Everyday Fighting With The Black-Bellied Male Lead Chapter 1

Everyday Fighting With The Black-Bellied Male Lead Chapter 1

[System 001: Entering the next world in two hours, please host, be prepared…]

When the mechanical voice spoke, Lu Yue’s brain became fuzzy. Opening his eyes again, there was a familiar system space in front of him. At this time, 001's virtual image was directly in front of him.

Why two hours later? Lu Yue’s eyes narrowed revealing a trace of doubt. He had done so many tasks in the B-class world, and the time spent in the system's space was only one hour at a time.

[System 001: Congratulations to the host for successfully completing all the tasks in the B-class world, after entering the A-class world, the task will become more difficult.]

Lu Yue didn’t care “How high can it possibly be?

[System 001: The difficulty of the mission depends on the capture target. The targets in the B-class world were only small roles. Their blackening level was below 70. The blackening level of the capture targets in the A-class world Is above 80.】

Lu Yue chuckled "Over 80, it sounds a bit challenging, and the points must be a lot after the mission is completed?"

The system 001 had black lines all over it's face. The focus of his host seemed to have some problems, but he was still correct, "The points are three times that of the B-class world. The penalty for a mission failure is also three times as severe."

Lu Yue's eyes became bright, "Three times? So much? it seems that it is somewhat difficult.]

System 001 wanted to say that it was very difficult, but then he heard his own host.

“I can’t wait.”

System 001: Emperor Lu Yue has become a demon again…

The capture target of this world was Zuo Sheng, a ruthless and cold gangster. It was said that behind every blackened man was a history of bitterness, and Zuo Sheng was no exception.

Zuo Sheng’s father, Zuo Cangying, was the boss in the mafia. When he was young, he took a fancy to Zuo Sheng's mother and took people to capture her, turning a simple college student into a gangster's woman.

Even worse, she committed suicide after she gave birth to Zuo Sheng. Zuo Cangying was only sad for a while. After all, he did not have his woman anymore. Of course, he had more than one son.

The death of his mother and the neglect of his father, coupled with growing up in such a violent and bloody environment, it was only imaginable how serious his blackening was.

Of course, that wasn't all.

When Zuo Sheng was nineteen years old, he used cold-blooded means to become the leader of the mafia. It was also in this year that he met the moonlight of his life, Du Xiulan. At that time, he had not completely lost his humanity. Zuo Sheng, at 19 years old, still had a slight desire for warmth. He had not lost his desire for love.

Du Xiulan’s warm smile and steadfast face attracted Zuo Sheng’s eyes, body and soul. His concern for Zuo Sheng ignited the spark of love, and they soon fell in love.

In the following year, Zuo Sheng simply spoiled Du Xiulan to the heavens. Carefully and meticulously, he wished to bring all the treasures of the world to him.

Unfortunately, what he never expected was that the man he loved was an undercover spy sent by Xu Shao, the Mafia boss of the Western District, who tried to assassinate him.

When his subordinates told him, Zuo Sheng didn’t believe it until Du Xiulan shoved a dagger into his heart.

Coming out of the hospital, Zuo Sheng became a changed man. He personally watched Du Xiulan cruelly dismembered, and then used his remains to feed the dogs. From that moment on, he no longer trusted anyone, loved anyone, believing that then no one could hurt him anymore.

When he woke up again, Lu Yue was shocked by the current situation.

In the crowded car, there were eight or nine young handsome people, all wearing a thin layer of cloth, to bring out their delicate and fragile figures.

Lu Yue looked in front of him for a while. He was Gay. Faced with such a group of beautiful teenagers, he felt like he was in a sea of flowers and his heart was filled with excitement.

But he was only happy for a few minutes, he found a mistake, the teenagers hands were tied to the front by ropes. And when he looked down, his condition was the same as theirs.

[001, what’s the matter? Are we being kidnapped? ]

[System 001: This is not kidnapping. You are one of the men’s favorites who has been bought. ]

Boy toy? Lu Yue seemed to have gotten something interesting and his eyes began to glow with excitement.

[System 001: Are you not afraid? ]

[Fear? I’m not afraid. By the way, what is the identity of the original owner?]

System 001: I will extract the original owner's memory for you to see. ]

The information of this body was very simple. Lu Yue looked at it and immediately understood his situation.

Originally named Lin Ze, a simple college student, because his family owed a gambling debt, he was sold to the underground black market by his father. Later, one of Zuo Sheng’s subordinates brought him over to his side.



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