Gakkou wo Deyou!

By Tanigawa Nagaru

Gakkou wo Deyou! Volume 1 Prologue

Gakkou wo Deyou! Volume 1 Prologue


The ghost of my sister is hovering in front of me.

By the way, I didn't believe in ghosts for a long time. Even if a blood stained woman with no legs would suddenly appear in a dark back street, let her arms hang down and laugh at me just to disappear a few moments later with the words "Oh so hateful!". I would probably not accept the existence of ghosts and instead knock at the door of some eye doctor or psychiatry. I don't get how people can get frightened by ghost stories or horror movies. Those are no more than hot air, aren't they? Made-up stories. The people appearing in them don't even exist in reality. And you can't get hurt by anything that doesn't exist. So, why should we fear them?

In reality, when I was a child the elementary school nearby at night was creeping me out. But by making myself think like this, although that's no doubt the bluff of a child, I could overcome my fear. The power of imagination, how fabulous.

This perception began to sway six years ago, when I was 11 years old.

Since that day on, I've been possessed by the spirit of my little sister.

That's the reason I'm in this Academy.

At the moment, the cause of this reason is turning loops right in front of my eyes, while I am relaxing in my room in the boy's dorm. Thanks to that spirit I've been sent to this "Third Public EMP Academy". Even though I don't possess any "supernatural power". My, my...

<<Did you say anything?>>

A spirit-sister in sailor uniform with half-long hair, slender white hands and feet, as well as a half-transparent body through which I can see the other side of the room. If she, Haruna, would still live, she would have grown sixteen this year. Haruna was hovering 10cm above the wooden floor and let her hair sway.

So right now she's looking like sixteen, since for some reason she's been growing all these years.

She reacted with a child-like smile on her child-like face when she noticed my gaze. I sighted.

Haruna died when she was ten years old. I saw the moment of her dead, I also was at her funeral, I saw her pale, dead face in the coffin. Heck, I even picked up her bones after the cremation. It was quite a shock for me when I spotted her appearing as a ghost on the night of the wake. Mind you, that happened six years ago, when I was still alright in my head. I can still clearly remember how this half-transparent body was observing its own corpse and then turned around to me with a cheerful smile. I didn't have the composure to even think about going to a eye doctor or some psychiatry, and was about to faint.

My other little sister called Wakana, which is the twin sister of Haruna and almost her spit 'n' image, was at my side at the time. And I also remember how she didn't look surprised at all by the sight of her sister Haruna hovering above the ground with a half-transparent body. Well, from the start those twins seem to think of each other as themselves. So it could have been that the annihiliation of the physical body of her other self, was like losing a mirror for Wakana.

Once I asked her about this, but she just inclined her too long grown bobbed hair and told me after 30 seconds: