The Inner Palace Tale of a Villainess Noble Girl prologue part1

The Inner Palace Tale of a Villainess Noble Girl prologue part1

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「What are you doing?!」

That day.

In the Earl Crestor Family’s mansion, a loud jeer reverberated.



Speaking of the Earl Crestor Family, there wasn’t any noble in the Ergland Kingdom that did not know of them.

『Control the Kingdom’s Evil, Sovereign of the Underworld』―― Those were the two names given to them.

The Crestor Family had been bestowed a peerage smoothly for 300 years. During that time, they continued to commit crimes and build up their wealth without getting their tail caught. Their personal connections and style of work have been inherited over generations, and have now taken root throughout the whole kingdom.

Even if, in a rare occasion, where someone was lucky enough to grab onto their tail,  it was merely a “tail”. If the tail was cut, they can discard it without any harm. The main body of the darkness would never come out to the light.

They are an existence where carelessly exposing their hand was dangerous and would only remember indignation for those who carry out justice.

That, is the Earl Crestor Family.

In the end, they were “rumors”.

「In the first place, isn’t it because of you being unreliable that something like this has happened!? Even having to go to the Royal Palace at this time! Isn’t this the time to use that useless intimidating face of yours?!」

「S-Sorry, Ellie. I’ll explain. I’ll explain so put that vase down…!」

「Esteemed Mother, please calm down!」

(T/N: They are talking in keigo, formal speech, so I added ‘Esteemed’ to show the politeness)

The ones performing this scene of carnage was a man and a woman in their prime. A young man with a pale face entered to stop that fight; it was a scene suitable to be called a domestic dispute without a doubt.

Those three people’s clothing were of excellent quality and their demeanor were also elegant (What they are doing right now is not included). At a first glance, one would understand that they were from the upper class of society. In fact, they are of the upper class.

The current Earl Crestor is Dualis Crestor, the wife is Elizabeth Crestor, and the eldest son is Edward Crestor.

They are the 『Earl Crestor 』Family.

「Let me go, Edward! This time I can not forgive it! If it was some other matter, then I could care less, but for it to be related to that child!」

「Your anger is understandable, but if you use that thing to hit, Esteemed Father will―!」

「It does not matter! Either way, even if I kill him, he has a face that looks like he won’t die anyway!」

「Even if you say that about his face, there is no guarantee that he won’t die……」

While he said that,  Edward muttered inwardly. Well, in fact, it doesn’t seem like he would  die…

Well, in fact, it doesn’t seem like he would  die…

Dualis, who had high sensitivity, discovered that and said in a miserable voice, 「Ed, you traitor~!」while hiding under the desk. No matter how you look at it, that appearance does not look like the 『Sovereign of Evil』。

Yes, in the end, the Earl Crestor Family’s 『Control the Kingdom’s Evil』was just a rumor. In reality, he was someone who cherished his wife, was a good father to his children, and an excellent lord admired by the people in his territory. Looking at his disposition, one would not connect him with the word “evil”.

Only lamentable, there was a reason for those rumors to spread. That is―.

「THAT. FACE. OF. YOURS! Which mouth would say『I thoughtlessly did that』with that cruel, inhumane, cold-blooded face of yours!!」

……This was it.

Although it could be called the mystery of genes, for generations, many of the descendants in the Crestor Family were born with an evil-looking face that could only be expressed as a “villainous face”. So to speak, such faces like those were born. No matter how virtuous-looking a face the wife had, the Crestor Family’s blood seemed to triumph and a person with a villainous face was born.

There is certainly a great example of that. The husband Dualis had an extremely cruel, inhumane, cold-hearted face that was considered rare even in the history of the Crestor Family. By no means is it grim. Rather, it’s a beauty in its own class. That appearance could be described with words such as 『ice-like』,『cold-blooded』,『doesn’t lift an eyebrow in the face of brutality』, etc. He is expressionless by default. However, occasionally, if he smiled that well-known devilish smile, he could be summarized up as 『There’s no way you are an ordinary person with that face』type of person.