The Inner Palace Tale of a Villainess Noble Girl Chapter 1

The Inner Palace Tale of a Villainess Noble Girl Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Entrance

The season continued on, summer ――.

「Now then, Diana-sama. Starting from today, please use this 『Period of the Vermilion Rose』」

「I understand」

Despite the result, from one thing or another, Diana, who entered the inner palace, excellently controlled the hem of her skirt and entered the room, lamenting in her heart about being given the treatment befitting of her status in vain and becoming the『Master』 of a room.


In the Elgrand Kingdom, the rank『Earl』was reasonably high. Following the Royal Family, 『Duke』who became vassals,『Marquis』who served the Royal Family since the founding of the kingdom,『Earl』who were entrusted with an important fief,『Viscount』who were entrusted with things afar, and finally『Baron』following at the end. If only looking at this, the rank『Earl』was the middle rank. However, in reality, there was an enormous was between『Haku』and『Ko』. There was also an implicit rank in the middle of『Haku.』

(T/N: Technically, Dukes were former princes who becomes vassals of the Prince that became the King. Thus, in Japanese, 臣下に降りた『公爵』. 降りた refers to how their social status dropped a level > vassal, or the retainer of the King.

The author used 『伯』so I replaced it with『Haku』which is part of Hakushaku/Earl. The same goes with 『子』>『Ko』> Shishaku/Viscount)

Speaking of the importance of the Earl Crestor Family, they were a higher rank even among the ranks of『Haku』. In fact, it wouldn’t be strange if they were granted the rank of『Kou』. The family status of『Kou』was one where ranks below Marquis had to be respectful and reserved. For Elgrand Kingdom who put this harsh social status system into use, this family was, without a doubt, an exception.

(T/N: 『侯』>『Kou』> Koushaku/Marquis)

The princess, whose parents had such a status, could not be treated with disrespect within the inner palace.

「What are you going to do, Hime-sama? To sum it up, this『Period of the Vermillion Rose』is the princess candidacy, right?」

(T/N: Wasn’t too sure about this. 要は正妃候補ですよね?)

「This treatment is more than I expected……I guess it’s merely because of the order of family status. Certainly, a Marquis family from somewhere should have entered the inner palace. To blatantly invite me like this, I will feel disgusted.」

Presently in the Inner Palace, there should be 50 Princesses assembled together from households of the Marquis, Earl, Viscount, and Baron ranks. Diana, who did not like useless things, felt unproductive being in this place.

「Useless isn’t it, this Inner Palace? Certainly, it may be a good idea to promptly explore His Highness’ preference, however, having done this, don’t you think too many people have been gathered?」

「It is just as you said. Because there are as much as 50 people, His Highness’ preference could be found earlier or His Highness’s energy could be exhausted earlier…」

「To be staying together with a different woman every night, I think the timing has to be right otherwise even the Prince would have difficulties doing it.」

For a woman to be blessed with a child, it was common sense to the Crestor family that the timing of affection was important. If you thought about it, you’ll hit the jackpot someday. The name ‘Inner Palace’ certainly wasn’t as poor as it sounded. Instead, with the degree of the normal functioning Inner Palace, don’t you think that it was because there were no place that was difficult to have children?

(T/N: それを考えれば、数打ちゃいつかは当たるだろう、な後宮思考は、まさにお粗末としか言いようがない。 むしろ正常に機能している後宮ほど、子どもが出来にくい場所はないのではないだろうか。)

「Hypothetically, even if you are blessed with a child, whether a male or female, a boy would be the next king….This is a place where you can not purely be affectionate to your child. As expected, this doesn’t seem to be a very practical place, right?」

「That’s because Diana-sama is too kind……Ah, I’ll made some tea.」

「Thank you, Rita.」

Rita was the only maid that was brought from the Earl Crestor Family. Being close in age, they grew up like sisters and knew each other’s temper. When it was determined that she would be entering the Inner Palace, Diana appealed to her parents and older brother that she only wanted to bring Rita with her. She also mentioned at the same time that being escorted with servants from home was not convenient. If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, Eventually, her parents lowered their heads towards Rita as they asked her to take good care of their daughter.

「By the way, this is just a rumor; I heard that there were high ranking Ojou-samas who were bringing a large number of maids from their home causing the Chief Maid, who supervises the Inner Palace, to rush and stop them.」

「That’s a matter of course. Nevertheless, even if there are 50 concubines, if large numbers of maids were coming, the Inner Palace’s budget would be burnt out. That’s because the treasury is not inexhaustible.」

「That’s something my Husband would be worried about, huh?」

(T/N: 旦那様 [だんな さま] – Husband)

To avoiding burdening the country as much as possible, the Crestor Family took the responsibility of all the preparations needed for Diana’s entry in the Inner Palace. They never accepted any assistance from the country, and everything got settled without any delay. As expected, Diana’s parents and older brother were very capable.

However, for some reason that demeanor caused the notoriety of the『Earl Crestor Family』to increase in the public. There was already nothing that could be done.

*Knock, knock*

While Diana was enjoying the tea that Rita made for her, a sound came from the door. Rita went to inquire who it was.

「Yes, may I ask who this is?」

「I’m the Chief Maid, the person in charge of the Inner Palace’s administration. May I come in?」

「Please forgive me for my rudeness.」

Diana used her eyes to urge Rita to open the door quickly and Rita ran to the door. Diana stood up and returned to her seat, anticipating from the side of the desk.

「Please come in.」

「Thank you.」

The woman who came in was a plump lady wearing a dark blue jacket on top of her uniform dress. As soon as she entered, her foot stopped as she stared intently at Diana.

「……Is there something?」
「! No, I was being rude.」

Pulling herself together, the Chief Maid proceeded towards the center of the room and lowered her head towards Diana.

「It is an honor to meet you for the first time. I have been given the position of the Chief Maid, Sara Maris.」

「Maris….Do you have a relationship with Earl Maris?」

「While I am embarrassed, Earl Maris is my husband.」

「I see. It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Diana Crestor. From today onward, I look forward to working with you.」

After exchanging their greetings, they both raised their face. Diana remained smiling.

(T/N: They bowed towards each other when exchanging greetings, so if this pops up again, you can expect them to be bowing to one another.)

「Because I came here from the fief where I have always lived, I do not know details about things like the etiquette of the Palace. I would be thankful if I could receive your guidance from time to time.」

「No, for someone like me! To give guidance to someone like『Vermilion Rose』, there’s nothing……..!」

「Is that so…..? Then it can’t be helped.」

……Somehow, the Chief Maid’s complexion seems pale.

(T/N: To think Diana could cause fear by asking questions…The Chief Maid probably thought Diana was picking on her….*Pictures Diana’s beautiful yet evil-looking face* — It’s a scene of interrogation. *nod*)

「Later, the maids who will be taking care of『Period of the Vermilion Rose』and their managers will be brought here. If you have any inconveniences, please inform them.」

「I understand.」

Then……the Chief Maid gracefully left the room in a hurry. After sending her off with an expressionless face, Diana turned around and looked at Rita.

「……What do you think?」

「Let’s see…..While it’s regretful,『I do not know details about things like the etiquette of the Palace』turned into『Please let me do as I like』.『I would be thankful if I could receive your guidance from time to time』seemed to be heard as『Become my hands and feet』」

「……No one would think such a thing.」

As usual, Diana was dumbfounded. It was at this time that Diana thoroughly felt the Crestor Family’s blood.

The Earl’s daughter, Diana Crestor.

Her second name in the society, 『The Rose Princess of Blazing Ice in Full Bloom』.

(T/N: …I tried. I hope it doesn’t sound too retarded.)

Flowing downward on her back was soft, wavy golden hair like the sun, and the sparkling blue eyes were the color of the sea. These two beautiful type of colors were inherited from her mother, however, when the Crestor Family blood took over, an artistic sense of transformation was achieved.

A cool rift(?), high nose, and glossy red lips. A beautiful face that could, in an instant, captivate both men and women, but simultaneously give as much fear. Unforgiving to those going against herself, with a smile beautiful enough to move all men, advancing as she pleases.

The smile she gave when she came up with something『enjoyable』was cold like ice, nevertheless, it was at this time that she would be wrapped in a beautiful blazing fire――a frightening rose.

When she made her social debut at the age of 15, this sort of rumor instantly spread.

「Clearly speaking, those were rumors from a long time ago that I do not remember. I wonder why we, the people from the Crestor Family, have to put up with an inconceivable secondary source of rumors from behind our backs.」

「It’s wrong to scare the people in the vicinity. If you listen normally, you should not hear any second source of rumors.」

「That seems like the case.」

Diana was also a privileged Ojou-sama. She looked forward to her social debut just like any other person. Living in the fief up until now, she may have yearned for the『Outside』world.

However, the moment she was escorted by her older brother into the venue of her social debut ball, the intelligent Diana gave up the idea of having friendly relationships with others. That gloomy, piercing gaze was intense.

Diana was surrounded by the calculating eyes of people, especially the men of suitable age who looked at her in a way that only filled her with disgust. They did not bother concealing their gaze that said『Plaything for one night』towards Diana, who had an overflowing beautiful, mature body at the age of 15. Well certainly, if you only looked at Diana’s appearance, it was possible to see her as a female plaything.

「How about it….tonight? Would you like to spend some time doing something enjoyable with me?」

「I humbly refuse. I am Diana, the one who is social debuting today. You understand this explanation, right?」

These words included a『Towards a 15 year old young girl, what are you getting aroused for, you lolicon』meaning. For some reason, it was interpreted as『I wouldn’t call the likes of you when there are more suitable people displayed here at this spectacular debut』and became a rumor of『A small devil toying with a man』on the first day of her social debut. Additionally, Diana exchanged words appropriately each time, however, two days later…..she realized she had gotten the unfavorable title of『The Social Debut Villainess』.

「Nevertheless, even if I do not remember it, my reputation is crawling at the bottom of the social ladder, isn’t it? Why do you think I was bestowed『Period of the Vermilion Rose』」

「Well…Do you think it is because reputation and treatment are separate? If it was just that, this time Diana-sama’s entry to the Inner Palace was pushed through because of Husband-sama’s influence, such as the need to rotate each night with the concubines?」

「……..That possibility seems high. Really, even though no one wishes to enter the Inner palace……」

Needless to say, Diana herself, her mother Elizabeth, her father Dualis, and Edward, the older brother who was always concerned about his younger sister, never thought of entering Diana into the Inner Palace. It was because her family knew that Diana’s temperament was not suitable in a place like the Inner Palace.

Also, regardless of the public, it was rumored that for the sake of getting the kingdom’s power in their hands, Earl Crestor Family forced their cute daughter into the Inner Palace. Furthermore, it was thought that Diana, herself, also desired to enter the Inner Palace and aim for the Princess’ seat. Even though this sort of misunderstanding happened, there were various reasons to it.

「It’s too troublesome to be a princess…..Based on the previous problem, I have a premonition that things such as being friendly in the Inner Palace would be cumbersome. I wonder why I had to come to this type of place.」

「Pitiful Diana-sama, I will absolutely protect Diana-sama, and find a way to leave the Inner Palace!」

「Thank you, Rita. Only, you are dependable.」

……On the first day of entering the Inner Palace, there were various misunderstandings in the master and servant’s conversation that had taken place in the given room for a princess candidate.

Knock, knock.

There was a knock for the second time today. Rita, went as the mediator, and announced the arrival of the court lady and maids.

「Have them come in.」

「Yes. Everyone, please come in.」

After Rita opened the door, about ten maids and two court ladies came in. By the way, distinguishing between the two was extremely easy, their clothes were rather different.

「Vermilion Rose-sama, it is an honor to meet you for the first time. Starting from today, I will be the court lady attending to『Period of the Vermilion Rose』, Mia. This is Aira, who is the same as me, and Yuuri, the Vice-chief Maid.」

「Nice to meet you.」

「With all our sincerity, we shall serve you.」

The two people who were introduced lowered their head towards Diana. Vaguely, Diana, who understood that those three people seemed to be high ranking, gave a smile.

「Thank you for your courteousness. I am Diana Crestor. This is Rita, my maid who came here with me from my parent’s home. Starting today, I will be in Rita and everyone else’s care here. I look forward to working with everyone.」

After returning their greeting, Diana had a look of surprise as a maid with her head bowed――whose name was not known, but there was a lingering impression because of the uncommon black hair―― looked up. Because their gaze met each other, Diana tried to give a smile for the time being, but the maid’s eyes increasingly became large…..Again, what kind of misunderstanding occurred?

「……..Um, Diana-sama? Is this fine with you?」

「Huh? Yes, what is it?」

Before she was aware of what was happening, everyone had their head raised. Mia, who was talking to her, solemnly opened her mouth.

――This evening, His Highness would be coming here.