Everyday Fighting With The Black-Bellied Male Lead Chapter 2

Everyday Fighting With The Black-Bellied Male Lead Chapter 2

[He has several male pets? Why choose another?】

[System 001 wholeheartedly replied: Two of them were broken by him, and several others were found to have been sleeping with others, they were all fed to the dogs, and now there was no one else.

[Lu Yue became more interested: Is the demand that big? Now I really want to see him soon. 】

[System 001 face was full of black lines: Don’t forget that we are here to complete the task. 】

“I just want to finish the task quickly.”

[Don’t forget that you can’t be seen as someone who isn’t of this world.]

[Lu Yue laughed: Do you not believe in my acting skills? 】

In order to prevent itself from short-circuiting, System 001 decided not to pay attention to Lu Yue anymore.

In the room on the second floor, a man in a black suit sat on a black leather chair, his eyes were cold and dangerous, and he sat elegantly, but his presence was very overbearing.

This man was Zuo Sheng.

In front of him stood a row of handsome teenagers, with their heads bowed. The pressure from the man ahead made them overwhelmed. They knew that their fate was in the hands of the man, and there was no one who was not afraid.

Except one.

When Lu Yue came in, he secretly glanced at Zuo Sheng. Tall, handsome, cold-blooded, cruel… A series of adjectives rushed into his mind in an instant.

[I feel like my heart just skipped a beat. ] Lu Yue silently said in his heart.

[That’s your illusion.] System 001 ruthlessly refuted.

No, that was definitely not an illusion. Lu Yue was absolutely right.

001 decided not to argue with him, and Lu Yue, the extremely narcissistic and extremely stubborn person, arguing was a waste of words.

[Right, what is his blackening value?]

[System 001: 95]

[So high, it’s the first time I’ve encountered such difficulty. ]

[Why, now you know you’re scared? ]

[Lu Yue smiled: I am a little scared, I am afraid he will let me down. 】

[System 001:… ]

A man in the same black suit stepped forward and bowed respectfully to the man. "Boss Zuo, these ones were just brought back. They are all clean.” After that, he stood aside and waited for the man to choose.

Every time they were selected, they were personally selected by Zhao Xun from the underground black market to be clean and beautiful, and then brought back to let Zuo Sheng personally choose. He almost never set foot in the underground black market.

The man sitting in the chair moved his finger, and Zhao Xun, who was next to him, said with a smooth voice: "Take off your clothes."

Takes off my clothes? Listening to this,  Lu Yue eyebrows jumped.Take off your clothes, he was too impatient.

Although he was surprised, his expression remained, silent obedience. Lu Yue’s acting had reached its peak.

Watching others take off their clothes without any expressions, but fortunately they all left on a pair of underwear. Lu Yue naturally did the same, a cool breeze blew in through the door, and Lu Yue’s  body became filled with goose bumps.

Looking down, Lu Yue discovered that there was a scar at least ten centimeters long on his left thigh, which seems to be scratched by something.

[Lu Yue: So ugly, How will Zuo Sheng will choose this body? 】

[At this time, System 001 pacified: Believe me, he will definitely choose you, the body I chose for you was not a casual choice. 】

[How was it not casually? 】

[Your eyes are very similar to the dead Du Xiuran. 】

Zuo Sheng naturally saw the scar, then cold eyes swept to the standing Zhao Xun. Zhao Xun immediately said: “I’m Sorry, Boss Zuo .He was not carefully inspected. I’ll switch him out."

When the teenager who had stood there heard, he immediately raised his head. His clear eyes showed a very frightened look, and his body trembled with fear.

Just as Zhao Xun was trying to grab the teenager’s arm, a low, cold voice came from behind: “No, leave him, take the others others away.”

The man’s voice unexpectedly revealed an emotion. Zhao Xun dared not say much. He let the remaining teenagers put on their clothes and then took them out.

There was only Zuo Sheng and half-naked and red teenager standing there at a loss. The atmosphere was quiet and somewhat depressing.

After a while, the man sitting on the chair finally stood up, stepped forward with long and powerful strides and walked to the young man, stopping abruptly in front of him.

The teenager in front of him lowered his head, and his eyes were covered by strands of hair between his forehead. "Lift your head" he said.

His voice was extremely cold, like the cool springs, making the teenager tremble.

The teenager slowly raised his head and looked at the cold man in front of him like a deer, with confused and flustered eyes.

The same eyes as that man.

Zuo Sheng’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his face became colder.

“What is your name?”

“My name is… Lin Ze. ” Beautiful eyes blinked uneasily.

Big hands touched his eyes, circling around the eyes. He felt the young man’s body trembling. Zuo Sheng pulled his hand back and said, “Put on your clothes and let someone take you to your room.” After that, he walked away with big strides.

Then, outside the door came an old housekeeper in his fifties, Uncle Wang. He looked at the teenager standing there and said calmly, “Come with me.”

The teenager bowed his head and followed in silence. When he arrived at the room, Uncle Wang said to the teenager, “This is where will you live in the future. Don’t walk around unnecessarily. Master Zuo will call you when he needs you."