Of Card Games and Barbeques

By Ogata Seishi

Of Card Games and Barbeques short story

Of Card Games and Barbeques short story

Hidder: Hello guys, it's me again, Hidder. I know it's been a long time, and I want to apologize for that. I AM TRULY SORRY. I wanted to continue translating but my lazyn… some stuff happened. And now that I will also start working I thought that the project was going to actually die… But I don't want this. So I forced myself to translate this short story I found on syosetu. It's not the most interesting story in the world, but in my opinion it's worth a read.

About the novel we were translating: Yeah, that one will be on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time. It's not that I don't like the story, on the contrary I love it, but now I will have less and less time, and I find it hard to focus on something that big for a long time. So from now on you can expect some short stories like this one and maybe a Web Novel. If you have any suggestion of untranslated web novels please let us know.

I hope everyone understands. Yoroshikuonegaishimasu. *Weeb out*


Shiro the Hero: I thought I'd never have to edit anything again… and then, out of the blue… came this. To be honest, I was quite shocked. I thought Hidder would continue to be lazy cough busy forever. Anyway, sorry for the wait and that the 2nd chapter is still not released yet. But hey, I have to agree with Hidder on something: this short story is worth reading, it's quite enjoyable.

About the future: I will keep editing whatever Hidder sends my way, so if you can convince him to translate a story somehow, that'd be amazing.

Was there anything else left to say? Well, not really. So have fun with this short story and spam Hidder! Shiro out.


Of Card Games and Barbeques

"Che… I am last again?"

"Well, you suck."

"Wahahaha. Keita really is helpless."

"It can't be helped. With this, it's the 5th time Keita came in last."

"Why did I end up drawing the 'old maid'…? By the way, who brought the meat? I brought the carrots and the bean sprouts."

"Well, I'm not the loser, right?"

"'Old maid', my guess was correct."

"I've lost three times now."

"Ah…! The 'old maid' again."

"That's no good, Keita-kun."

"Wahahaha. We'll be arriving soon, only five more stops."

"Chie-chan is already feeling safe, right?"

"No, no.  Not yet. The game has only just begun. By the way, what kind of meat are we having today…?"

"Ah, I am happy. A punishment is a no, right?"

"Let's see, will Keita have a victorious return?"

"I will have to do my best.  If I can't turn this around from here, I'll lose my pride as a man."

"Geh! I came in last!"

"Too bad, Keita-kun."

"I am so hungry. I'll eat lots and lots of meat."

"Waa, that was close. I almost got last place."

"Ah… Last place huh? We'll be arriving soon. So, what's the punishment game? Also, I've been asking since a while ago, but what's today's meat….."

"Aaaah, I'm hungry too…"

"Playing 'old maid' is really interesting. Especially when there is a punishment involved…"

"This kitchen knife set I brought is awesome. I know, because my dad is a cook."

"Ah… I'm hungry too. So, what kind of meat will we have today…?"

"Let's use some pepper."

"Garlic too, right?"

"I'm drooling already."

"Hey! What kind of meat will we have today? Cow, pork, chicken? Also, what is the punishment game? Heeey!"

"I brought basil too, to spice it up."

"I want to munch the meat already…"

"The knife set is composed of six pieces. It cuts really well. Such good items."

"Heeeeeey! Someone, please answer my question. Why won't anyone answer me?

What meat will we be having today?

Plus, what's the punishment game?

Hey. Heeey. Heeeeey!"