as having witnessed Rinne revive as if nothing had happened. To the shocked Sakaki and confused Rinne, Gankyuu Eguriko speaks of an “Eden’s Apple.”
1. 蟲と眼球とテディベア
2. 蟲と眼球と殺菌消毒
3. 蟲と眼球とチョコレートパフェ
4. 蟲と眼球と愛の歌
5. 蟲と眼球と白雪姫
6. 蟲と眼球とダメージヘア