LV999 Villager Hoshitsuki kitten

In this world, the concept of 『Level』 exists.
Other than those who are living as a monster slayer, at the most, ordinary peoples’ 『Level』 is between 1 to 5.
Because of that, those who work as monster slayers are special people, bestowed by the Gods a special 『Job』.
There are eight special 『Jobs』, which have battle ability. 【Warrior】, 【Monk】, 【Priest】, 【Wizard】, 【Thief】, 【Merchant】, 【Hunter】, and 【Shaman】.
There are also three special roles that differentiate from the eight battle classes. 【Nobility】, 【Hero】, and 【Saint】.
However, within the large population only a few earned those blessings. At most, all are 【Villagers】, which is the lowest and weakest, tasked with daily duties.
A 【Villager】 doesn’t have the ability to fight; trying to defeat a monster is suicide.
One day, a two years old child noticed something.
If you defeat a monster, you can be rich.
Another Synopsis
He lost his father to monsters thus he wanted to eradicate all monsters.
He lost his mother to Humans thus he wanted to destroy the world.
In his pursuit of destruction of the world he had discovered the truth.
Now his journey begins anew to beat the ones behind the world system after helping a little girl, the demon king daughter.

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