The Inner Palace Tale of a Villainess Noble Girl prologue part2

The Inner Palace Tale of a Villainess Noble Girl prologue part2

Sorry for the long wait! Here’s part 2! Of course, I know that the prologue has already been translated by the previous translator, but I wanted to start over so the terms and names would be consistent. I’ll start working on chapter 1 right away, enjoy! Also, I want to know whether you guys want full chapters or in 2 parts in the poll down below!

That kind of man ended up with a love marriage (This is important) after much wrangling with Elizabeth, who was a lady of the Viscount Liara Family at that time. She was a beautiful princess with golden hair that shined like the sun, blue eyes like the sea, and a delicate smile with gentle facial features. If you compare that virtuous-looking face with Dualis’, you could only see the princess being offered as a sacrifice to the Demon King. In fact, their marriage was filled with that sort of rumor.

The people around her were concerned whether Princess Ellie was all right and if the Demon King did anything awful to her. From the beginning, after falling in love and getting married, their relationship didn’t worsen as expected. After one year, Elizabeth gave birth to the eldest son, Edward. The moment he was born, Elizabeth said, 「I realized the defeat of my genes」

「Esteemed Mother、let’s calm down for the time being. To start with, if we do not sit down, we won’t be able to talk properly」

The one who carefully tried to calm down Mother with the only encouragement that he could muster up was the eldest son, Edward, who had grown into a 22 year-old young man. Shining chestnut hair and jade-like eyes were inherited from Father. The gentle feature of his slightly drooping eyes were inherited from Mother. If it was up to here, Elizabeth would not need to have a sense of defeat.

(T/N: The term used for “mother/father” in the sentence above was 母親(ははおや) and 父親(ちちおや). It is a more intimate way of saying Mother, but still has politeness compared to 母 (はは) or おかあさん I think. Correct me if I’m wrong.)

The problem was.

「Oniisama, with that face of yours, you would only seem deceptive and manipulative even if you said that」

「Don’t say something so obvious right now! I’m also really desperate with this face!」

The older brother raised a heartrending voice to his younger sister’s calm retort.

Yes, the Crestor Family’s genes reconstructed Elizabeth’s angel-like genes that had been highly praised into a『villainous face』, unfortunately. If it was only parts of the face, the Edward’s face would have resembled Elizabeth. If you look at is as a whole, you could only see a beauty that was similar to 『 seducing women with that gentle smile, easily taking advantage of and playing around with them, then discarding them.』The moment Elizabeth saw Edward’s face when he was born, her feelings of defeat was truly appropriate.

Elizabeth and Dualis, who finally had a vase get 30cm closer to his head, were soon aware of their child that entered the room. They quickly stopped their movements and turned towards the direction from which the voice came from. When it seemed like both parents finally noticed herself, the daughter smiled brightly.

「Otousama, Okaasama. I have prepared tea. Leave smashing Otousama’s head later, for now, how about having some tea?」

「It would be wonderful to postpone breaking my head forever!」

Dualis, who had been told a dreadful thing, nevertheless, still sat down on the sofa cheerfully. Elizabeth also returned the vase to its original place and took a seat next to Dualis. While sitting across from them, Edward tilted his head.

「You made the tea? What happened to Rita?」

「In the midst of this scene of carnage, you want her to serve? All the servants in the mansion were all scared off, you know!」

「……I see」

「I like making tea anyway. That’s why I offered to bring the tea on my way here.」

「I understand well enough……Thank you Diana.」

The young girl that Edward gazed at with gentle eyes was the reason why Elizabeth was seething in anger a little while ago. She was the Crestor Family’s eldest daughter, turning 17 this year, Diana Crestor. For Edward, she was his only younger sister. For Dualis and Elizabeth, she was their only daughter. It would have been a lie if Diana wasn’t spoiled in such a situation, but the Crestor Family’s genes did not allow them to do that sort of simple thing.

「Here you go, I blended it with a little lavender to help you settle down」

「Aaah, Diana!」

Elizabeth suddenly burst into tears.

「Even though you have grown up with a beautiful heartand become so gentle like this, please forgive your mother who lost to the Crestor Family’s blood!」

「Please calm down, Okaasama. I don’t really have any dissatisfaction with this face. I feel grateful for being born beautiful 」


……This was hopeless.

Diana and her older brother exchanged glances, giving up trying to calm down their mother. She would not particularly lose her composure seriously, however, when it came to the matter with Diana’s face, Elizabeth would not be able to rise for a while. If left alone, Elizabeth would return to normal, so Diana smoothly got into the main issue.

「So, why was Mother in such a fury?」

「No, about that, Diana, I want you to calmly listen….」

At the following words that Father said, Diana widened her eyes to the limit.

「There had been a notification to inform us that you will become Prince Juke’s concubine……」

――The season was spring.

Some early afternoon, that unfortunate incident happened. Only the weather was peaceful to the very end.

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Translator’s Corner:

In the previous part, Edward used the most respectful way of saying Mother and Father, while Diana used a less formal way to say it. And then it changes to Okaasama and Otousama…

I realized that I spent most of my time rewording and reorganizing the sentence structure so it flows naturally in English.

The bomb has been dropped!! To think she would become the CONCUBINE out of all things!! `(๑ △ ๑)`*  I was expecting her to be the wife or something, but CoNcUbInE?! *sigh* I feel indignant for Diana. (๑´╹‸╹`๑)

What do you guys think? I’m gonna be sooo judging this prince even if he did nothing.    (°ㅂ° ╬)