Takamura-kun is Cursed

By Tachimori Asahi,日月朝日

Takamura-kun is Cursed Chapter 16

Takamura-kun is Cursed Chapter 16

Btw, Japanese don’t use ‘aishiteru’ (I love you) casually. In fact, IIRC, I don’t think it’s been used in this series at all. It’s usually ‘suki’ (like).


Takamura-kun wa Norowarete Iru.

 - Takamura Mahiro Makes A Choice [2]

"Like I said, go home already."

"I will go if Takamura-san is going."

 I hide behind cover even as I get slightly irritated at Hiwatari because things are going nowhere.
 Sunohara's come to a considerably remote place that's far away from the station. It's amazing how the Chūō Line runs from a city area like Tokyo to a countryside area like this with nothing much.

"It makes one wonder where Sunohara-san is going, huh."
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"Who knows. Maybe he's going to his granny's place?"

 I throw the words Hiwatari told me right back at him. Of course, the tit-for-tat is intended.
 If Sunohara's granny's house seriously exists, then this is the type of location that fits that description. Private houses are scattered around. Paddy fields and plantations can be seen in between those houses. There's nothing obstructing the skies, so one can easily see far into the distance.
 Sunohara leisurely walks among the private houses. As the places to hide behind grow lesser, we keep plenty of distance between us as we tail him.
 After walking for a while, we eventually see a stone bridge wide enough for one person. As one would expect, there's nowhere to hide when crossing the bridge. Thus, I decide to cross it after Sunohara finishes crossing it.

"That, might be no joke. This is very near where my grandmother's house was."

 Hiwatari looks at Sunohara's back with a complicated expression.

"Hiwatari's granny's place?"

"We usually come from the railway station that's closer so I didn't realise it before but, I know this place."
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 Sunohara finishes crossing the bridge. This time, he walks straight on a path that isn't even paved.
 With a distance where we just manage to catch or don't catch the sight of Sunohara's back, we jog across the bridge and chase after him.

"Where is this?"

"It has been more than 7 years since my grandparents passed away so I have not been here for some time either, but it is technically part of the metropolitan area. The people who used to live around this area have also moved near the JR Line so there is barely anyone living near the railway here anymore."

 Hiwatari speaks of things nonchalantly but various thoughts surface in my head.
 Sunohara probably has some business to deal with to come to this area which, according to Hiwatari, is practically abandoned. Perhaps Sunohara lived around here tens of years before it was abandoned or perhaps there's some ties of the past and the like.
 On top of that, I think I may discover something like a method to lift the curse. Naturally, I believe I understand that the curse isn't so simple. However, a side of me is also hopeful.
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 It's past 18:30.
 It may be summer but the sun is already setting and the surroundings start turning dark. On both sides of the unpaved path are poorly-lit street lights but, honestly, I feel uneasy.
 Even then, I follow behind Sunohara. He eventually stops and enters a house.

"That is my grandparents' house…"

"Huh? Why is Sunohara entering Hiwatari's house? That's illegal trespassing y'know."

"How would I know?"

 There's a black gate of never-before-seen splendour and a wood-based bungalow.
 Having ascertained that Sunohara went in the house, I pass through the gate with doubtful feelings. There's no one even though it gives the impression that someone is living here. There's chickens, cows in the backyard and even horses. The flowers and trees in the garden are well tended to and it definitely indicates that someone lives here. Yet, sure enough, there's no one.
 Looking at Hiwatari's face, he has a sincerely surprised expression.
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"Hiwatari… is anyone living here?"

"That is impossible. There is no one. It should have been a deserted house."

"As expected~…"

 Up till now, my interest was in what Sunohara is intending to do and where he is intending to go. Therefore, I was merely curious but now there's only fear.
 What on earth is Sunohara? How does he know Hiwatari's house? Why is Hiwatari's house that should have been deserted, give indications that someone has been living here?

"What should we do, Hiwatari?"
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"What should we do, you say… We can only ask Sunohara-san, right?"

 I'm surprised at the calm Hiwatari's words. Isn't he scared? I'm, honestly, extremely scared.
 I've absolutely no clue what Sunohara's thinking. I thought he was just an idiotic prince when we first met but right now, I know he's carrying a great amount of darkness on his back. In normal circumstances, I'll think he has chuunibyou but I can only tremble when he shows such a clearly suspicious side.
 Hiwatari enters the house. After passing the entranceway and a beautifully polished corridor, we open the sliding door to find tatami that seems to have been changed recently. It's not exceedingly so but this place doesn't appear like it's been deserted for years. It's much cleaner than normal houses. The kitchen is lined with beautiful vermillion and black utensils, a brazier is placed within the inner tatami room and on top of that, there's steam rising from a boiling kettle. To its side is an expensive-looking teacup with tea within, and I can see water vapour rising from it.
 Crring, when I turn around because I heard the sound of a bell, a black cat that has a red string with a bell attached to it is looking up at us. It's a kitten.

"Come here, Zakuro."

 At the sound of a voice that's like rolling bells, I lift my gaze from the cat.
 A nasal, refreshing and sweet tenor. It's a faintly sugary voice similar to a konpeitō candy rolling on the tongue. It's not the voice of the listless Hiwatari that carries an impudent tone. It's naturally also not my voice that's between an alto and a tenor.


"Welcome, Hii-chan and Hiwatari-kun."
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 My throat is dry. My throat is incredibly dry.
 A single word 'surreal' describes the scene of three high school boys standing unmoving in a room of about 6 tatami.
 Sunohara is tilting his head with his usual smile, putting on a cute front. White skin and fashionable, dark brown hair. A gentle décolleté line extends from his head, and a thin waist. Even in the dark, one can tell that his face is dashing to a terrifying extent.

"Why are you here, Sunohara-san? This is my—"

"It's Hiwatari-kun's granny's house, isn't it. I know. But it's also my house now. It was sold to me when Hiwatari-kun's granny passed away. At a special price because it isn't used anymore."

"Still, why, such…"
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 Hiwatari mumbles something with an unconvinced expression.
 Rather than Sunohara living in Hiwatari's house, I'm a whole lot more concerned about matters like why he thought of living alone in such a place or why does it feel so strange.
 I suppose I've been making a very weird face. Sunohara takes a step towards me and gently strokes my cheek with the back of his hand. His hand is shockingly cold.

"Isn't it scary, Hii-chan?"

"What a joke. What are you saying I’m scared of? As if I'll be scared of a mere Chiha."

"I see."

 Hiwatari, Sunohara and I are staring at each other in a triplicate whorls formation[1].
 But I open my mouth because we can't continue to remain like this.

"I've something I want to ask Chiha"
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"What is it? I'll answer anything if it's a question from Hii-chan."

"Hiwatari, can you leave us for a bit?"

 Hiwatari grips my sleeve.
 Even when I ask him what's the matter, Hiiwatari only shakes his head and doesn't say a thing.

"Hiwatari. A short while is enough. 30 minutes. Give me just that amount of time."

"Only for 30 minutes. Will you promise me that we will go home together after that?"

"Yeah. I promise."
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 After confirming that Hiwatari has left the inner tatami room, I turn to face Sunohara again.
 Sunohara is sitting on a floor cushion before a sunken hearth[2], sipping tea as he munches on karintou[3]. Even as I'm amazed at the extent of his nonchalance, I sit on a floor cushion too.

"Where do you live, Chiha?"

"Nnn, I plan to stay here at some point. I can't always stay in the same place since I don't age. I'll move from Jiyuugaoka to here, then move out of Tokyo[4] subsequently.

"Are you quitting school?"

 Although the tea has fully cooled, it's still tasty.
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"I'll quit after becoming a third-year. In the first place, I pretty much enrolled to find people who were from the Takase family. School is fun but parting will be painful if I make any special ties after all. I'm thinking to leave civilisation for about 10 years and lead an independent life.”

 It's a quiet voice. A flat voice void of feelings like sadness and happiness.
 I simply stare at the tea silently.

"Is it fine as long as I like you?"

"Eh? Hii-chan, are you willing to like me?"

 Ignoring Sunohara's jesting voice, I approach him. I grab his collar and pull him closer.
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"Who determines that the feeling is mutual? What's the deciding factor? Will kissing do? Or will having sex do?"

"Are you going to lift the curse on me? Hii-chan is kind."

"Don't give me the slip!"

 I'm driven up the wall. I'm extremely angry.
 Being unable to grow old forever, being unable to die forever and having no choice but to continuously send off people important to him as they leave on their journeys[5]. In the extreme case, he has to continue an unending, semi-permanent journey for a hundred years, a thousand years, ten thousand years. That's too painful. If it's me, I'm definitely unable to bear it. However, Sunohara doesn't show a suffering face at all. That mortifies me. I want him to say more things like how it's lonely or painful, words like that.
 I'm extremely afraid to think of Sunohara, who doesn't utter such words, as inhuman.

"It's a curse that only Sena-san or I can lift, right? I'm saying I'll remove it for you so why are you…!"

"Hey, Hii-chan. When I saw the reincarnated Hii-chan and Sena-san, I certainly did think that it would be great if the curse can be lifted. However, Hii-chan and company didn't come to like me. Vexed, I tried to leave a final mark by telling you about the curse but Hii-chan was much kinder than I thought."
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 The sound of the bell attached to Zakuro resounds throughout the quiet room.

"Honestly, I didn't have to reveal matters about the curse and all. However, I'm sure I wanted to evoke Hii-chan's sympathy. I'm still such a child despite living for 140 years huh? I know this is also an unfair thing to say but, Hii-chan, forget about me."

"As if I can forget…"

"Come to like me from the bottom of your heart then. Not sympathy, but a genuine liking. I've been liking Hii-chan for 140 years. I've been waiting to meet you, again."
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 Forget him or come to like him――……it hurts that there's only two options.
 Sunohara says he sincerely likes me. I find that pleasant and if I exclude the annoying part of his personality, I find him an attractive person. If I come to like Sunohara from the bottom of my heart, the curse will be lifted and everyone can be happy.

 However, I, I…
 Seeing me speechless, Sunohara gives a faint laugh and quietly opens his mouth.

"But that’s impossible. That’s why, goodbye, Hii-chan.”

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[1] 三つ巴 (mitsudomoe) is a Shintō symbol. Appearance-wise, the closest symbol is probably the World Triad. Just imagine them standing at the 3 ends of a triangle as they face each other.
[2] 囲炉裏 (Irori)
[3] かりんとう, a Japanese snack. The picture in the wiki looks seriously unappetizing to me… here's a better(?) picture.
[4] Both Jiyuugaoka and this deserted area are parts of Tokyo.
[5] as they pass away.