Hitori de Ikiru Mon!

By Akatsuki Yuki,暁雪

Hitori de Ikiru Mon! Volume 1 Chapter 1 part1

Hitori de Ikiru Mon! Volume 1 Chapter 1 part1

————Let’s rewind a bit.

It’s a particularly sunny day despite the beginning of the raining season.

On that day, the first classroom of the first-year of Shiyo highschool was even noisy that before.The source of it was from student’s conversations overlapping one another, from today’s club activities to breaks from part-time jobs. They have been talking loudly about where should they go and play after school since morning.

………….Why unrelated people have to listen to your damn schedule.

While cursing in my head, I——Oda Keito fell back to the table. Because I was watching a late night program last night, I was a little sleepy. Let’s take a nap before the teacher arrive.

However, the normies weren’t going to allow such a peaceful nap.  The tension the came here had reached its climax with loud laughter resounded remarkably. I woke up while feeling irritated. Then finally, I felt a girl’s gaze on me.

Seductive lips and black hair. Skin as fresh as snow. Clear round eyes. Slender-like limbs.

If you search the image for “tidy” and “lovely”, a genuine beautiful girl will probably be at the top.

—–Minato Chisa.

Today the annoying cute girl showed a vague and unbearable smile that was the opposite to the laughter of class.

Like I thought, Minato Chisa is often friendly even though normally she is smiling a lot, but she will always have a doubtful expression when the surrounding becomes excited.

The reason of this is probably that her personality were at fault. Perhaps she feeling uncomfortable seeing a bunch of people having fun. I don’t have concrete proof of this but due to my personal situation, that’s what I thought.

“Minato-san! That’s where you should be laughing more!”

A brown-hair boy with a frivolous personality said it with a very irritated tone.

If it was me, I’ll definitely ignoring him but Minato Chisa just returned him by smiling wryly.

“……….Sorry. I don’t really understand comedy.”

Well, how about that? Other people may be convinced but I’ll not buy into it.

“By the way Minato-san, are you really not going? This is a great opportunity, so let’s go and play together.”

“Stop pressurizing her idiot. Unlike you, Chisa is a very busy person.”

“That’s right, idiot. Don’t get carried away.”

The continuous brown hair of the the gal-ish girl and the tall boy were rebuking.

“Hey, you don’t have keep calling me idiot right!?”

“Huh?” “Ah?”

“…………..No, errr…………..sorry, Minato-san.”

Being truly stared from the both of them, they obediently showed the meaning of remorse.

“Don’t be, I’m sorry too.”

Minato Chisa apologetically waved her hands.

That went just as I was expected, like I thought. The scene where Minato Chisa turned down their invitation. She has a hobby that prioritize her relationship with her friends.

It’s about making sweets.

What? The beauty’s hobby is making sweets? What’s with that, a idol’s profile?!………..When I heard it for the first time that is what I thought, but this seem pretty serious.

After all, they are talking about always immersing about making sweets everyday after school, requesting the taste of their homemade sweets once in a week, or doing part-time at a cake shop during the weekends—————

—–Ah, crap! I inadvertently averted my eyes.

Because I was observing them for a while, my eyes met with Minato Chisa for a moment.

Even if it’s for a moment, that destructive power was tremendous. My body temperature and heart rate were rising drastically because of it, even if I didn’t want it. I activated the sprinklers of my restless heart. She is ill-natured, ill-natured, ill-natured…….is what I was chanting in my mind, promptly extinguishing the unsettling conflict. If this happened to an average boy, he would be burning with the flames of passion that is love, and be burnt all over by now.

………….「The beautiful girl’s cynicism」is truly an outstanding system after all.

Frankly speaking this is just the psychology of 『didn’t eat grapes, so say that grapes are sour』, but in fact thanks to this system, my delicate and sensitive mind is not hurt. The only miscalculation was the side effects that it caused me to become a loner in class. This situation where the rest of the guys has fell under Minato Chisa’s charms were more severe than I anticipated, which led me who tried to avoid her gossips, completely excluded from the class…….

But I don’t regret it.

I’m used to being alone since young and this is better than poorly integrating into a community.

——Rather than ordinary, being an oddball is preferable.

——Seeing a pretty girl and treat her like a swindler.

These are my two mottoes; and I have no intention to alter my principles from hereafter.