The Reluctant Bride Book I Zen Xin Yue

First meeting, Tan Pan Ting drinks her sorrows away at a bar and Gu Jiao Wen mistakes her for a drug dealer. Second meeting, Tan Pan Ting loses her job and Gu Jiao Wen mistakes her for a hooker. Third meeting, Tan Pan Ting’s parents forces her to go on a blind date. She splashes a glass of water at Gu Jiao Wen’s face, and he informs their families he wants to marry her. Wedding, someone binds Tan Pan Ting to the altar. Marriage, Tan Pan Ting wants to find a way to escape being Gu Jiao Wen’s wife. Love, when Tan Pan Ting realises she’s falling in love with Gu Jiao Wen, she sees a beautiful woman fixing Gu Jiao Wen’s tie, and she overhears them talking like they’re having an affair. Note: The Reluctant Bride Book I & Book II are independent stories of each other.