Takamura-kun is Cursed

By Tachimori Asahi,日月朝日

Takamura-kun is Cursed Chapter 14

Takamura-kun is Cursed Chapter 14

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Takamura-kun wa Norowarete Iru.

 – Sunohara Chiharu is Cursed [2]

 Meiji 7[1], Sunohara Chiharu was born as the son of a Shintō priest who belonged to the shrine at a slightly elevated mountain.
 At the same period, a pair of twins, who were the eldest son and daughter of the Takase family, were born. They were Takamura Mahiro and Sena Takaaki[2]'s esteemed ancestors, and also their past lives.
 The three grew up amiably as childhood friends, but that didn't last long.
 However, it wasn't because of some cheap reason like having a dispute or someone coming to hate the other. The times were simply bad.
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"Mahiro, you're going to marry? But you're still 16 years old."

"Marriage is still a ways off… But it seems we're going to get engaged. He's from a viscount family. Everyone's excited; if I get engaged to him, the Takases will gain a peerage, so…"

 The Takases were originally commoners but they worked their way up as merchants.
 It was still the period when the worth of a household is based on its pedigree and fortune. The Takases had the fortune but not the pedigree to accompany it. Therefore, talks of political marriage entered the picture.
 The man was apparently the president of a bank and is 15 years older than Mahiro. He was a man with ash-purple hair and gives a cold impression. She wasn't able to grasp his personality because he was a man of few words but he's, probably, not a bad person. It felt like she was going to cry if she didn't think this way.
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"That may be so but you don't have to marry if you don't want to, Mahiro. It's fine if I just marry a woman belonging to a household with peerage… If there's someone else you like, it's okay to marry him, Mahiro."

"I can't possibly push all the family obligations on Takaaki and become happy myself. Aren't you the one who has someone you like, Takaaki?"

"I don't particularly, have someone like that."

 Takaaki gives a faint smile with a sad expression.
 Looking at Takaaki's sad expression, the ends of Mahiro's eyebrows lower as she, too, smiles.

"If so… then me too. I enjoy myself the most when I'm with Takaaki and Chiha."

 Mahiro and Takaaki weren't kids anymore, so she knew that they couldn't always remain like this. Since that was the case, she chose to marry for the sake of the Takase family and to become a cornerstone for it.
 If she married the eldest son of the Hiwatari viscount family, on top of it being for the Takase family's sake, she didn't have to worry about not having enough to eat. Moreover, on a closer look, that man was a great person. She also thought that his face looked cool.
 She did her best to recall the good points of her fiancé. That was right. He wasn't a bad man.

"I'm the same; I can't let things remain as they are. I can't let Mahiro suffer alone."

"It's not like I'm suffering or anything."

 Mahiro smiled with a troubled look.
 Takaaki opened his mouth like he wanted to say something but, for a moment, his gaze swam around and he bit his lips in hesitation. He then looked at Mahiro again and suddenly smiled, raising the corners of his mouth the best he could. It was a smile like that of a child who endured the pain and did his best to smile.
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 Takaaki didn't seem convinced by Mahiro's words. Even so, he nodded as though he was convinced. Takaaki understood Mahiro's obstinacy better than anyone else. Mahiro would never budge once she'd decided on that.

"I'm going to go back home first. Take your time coming back, Mahiro."

"I shall go back with you."

"It's fine, I feel like walking alone."

 Having been left out of the loop, Chiharu, not knowing what to say to Mahiro after Takaaki left, he stared at her back.
 Takaaki liked Mahiro. Although even Takaaki himself didn't know what those feelings were called, he undoubtedly held special feelings for her.
 Chiharu, too, liked Mahiro. To the same extent, he also liked his childhood friend Takaaki. That was precisely why he wanted, from the bottom of his heart, for the two to tie the knot and become happy.
 And it's fine even if he's a step behind them; he wanted to be together with the two.


 Still not knowing what to say, Chiharu called Mahiro's name.
 Mahiro's shoulders were trembling and she occasionally sniffed. Chiharu pulled back his hand that he'd stretched to hit her shoulder with.
 Mahiro shed tears while not understanding why she was crying. It might have been the uneasiness and expectations towards marriage, or the uneasiness and expectations towards becoming an adult.

"Chiha, don't tell Takaaki that I cried."

"… I didn't see anything. So…"


 Chiharu wanted to hug Mahiro who was sobbing with her back towards him. But Mahiro would probably be even more troubled if he did that. As Mahiro is precious to Chiharu, he didn't want to trouble her beyond this. That was why he didn't say anything and simply remained quiet, looking at her back
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 A couple of months after that, Mahiro got engaged to the eldest son of the Hiwatari family while Takaaki also got engaged to a noble lady from a distinguished family.
 In the end, Chiharu ended up alone.

 It was because he thought that the three of them could remain together that he decided to give up on Mahiro. However, the three ended up walking on different paths.
 What should he do so that they can be together again like back then? What should he do so that they could return to those days when they lived together carefreely?

"What should I do… what should I do so that, again…"

"My, isn't it simple? You're a talented Shintō priest. It'll be fine if you cast a curse or so."

"A curse, you say?"

 A certain man suggested to Chiharu.
 He was a youth with black, glossy hair. He was hidden so deeply in a robe that was the colour of the night that one couldn't see his face. The lips that could barely be seen were wet with something red, and sharp fangs peeked out of them. His long and thin fingers were placed on his lips as he smiled quietly. It was an unpleasant smile.
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"Aah… have you heard of this? It's something like a folklore passed down around these parts."

 This was what he said. Among the folklore passed down around these parts, there was such a story.
 It was said that there was a way to cast a curse whereby guys become girls while girls become guys. The only ones who can cast and remove that were the Sunoharas, the Shintō priests of this shrine.
 Chiharu didn't believe such a stupid story at first either. However, he was persuaded by the man that it didn't cost anything to give it a try, and so he executed that curse.
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 The engagements would probably be cancelled if Mahiro became a guy and Takaaki became a girl. If so, the three should be able to live happily together again.
 Was what he thought, but reality didn't always go one's way.
 In the end, Mahiro and Takaaki switched places and were married.

 Additionally, in exchange for casting the curse, the price Sunohara Chiharu paid was to receive a curse of immortality.

 From Meiji, time passes to Taishō, Shōwa and then Heisei.
 Of course, Sunohara Chiharu is neither able to grow old nor die, and his age exceeded 140. Until the day the curse is removed, Chiharu will remain 17.

 This year, Sunohara Chiharu who's over 140 years old, smiles at Takamura Mahiro, the reincarnation of Takase Mahiro who lived together with him during the Meiji period.
 She's the splitting image of Takase Mahiro. Sena Takaaki's also the splitting image of Takase Takaaki. Both the inside and the personality[3]. Only, Mahiro may have been more girlish when she was Takase.
 Chiharu immediately knew that Mahiro and Sena were the twins from that Takase family. They were so identical that when he first saw them, he almost cried.

"It's an unbelievable story, huh… Still, something unbelievable like me turning into a guy has already happened so… it's not a story I won't believe, but…"

"You may not believe it but I know Hii-chan and Sena-san's past lives. And I'm over 140 years old."

"140 years old, huh… have you always been alone?"
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 Chiharu's eyes widen as though he's surprised at Mahiro's words, then he immediately smiles. It's a sad-looking smile.
 Chiharu's parents passed away about 70 years ago. Since about 30 years ago, of the people from the Sunohara family, including his relatives, only Chiharu remains.
 However, Chiharu's been all alone long before 30 years ago. Ever since Mahiro and Takaaki passed away, his heart's always been all alone.

"I've always been alone but I wasn't lonely because I have the Takamuras and the Senas with me. I'd also been in the care of Hii-chan's mum. Your mum sure is a beauty too, Hii-chan."

 The sun is going to set soon. Far in the distance from the mountain, the sky is dyed in red.
 This place has the same scenery as 140 years ago. That's why Chiharu likes this town. In this country where everything's changing, it's one of the few things unchanged.

"So will you remove the curse on me, Chiha? You're the only one can remove this curse, right?"

 According to the story, Sunohara Chiharu should be the only person who can remove the curse. Conversely, the curse can be removed if it's Sunohara Chiharu.
 However, Sunohara lightly shakes his head.

"I don't have such powers anymore. It was only up till the Meiji period that humans can use sorcery."

"Then, as expected, the way to remove the curse is…"

"Only a kiss. Even I've the possibility of removing Hii-chan's curse. Hii-chan just has to come to like me."

 I feel like punching the face of Sunohara who goes tehepero[4] as he sticks out his tongue.
 In a way, it's a talent to be able to tell a sad story in such a carefree way.

"The curse will be removed if I kiss but what are you planning to do, Chiha? Are you planning to meet the me in my next life?"
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"It's not a bad idea to meet the Hii-chan in her next life, huh. It'll be nice if the next Hii-chan chooses me."

"I'll never choose you in my entire lifetime. Of course, that includes the next life."

 In response to Mahiro's cold reply, Chiharu goes "How mean", giving a reply that suggests he wasn't really hurt.

"That's why, Chiha should quickly get reincarnated. I may come to like you after the next life."

"… Un."

 Takamura-kun is cursed. Sena-san is also cursed, Sunohara is also cursed.
 The only method to remove the curse is to kiss a partner you’re mutually in love with――…… or so it’s said. However, Sunohara Chiharu’s the only one who knows that there’s another method to remove the curse. It was something he couldn’t and shouldn’t tell anyone.

"Hey, the curse will be removed if you fall in love with me… if I say that, will Hii-chan like me?"

"… What do you mean?"

 Sunohara imparts another method to remove the curse.
 That is, for the one who cast the curse and the one who has the curse cast on oneself, to tie the knot.
 For Sunohara Chiharu and Sena Takaaki or Takamura Mahiro to tie the knot.
 If that happens, the curse will be removed from its root.

 It's a method that's extremely simple yet terribly complex.

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[1] 1874.
[2] Just a reminder… Tsugumi is his name as a girl, Takaaki is his original name.
[3] The sentence is kinda odd… I wonder if the author made a typo and meant both the outside and the personality (inside).
[4] This face. ( > ڡ ∂)~☆