Takamura-kun is Cursed

By Tachimori Asahi,日月朝日

Takamura-kun is Cursed Chapter 7

Takamura-kun is Cursed Chapter 7

 – Sena Tsumugi Knows [1]

I have only one wish. I simply want to be completely rid of troublesome things and be allowed to live in peace.

Had I not been living quietly without blaming anyone or complaining, even when I turned male due to the curse of the Takamura family? Had I not helped with consultations because he said he likes Sena, and had I not also done the librarian work? Had I not paid attention to my studies, put in effort for sports, and enjoyed reasonably harmonious human relationships?

Despite that, why did dear God above force this troublesome person called Sunohara Chiharu onto me? He certainly has the looks and is interesting, but he’s unquestionably troublesome.

Sunohara continuously sticks close to me, and leave after saying things I couldn’t care less about. The only time I’m separated from him was when he’s having club activities.

“And so, I escaped.”

“You’ve had it hard. Sunohara had really been clinging to Takamura too much recently.”

I’m wolfing down a melon bun beside Kousaka who’s smiling wryly.

It’s a rest day for the Basketball Club as the 3rd gymnasium is being waxed today. Kousaka and Hiwatari are polishing the balls using that free time.

“Isn’t it harassment towards Takamura-san? No matter how you think about it. He’s getting in the way so that you won’t be able to be alone with Sena-san, right?”

“Oi, Hiwatari, don’t say strange things.”

Concerned about me, Kousaka gave a warning in response to Hiwatari’s cynicism.
Kousaka is considerate and it’s just like him to say that, but honestly, it’s probably just as Hiwatari says.
Sunohara will naturally get involved with Sena if he’s with me.

“But isn’t it so? If you don’t agree, then why would Sunohara-san be interested in Takamura-san?”

His unspoken words that such a normal guy can’t possibly catch the eye of the ouji-sama was clearly communicated. I brushed aside my discomfort as I smiled wryly at the scornful glint in his eye.

“Hiwatari~! That’s too rude towards Takamura, right.”

“Is it? I was purely asking a question.”

Looking at the smirking Hiwatari, various emotions were long out of my system, and I’m not too irritated even if he says unpleasant things.

It could be because it feels like he wants me to pay him attention and he’s not actually trying to discomfort me. As I look at Hiwatari who’s on the attack, he reminds me of a wild fox, or a rough stray dog, or a elementary school boy poking his nose into things.

“Frankly, I don’t hate Hiwatari’s frankness. I think it’s cute.”

Hiwatari’s eyes widened in shock. I felt slightly more cheerful as it seems I managed to return blow for blow.

Kousaka’s expression was one of disbelief, and he replied to my words in a voice that resounded throughout the gymnasium.



“No, but Takamura’s standards for ‘cute’ is quite vague, huh. The other day, you called the auntie at the school store and the pigeon in front of the station ‘cute’, and you called Bakumatsu Shishi Girls’ Sakamoto Ryou ‘cute’ too.”

There’s definitely nothing strange about my taste. I think armadillos, Hiwatari and the pigeon in the front of the station are cute. Of course armadillos are 10 times cuter, but Hiwatari is also reasonably cute.

I wolfed down my second melon bun as I watched Hiwatari’s hand that was polishing the basketball. From there, I slowly lifted my head and casually peeked at Hiwatari’s expression. He had an earnestly unpleasant look. Was my ‘cute’ statement so displeasing? I’m sorry.

I quietly removed my gaze from Hiwatari and concentrated on the melon bun. Hiwatari seems to have a temper, so it’ll only be troublesome if I ruin it beyond this.
As I continue to wolf down the melon bun, the sound of the gymnasium entrance opening rang out. Looking at the direction the sound came from, the no. 2 person-I-don’t-want-to-meet-now is there.

The bishoujo with a light brown tinted, semi-long pink hair and large eyes of the same colour――…… Sena Tsugumi.

After showing a surprised expression, Sena rushed towards me with a broad smile. Her figure that rushed over with a tap tap sound and as her skirt fluttered, resembled that of a pet dog. Her outer appearance feels like a rabbit-san or stray cat, yet the things she does are dog-like.

“Takamura-kun, why are you in such a place?”

Sena smiled as though she was truly happy when she looked at my face. At the same time I felt happy over that, I was also bewildered.

Come to think of it, Sena was the Basketball Club manager. Isn’t that right, Haruko-san[1], isn’t it?

“Nn, I’m tending to Hiwatari.”

“Ha? What are you saying, Takamura-san.”

“I’m free so I’m meddling with Hiwatari and playing with him.”

Having finished the melon bun, I laid face up on the ground. Sena then kneeled down near my head. The contrast between the sailor skirt, knee-high socks and white thighs is beautiful. Sena is cute whether I look from above or look from below.

A short and supple feminine build. My original face was closer to a boy’s, so I admire girlish facial features and figures like Sena’s.

I see. Takamura-kun and Hiwatari-kun get along well, don’t you.”

Sena tilted her head as she tucked her hair behind her ear.

“Un, we get along well.”

“I want to get along well with Takamura-kun too.”


The varying gazes from Kousaka and Hiwatari hurts. Kousaka’s gaze went like “How dare you flirt around with Sena, my idol!”, while Hiwatari’s gaze went “Who and who get along well, you say?”.

“Then, can we go home together today?”


It’s like a dream to be able to walk around with the company of a girl as cute as Sena. Yes, it’s like a dream but fortunately or not, I’m a girl. Moreover, she’s by far and large a troublesome and problematic type even among girls. In addition, the one who’s been attached to me recently, the idiot ouji who’s the core of troubles, likes this Sena.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is, wouldn’t going home with this girl bring an array of troubles?

“I have something extremely important to say, though……”

The sulking Kousaka who was listening as he polished the basketball, stiffened with widened eyes and a shocked expression. I’m probably making the same face.

Saying that she has something important to say at this timing, only a confession comes to mind. I didn’t think I could get a girlfriend after only having been a guy for half a month.

However, I’ll immediately reject her if she confesses, and that itself might be lucky of me. It’s not for sure that she’ll confess, but let’s clearly reject her if she does.

“Alright. Let’s head back together.”

“Really? Thank goodness. I’ll go make preparations to leave, okay.”

“Ah, hang on. I want to grab my belongings too.”

I called out to stop Sena who raised her hips.
Just as I raised my hips too, Kousaka grabbed my ankle and I almost tripped. Looking at my feet, my eyes met with Kousaka’s as he made a grim expression.

“It’s mortifying but…… it’s mortifying but, give Sena-san happiness.”

“See you tomorrow, then.”

“I was still in the middle of speaking, ya!”

I waved to Hiwatari, ignoring Kousaka who spoke gibberish. Of course, Hiwatari didn’t grant me a wave and instead snorted, giving his undivided attention to polishing the ball.

Kousaka was saying something in the distance but I turned a deaf ear. Though it’ll be troublesome as he’ll probably make noise tomorrow, it’s more important to put an end to the matter regarding Sena.

Sena and I walked side by side to classroom. Sena’s about as tall as the past me, and her face just nice reaches my shoulder. When I incidentally looked in that direction, Sena happened to be looking at my face. She blushed when our eyes met. Although she hid her mouth with both hands bashfully, she still gave a happy smile. So cute.

“Takamura-kun, you know……”

Sena and I faced each other in the dark corridor.

The quiet corridor and the lively sports ground, it was an irregular space. I felt intoxicated by the peculiar yet familiar atmosphere. The rays of the setting sun shone on Sena’s white skin. Perhaps she was bashful or perhaps it was the setting sun, her cheeks appeared red. Sena who gave a small “fufu” laugh, had an unusually enchanting aura. Despite her baby face and cute features, she had a strangely adult-like expression on.

“I know.”

Her full, light pink lips opened.

“What do you know?”

“That Takamura-kun is cursed.”

I was speechless. I continued to stare at Sena’s face without saying a word.
Sena laughed again with another “fufu” as she leaned on the window. She held down her pleated sailor skirt as she adjusted her knee-high socks.

“What are you saying……”

“Takamura-kun is cursed, right. You’re actually a girl, aren’t you. I know.”

How does Sena know that I was a girl? Why is she disclosing that in such a place? Where did she find out my secret from?――…… Various feelings jumbled together and I found it difficult to breath from the turmoil. My field of vision grew hazy and I squatted down on the spot.

Honestly speaking, I should be trying to gloss over things now. However, I couldn’t say anything after seeing Sena’s unswerving eyes. Because I understood that Sena wasn’t joking.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to give you such a shock.”

Sena squatted down before me.
I would be able to gloss over things and make a run for it if some other student comes here. But today alone, there’s no one passing by. I want to run. I want to run but I can’t even stand up now.

“You don’t have to be so shaken. Because I’m the same. I’m also cursed.”

Raising my head, Sena’s face was there.
Sena is also cursed. Those words didn’t manage to enter my head immediately. I slowly processed those words and finally understood.

Sena Tsugumi is also cursed?

“Then, Sena is-”

“Un, I’m male.”

Speaking of Sena Tsugumi, she has the cutest face in this school and is more feminine than anyone, the school’s idol whom everyone admires. Despite that, to think. To think she was male.

Sena pulled up her sailor uniform’s top. Because she so unhesitatingly pulled it up, I could see her white bra that had light pink flowers embroidered on it. On the right flank of her white and thin frame was the proof of the curse, a fist-sized tattoo of Uroboros. I remember seeing that. Because I have the same thing on my waist.

“I was surprised when I heard Takamura-kun’s name. I knew about the Takamuras, but I didn’t expect you to enroll in school with your real name.”

“Sena-san has the same kind of curse as me?”

“Most likely. The curse of the Sena family goes something like: the eldest son will become a girl on his 17th birthday, and can return to being male if he receives the kiss of a hime-sama.”

For some reason she was tilting her head bashfully. I think I understand why Sena is called the school’s idol. Because “a real girl” won’t possess such an atmosphere. Because realistically speaking, girl cliques hate this kind of cunning girls. However, the reason she wasn’t hated was because ‘she’ was a boy. Even if she’s a girl on the outside, the something that oozed out was a boy’s, so she wasn’t hated.

Be it in the past or current times, women are indulgent to men, and men are indulgent to women.
Truly, there’s no way such a cute person is a girl for real.

“If it’s Sena-san, I think you’ll turn back soon.”

“It’s hard for girls to fall in love with this appearance.”

“That’s……true, huh……”

Sena is much cuter than run-of-the-mill girls. Honestly, it’ll probably be difficult to arrive at a romantic relationship where the other party treats him as a boy.

“That’s why I want to have a romance with Takamura-kun.”[2]


“Initially I only thought it was nice to have a comrade who was hexed. But Takamura-kun appeared increasingly cute to me as you worked hard at being a boy.”

Sena rubbed my head gently.

“That’s why I think I’ll come to like you even more from now on. Can I come to like you, Takamura-kun?”

“I reject.”

“I’ll like you on my own volition, so that’s fine.”

It’s becoming increasingly troublesome.

I didn’t expect that Sena had a cursed constitution. Rather, I didn’t expect that there would be another lineage besides the Takamuras that was hexed.

What should I do from now on? I was simply in a daze from this situation where I totally can’t predict what will happen next.