Everyday Fighting With The Black-Bellied Male Lead Chapter 3

Everyday Fighting With The Black-Bellied Male Lead Chapter 3

When the housekeeper left, Lu Yue laid directly on bed. The body seemed to have not eaten for a long time. He was hungry and dizzy.

[001, give me a dozen snacks and yogurt, and by the way, play another comedy movie. ]

[System 001: Do you have any idea how to accomplish the task? ]

[Of course, It is difficult, but i am prepared. ]

[System 001: Don’t talk big. I want to remind you again that this is your first exposure to the A-level world. ]

[You’ve already said that, but it’s only a  blackening level. If someone like Zuo Sheng is betrayed, it’s really hard to trust others, not to mention loving others actively, so I can only take the initiative to attack, I want to play the role of loving him to the bones, that hopeless person. ]

[System 001: It will be hard for him to believe your unreasonable love. ]

Lu Yue frowned: [Who says it’s for no reason? I’ve had a deep love for him long ago. ]

There were three question marks on the 001's screen. Lu Yue no longer paid attention to his own system. He ate his snacks and watched movies happily.

A few hours later, someone brought clothes, meaning Lu Yue should clean and change.

[ I don't think i"ll be able to spare myself tonight.]

[System 001: Why do you sound as if you were looking forward to it? ]

[Lu Yue laughed: There is no expectation, just a little excitement. ]

[System 001: What are you excited about? ]

[Want to know if he’s good at that. ]

[System 001 felt shame: pick up your integrity.】

Zuo Sheng had not seen him in the afternoon, and it was not until 8 p.m, that the system gave a reminder: [The capture target is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ]

Lu Yue was squinting when he heard the system, he quickly sat up from the bed and parted his sleepy hair in front of the mirror. It had to be said that the original face was uniquely beautiful. His skin was very white, his eyelashes were thick and curved, the shape of his nose is very small and a pair of eyes that was extremely captivating and sultry.

Lu Yue has scored 90 points with appearance alone. With his appearance sorted, the next step was his acting skills.

“Master Zuo, do you want to eat?” The housekeeper looked at the tall man coming in through the door and asked warmly.

“No.” Zuo Sheng went to the sofa, lazily opened his suit pocket and took a cigarette out of it. Smoking made him feel more relaxed than eating.

The housekeeper Wang stood aside and advised, "Master Zuo, you’d better smoke less. The meal is ready for you.” Although he knew that the man would not listen to him, he could not help persuading him, after all, he watched him grow up.

Zuo Sheng squinted at him and said, “There’s nothing for you here. Go and get busy.” he wanted him out.

The housekeeper sighed and eventually moved away.

Zuo Sheng slowly exhaled a ring of smoke and picked up his mobile phone: “What’s the situation over there?”

“Our people came to find out that a new batch of goods had arrived in the West Side, possibly drugs.”

“Drugs? He is brave enough.”

“Xu Shao has recently approached the south side of the district. Maybe he did some business with Li Cong.”

Zuo Sheng’s face remained unchanged and said, “Let’s watch both sides and see what they do.”

Hanging up the phone, Zuo Sheng smoothly put out his cigarette. Familiar eyes flashed through his eyes, and then he went up to the second floor.

[System 001: He's at the door, he's at the door! ]

Lu Yue said with a smile: [Am excited, now keep quiet, don’t hinder me from doing things. ]

System 001 decided to shut up.

Zuo Sheng’s eyes changed. Then he went to the bed and squeezed the teenager’s thin chin with his hand.

“Hmm…” The sudden pain, the teenager couldn’t help choking. He slowly opened his tear-filled eyes and subconsciously blinked twice, as if focusing on the face of the person in front of him.

The cold face of the man became clear to the teenager. It was Zuo Sheng!

This recognition made the teenager stare, "Zuo…, Master Zuo? “

Seeing his eyes open, Zuo Sheng withdrew his finger, leaving a distinct red indentation on his originally white skin.

“I’m sorry, sir. I fell asleep by accident.” The teenager’s voice was shaking faintly, as if he were afraid of him.

Zuo Sheng looked at those eyes that were filled with tears, and it suddenly felt not so like that person. That man had never been so careless.

At the thought of Du Xiulan, Zuo Sheng immediately became bitter. He said expressionlessly, “Take off your clothes.”

The young man who heard the command shook slightly. But eventually he reached for the loose belt around his waist.

He was more obedient than he thought.

Zuo Sheng read Lin Ze’s information in the afternoon. He was sold by his father, not voluntarily. Wasn't he too timid to be sold as a pet?