Hitori de Ikiru Mon!

By Akatsuki Yuki,暁雪

Hitori de Ikiru Mon! Volume 1 illustrations

Hitori de Ikiru Mon! Volume 1 illustrations

Oda Keito

  • The lowest in the class hierarchy, a loner and the protagonist in this series.

Minato Chisa

  • The most beautiful girl in school who is out of anyone league, actually have something in common with the protagonist……?

“Good Morning.”

When I opened my eyes, there was an angel.

“It’s about time to wake up, Keito.”


In my eyes, there is a pleasant soprano.

Feeling like my body is being cradled.

Little by Little, my consciousness is heading towards awakening.

“……Won’t you say something, is it that weird?”

—–Her chest, there is more to it than I thought

—–Looks stiflinggggggggg!?

—–Her legs are longgggggggg!?


——I’m gonna be turned on by this……..!

Minato Nanami

  • Fifth year of elementary school, Chisa’s little sister

“Ah, are you  aroused?”