A Cute Master's Cultivation

By Cai Yang Qu,彩阳葵

A Cute Master's Cultivation Chapter 1-3

A Cute Master's Cultivation Chapter 1-3


As the sun began to set over the west, a campfire fluttered by the riverside while a cool breeze blew gently. A golden light scattered and melded into the sky to reveal fascinating hues.

The bright flames leapt cheerfully with the wind, while the burning branches carried with it some moisture. From time to time, the wood crackled, and the smell of grilled fish would float in the air, causing Yao Beibei to swallow her drool. Her silent teenaged companion sat across her as she stared greedily at the piece of roasted fish in his hands.

Since her first day in this world, Yao Beibei was bought by Uncle Yun from the traffickers, and was herded away along with this cold beauty and other juveniles to Bao Zhi Men to be used as medicine boys.** She did not want to end up in a wretched place like that. Although she was knocked unconscious on the fifth night of her arrival, fortunately, she was not destined to perish here. On that night, Yao Beibei met this young teenager and asked him if he wanted to flee from Bao Zhi Men with her. From then on, she followed him.

(**T/N: medicine boy 药童子 —a boy that is turned into medicine, or can be medicinal herbs that are shaped into boys; superstitiously claim to be effective in curing)

After their escape, Yao Beibei and her companion traveled over hills, climbed mountains, and waded over rivers. As they journeyed, the bloody and cruel memories of the distant Bao Zhi Men began to fade, and her mood gradually improved.

After getting along with the boy for almost half a month, Yao Beibei finally understood that he wasn’t cold hearted to the point of abandoning his companion to her death. With that knowledge she suddenly gained confidence—she will unravel his mystery step by step!

“What is your name?” Yao Beibei lifted her chin as she stared at the boy sitting across from her.


“What is your name?”


“What is your name?”


“What is your name?”

“Bai Ziming.”

Yao Beibei smiled. Bai Ziming was it? For many days she had been asking the cold teenager his name, and today she was finally able to get her answer. Yao Beibei was the kind of girl who, if given an inch, would take a mile. The girl brightened up with an idea and asked: “Bai Ziming, can I worship you as a teacher?”

Bai Ziming’s response was obviously cold: “No!”

It was expected that Bai Ziming would refuse the first time, so Yao Beibei wasn’t discouraged at all. She widened her eyes innocently: “Can I worship Bai Zhiming as a teacher?”

This time Bai Ziming remained silent. It seemed that becoming an apprentice wouldn’t be achieved today. Yao Beibei no longer asked, but naturally she didn’t give up. She would continue to haunt him….until he finally promises, hehe.

If one wonders why Yao Beibei was so bent on worshipping Bai Zhiming as a teacher even though he appeared as if he were only 14 or 15 years old, it would be because of his marvelous skills. Such ability caused her to grow envy with greed, and made her heart itch with impatience!

During their entire traverse in the mountains, Bai Ziming seemed to have the ability to avoid dangerous beasts. He could easily hear the sounds that those creatures make and they were able to avoid danger.

Bai Ziming could also cut down wood with no apparent weapons. The branches of the trees would somehow fall down in piles and piles and all she had to do was pick them up for firewood. Yao Beibei couldn’t help but wonder if he was using the Little Li Flying dagger as his weapon, as a descendent of Xiao Fei Dao.**

(**T/N: Xiao Fei Dao 小李飞刀 —a martial arts movie in 1999 where the main character uses the legendary weapon known as the ‘Little Li Flying dagger’)

He was also tremendously skilled at fishing. Because the ice had yet to melt, it was expected that not much fish would be found in the water. However, he took a few twigs, immersed it in the water, and to her astonishment the fish would impale themselves willingly onto the sharp branches. Yao Beibei seriously wondered if he had used his beauty to lure in the fish. When the catch was brought to shore, she found it hard to count their numbers.

Bai Ziming’s skills with fish did not end there. She couldn’t see clearly how he did it, but the fish were well cleaned, scaled, and roasted. She didn’t see what other ingredients he used, but she couldn’t get enough of it.

His list of skills seemed to have no end.

The more she learned about him, the more Yao Beibei thought that she had met a god. Could this beautiful young man actually be an enchanting Immortal?

Even though he seemed adept at surviving in the wild, his skin was as pure and delicate as porcelain, and his eyebrows were as elegant as a brushstroke on a painting. His eyes were deep and lonely, as if they carried a heavy weight; such a piercing stare seemed to be able to see through the world. The bridge of his nose stood proud, while his thin lips resembled two small, pink petals. A white jade ornament pulled back his smooth, black hair, and his body was proportioned as if to incite the most powerful lust. Other than enchanting, Yao Beibei could not find any other words to describe Bai Ziming’s beauty.

Could Bai Ziming have transformed from an entity like a flower, a bird, a fish, or any other type of creature that could cultivate, until he could change into a human form?

In her past life, not only was Yao Beibei a college student in China during the 21st century, she was also an atheist. However, after experiencing this transmigration she could now accept that anything was possible.  

Indeed, her experience transmigrating occurred in a strange manner: a white light had suddenly appeared in the middle of a clear day, flew straight to her forehead, and brought her to this strange new world. Ever since that surreal event, she had been staring warily at Bai Ziming. She would look at him, turn away, then turn to stare at him again, as if afraid she would miss seeing some unusual changes in him. Yao Beibei wanted to see what he would transform into. Was he an immortal or a devil? She ruled out the possibility of ghosts since he could withstand the sun.

Because she would often stare at him from the first day they met, Bai Ziming seemed habituated to her strange behavior. But today, she watched him with such intensity like a wolf, that he couldn’t help but shift uncomfortably and cough twice.

Yao Beibei pretended not to notice. “Bai Ziming, how old are you?”

“Nineteen.” Bai Ziming had been questioned and flattered by Yao Beibei for so many times, yet he would only answer her occasionally. He never took the initiative to speak.

Yao Beibei’s eyes widened in shock, her jaw hung so low out of awe that one could easily stuff an egg in her mouth.

Nineteen? Was he a poor child that developed so late, or was Bai Ziming a special entity? How could he only look as if he was only fourteen?!  In fact, Yao Beibei’s heart seemed to ponder—nineteen years of age is only one year younger than her real age. In that case, couldn’t their relationship validly be considered sibling love?

Bai Ziming was unaware of Yao Beibei’s thoughts. As usual, he handed over two roasted fish to her. They had been cooked to a crispy brown color, exuding a mouthwatering scent that caused Yao Beibei to swallow in hunger.

“Thank you!” Yao Beibei smiled slyly and took the fish that he offered. In the beginning she had offered to take care of him, but now it seems that it was he who took care of her. His wild ability to survive was so incredible that she felt too embarrassed to try taking care of him.

Yao Beibei devoured the fish despite her already full stomach. Enjoying the taste, she felt more and more satisfied with Bai Ziming’s skill in cooking.

After receiving their fill of food and drink, they looked up to see the bright moon and stars.  They used the sky as their quilt and the earth as their bed. What is eaten is from nature, free from pollution; one can enjoy the beauties of the earth**.  In the past, Yao Beibei thought that such a situation only happened in fantasies. Not that she was lacking of money, rather, even if she was dirt poor in modern times, she still wouldn’t dare sleep in the mountains during the evening.

(**T/N: poem from “My Fair Princess” by Xiao Jian. Idiom that means to have nature as their home and being able to casually travel around the world).

Was wandering among the rivers and lakes (Jiang Hu) in martial arts novels actually real? Yao Beibei has realized that she was embarking on a road that was completely different from where she once was. In this world she owned nothing and had no idea where to go. But it was always a good idea to follow Bai Ziming! The only thing that worried Yao Beibei from her previous life is Yun Daxiao’s niece, Yun Xinxiao, who made a promise with her to take care of one another. Never did she expect that a disaster would cause them both to lose contact. I wonder if we will ever get the chance to meet once again.

Time flowed like a river, and unknowingly midsummer June had arrived, bringing with it all kinds of wild flowers that bloomed upon the hills, under the trees, and by the roadside. Varied, colorful, and numerous kinds of blossoms swayed with the mountain breeze, forming a harmonious scene. To be able to walk by the mountains and rivers, beside such beautiful flowers and a fresh breeze, one could easily ignore the summer heat.

Yao Beibei still continued to closely follow Bai Ziming. She felt that he was not aimlessly wandering, but instead, was in search of something. It seems as if he was close to finding what he wanted. These days, his expressionless face would occasionally break out into a smile, before frowning in disappointment, so she wondered if he was feeling happy, or sad, or perhaps a mix of both emotions?

Although Bai Ziming didn’t stop her from following him, Yao Beibei’s heart lingered in depression; even after four months she still had not succeeded in persuading him to take her in as an apprentice. He was becoming more and more mysterious, like a water hidden in a flower, or a moon within a mirror, such that she could not see through his true colors. Obviously he stood before her, and yet it feels as if they were separated by thousands of miles.

One night in July, there was no moon that floated in the sky, while the scattered stars appeared dim and unclear. The night seemed darker and gloomier than usual.

The wind stood still within the woods. Not a single presence of lively birds and beasts, or even scurrying frogs could be found. The night was very quiet, creating a tense atmosphere within the silence. Even with Bai Ziming around, Yao Beibei still felt inexplicable fear and anxiety. This was a feeling that she never had before.

She instinctively sensed that somewhere in the depths of the woods lay a terrible and horrifying entity. And that thing may come out at any time! Even the flames of their current campfire shrunk as if it had wanted to flee from the unknown horror ahead.

Bai Ziming who was usually indifferent, refused to lie down to sleep, neither did he pause to appreciate the starry sky. Instead, he sat up with his hands clenched about his sword, as if in anticipation for some event. His deep eyes flashed with vigilance.

Having been with him for so long, Yao Beibei has never seen Bai Ziming so nervous. Although the previous Bao Zhi Men where they came from was filled with blood and cruelty, Bai Ziming never once flinched from its gore!

But now seeing his tense posture, Yao Beibei realized that there was a greater danger approaching them, and this time it was unavoidable. Calm down, calm down, I need to be able to lend Bai Ziming a hand. I can’t drag him down! She picked up a sharp stone from the ground and held it in the palm of her hand, whilst slowly approaching the campfire. She could use the burning branches as a weapon as well if needed. No matter what kind of beast would appear, the stone and fire must be readied for attack!



Before Yao Beibei could reach the fire, a cold hiss whispered from the darkness. Her scalp quickly turned numb as she felt goosebumps spread all over her body. A bloody jaw emerged in the distance; the creature gave off a pungent stench as two large, white fangs emerged dripped with blood. A forked tooth flashed from beneath its teeth—it was a giant python!

At this moment, Bai Ziming leapt into the air, slashing forth his sword to release a cold energy. He rushed to strike at the giant snake’s jaws. Meanwhile, Yao Beibei gathered her courage and joined in battle. She threw the sharp stone in hand, then grasped a burning branch to attack the demon.


The piercing sound of metal clashing against metal reverberated. The snake seemed to be stopped in its place by Bai Ziming’s sword, but its body remained uninjured. Meanwhile, Yao Beibei’s stone and fire attacks had no effect whatsoever. What a formidable snake!

Seeing that it was being obstructed, the snake lashed out in anger. As it opened its jaws wide, a dense and bloody liquid sprayed straight onto Bai Ziming. The liquid glowed red in the dark night, giving off a foul stench strong enough to make one vomit.

Bai Ziming’s body rose to the air in front of the snake. With effort the snake could could easily strangle him.

Suddenly, white light began to emanate from Bai Ziming’s body, forming a protective barrier around him. The wall glowed with a crystal light and released a coolness that caused Yao Beibei to shiver. It was a real ice barrier!

The thick barrier hissed with corrosion as the red venom splashed against its walls. Crystalline ice arrows spread forth from Bai Ziming’s body and shot towards the serpent, like icy shards from the sky.

Finally, the snake showed signs of being on the defensive. The mouth of the snake opened wide, and continued to shoot spurts of red venom like a fountain. It’s body was soaked in a red light, revealing its gigantic body. Its eyes were like two big red bulbs while its dark red scales were faintly visible. The snake’s heavy red tail swept through the air, blocking the icy shards.

The surrounding trees that were swept by the Serpent’s tail instantly withered. Their remains blew easily with the breeze and drifted off into ashes. Yao Beibei held her breath in disbelief. This red snake was truly fearsome—perhaps it deserves be called a Great Red Python!

Although Bai Ziming had not yet lost the battle, the 30-centimeter thick ice wall that protected him was now down to only a few centimeters. At the moment, his face showed a solemn expression as he simultaneously controlled seven ice shards to attack the python. He aimed for its eyes, hoping to stab the enemy blind.

To help Bai Ziming, Yao Beibei aimed for the belly of the giant red python. She quickly grabbed a number of stones on the ground and, one after the other, threw the rocks at the beast with all her strength. Who would expect that before the stones could even reach the python, it had collapsed and turned into powder!

In her urgency, Yao Beibei grabbed two burning branches and threw them at the enemy. At the same time, the Giant Red Python suddenly sprayed red venom at her direction, instantly extinguishing the flame on the branches and turning it into ash.

Judging by this reaction, the snake was definitely more wary of the fire than it was with the stone. Knowing that she had been sprayed with venom, Yao Beibei hurriedly took out a handkerchief and wiped her face clean. She quickly pulled out another clean cloth and tied it around her face, making a simple mask to prevent her from breathing poison. Seeing the burning campfire, she grabbed more flaming sticks and continued to toss them at the giant red python without reserve.

The red python became so furious that it began to writhe in a swift and violent motion, swinging its huge body in a fit of frenzy. The crimson venom in its mouth gushed out like a flood, causing the air’s stench to become even more unbearable. Its jaws shot forth and bared its fangs against the ice wall that protected Bai Ziming.

Zi- zi- zi- zi—

After the python’s powerful bite, the crystal ice barrier in front of Bai Ziming suddenly broke apart and crashed. He could no longer support himself in the air, and his body fell to the ground.

“You wicked beast, you should be dealing with me!” seeing that the red python bared its sharp teeth to swallow Bai Ziming, Yao Beibei shouted out angrily. She didn’t care if she would risk getting scalded by the poison. She immediately picked up a larger pile of burning branches and began to toss them hurriedly at the snake.

Suddenly, two white-robed youths floated down from the clouds. After a flash of white light, a glowing net appeared and instantly covered the red python’s body.

The scarlet python was aware that it was in danger this time. It’s body began to thrash wildly, as it attempted to break free of the white net’s entrapment. It panicked as it noticed that it couldn’t spray the venom anymore. The more the snake struggled, the tighter the net became, until finally, the net was so tight that it could no longer move.

The two white clad teenagers chanted words, causing the white net to shrink smaller and smaller, until it came down to the size of a palm and fell to the ground. One of the white robed teenagers came to pick it up.

When Yao Beibei ran over, Bai Ziming had already fallen to the ground. His whole body was drenched in sweat and his eyes were wide in confusion. His face was burning red and his body trembled violently. Such a sight was painful and heart wrenching.

“Bai Ziming, are you okay?” Yao Beibei worriedly looked down at Bai Ziming. She allowed him to clasp her hand tightly, even if his tight grip caused her pain.

Bai Ziming’s mouth slightly opened as if he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t make a sound. His lips began to turn blue green from the poison. If Yao Beibei could only find a bite wound from the python, then she wouldn’t hesitate to suck out the blood and detoxify his wound. But what should she do if there weren’t any surface wounds at all? What could be done?

“Bai Ziming, don’t you die. You mustn’t die!” Tears began to trickle down Yao Beibei’s face as she held him anxiously. She frantically searched his clothes to see if he had any open wounds.

A warm voice spoke closeby. “Young maiden, you don’t have to worry. He appears to be poisoned, but as long as you feed him this medicine and let him rest for a night, he should be fine by tomorrow morning. The demon’s poison is quite strong; just by inhaling it could cause one to be poisoned. Here, you can use this antidote!” The voice came from a boy in white who currently was blushing. He smiled as he looked at Yao Beibei. In his palms were two black, round pills.

Because of her fear and anxiety, Yao Beibei had not noticed her own physical discomfort; if the white robed boy hadn’t mentioned it, she would not have realized her own sickly state. She was indeed poisoned, but not too deeply. She looked in awe at the boy in white and remembered how he was able to subdue the giant red python. For such an accomplishment, it would be reasonable to assume that he could heal the poison.

Yao Beibei hurriedly took the two pills. She fed one to Bai Ziming before swallowing one herself. It was a bitter tasting pill, making it difficult to swallow, but once it entered a cool sensation began to spread from her mouth, easing her discomfort.

After swallowing the pill, Bai Ziming’s pain seemed to ease up and his trembling was no longer as severe. Although he still continued to perspire cold sweat, his complexion was not as red as before. Instead, his slightly blushed color began to fade gradually. Seeing this change in Bai Ziming, Yao Beibei knew that the antidote was truly effective. Knowing that she and Bai Ziming were saved, she couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

“How is he?” The white robed boy’s voice was gentle, like a wind that warmed her heart. Just listening to his voice felt reassuring.

Pulled out of her thoughts, Yao Beibei remembered that she hadn’t thanked him yet for the medicine. “He’s doing much better. Thank you so much for saving our lives! May I ask the name of this great benefactor? If there is a chance in the future, we will be sure to repay you.”

The young man in white stared at her in surprise. Meanwhile Yao Beibei was puzzled at his reaction. Aren’t my words what people would say to their saviors in ancient times?

“As a person who cultivates virtue to become an immortal, how can I just stand aside and watch while the two of you fall into danger? If not for both of your efforts to tie down this beast, my comrade and I would not have been so successful in subduing it. The python beast had committed many evils for a long time. Now that we have captured it, this evil calamity will no longer cause damage. We will now return to our sect to let our teacher know that we have completed our assignment. There are many evil demons in the forest, so you two will have to tread carefully in the future!” The young man in white smiled warmly, as if the sunlight had emerged within the cold winter.

Wait, what did he just say? The person was cultivating virtue to become an immortal…wait, no, that’s not the point. He said there were evil demons? Ugh, so there are more monsters?! Help!

Just when Yao Beibei was beginning to recover, the boy’s words had suddenly thrown her heart into turmoil. What a joke! If just one monster python could cause Bai Ziming to fall into this state, then how much more if they were to encounter more demons and beasts in the forest? They would absolutely fall into an untimely death!

“Immortal Elder Brother, please save our lives! Since you two Godly brothers have come to subdue this monster, please have mercy on these common people’s safety. Surely we should share our hardships! I’m worried for my companion’s life. He was already poisoned badly by the python, what happens if he meets another evil demon? What then? Oh please deities have mercy on the two of us and please take us with you!” Yao Beibei threw herself at the feet of the white robed youth as she begged that they be rescued. She couldn’t explain why but her sixth sense tells her that she mustn’t give up this opportunity to survive!

The heavenly young man felt embarrassed and hesitant, but Yao Beibei refused to let go of his feet. Her eyes looked up at him pitifully. She immediately burst into tears and cried, “He is my elder brother! Both of us are just desperate orphans. We’ve been living well together until we were both caught by human traffickers. Fortunately we were able to escape, but we never expected to come across this Giant Python. My companion is now hovering between life and death. You were able to save us, but if we were to fall into the jaws of beasts once again….”

Yao Beibei burst into tears a she looked up at the young man’s face. She could tell that he was moved by his sympathetic expression. Thinking that she could rouse his compassion further, she immediately lifted her sleeves to reveal the numerous scars on her arms, an account of the whip marks that were inflicted by the traffickers who lashed out on her. Although the wounds have mostly healed, the remaining scars were truly shocking.

CHAPTER 3 (unedited ver.)

Finally the young boy in white was won over by Yao Beibei’s tearful act. His feelings were filled with compassion: “I don’t want you to have such a miserable experience in your youth! My name is Duan Yifeng. I’m not a god, but rather, a person who cultivates to become an immortal. Since you are young, if you have a spiritual foundation, then you can cultivate it. And your fellow practitioner has already begun his own cultivation. It would be best if I bring both of you back to the teacher’s abode. Since the sect expects me to return and report to my master, I can make arrangements for you to meet him. I wonder if this is okay?

“Yes, we’re definitely willing! Thank you Brother Duan for saving our lives! Yao Beibei nodded and laughed gleefully without giving Duan Yifeng a second thought for his intentions. She only knew that she and Bai Ziming were saved!

At this time, the other white robed boy took out a jade bottle, sprinkled some powdery medicine upon the damaged land, and then walked in front of Duan Yifeng: “Elder Brother Duan, I have dealt with the poison that the demon had caused here.”

“Well then, we can return to the mountain and report to the master. The girl and her companion have been inflicted with venom and have nowhere to go. I want to bring them back to the sect.”

Duna Yifeng’s younger companion glanced at Yao Beibei and Bai Ziming, who lied motionless on the ground. He seemed to have something to say, but seeing Duan Yifeng wave at him, he chose to hold his tongue.

“Girl, this is my younger brother**, Su Huarong.” Duan Yifeng smilingly introduced him to Yao Beibei.

(**T/N: form of address to a fellow disciple)

“Hello Brother Su, my name is Yao Beibei, and this is my companion, Bai Ziming. Thank you so much for your help!” Yao Beibei smiled while hiding her thoughts. Su Huarong doesn’t look easy to get along with. It’s best to be around him.

Just as she expected, Su Huarong’s face frowned in displeasure. He casually waved his hand and said to Yao Beibei: “Stand up”

“Miss Yao, if I may.” After Duan Yifeng made a gesture, Yao Beibei suddenly beheld a tiny silver sword rising from beneath the ground.

Once it touched Duan Yifeng’s fingertips, the silver sword grew to a half a meter in length. He then leapt onto the sword and beckoned to Yao Beibei, who showed a troubled expression.

The legendary Sword Flight?

Yao Beibei swallowed in surprise as she stared at the sword. She bent over, as she struggled to lift Bai Ziming from the ground. Who knew that once she tried to hold him up, she couldn’t move forward from their spot.

Seeing this pitiful scene, Duan Yifeng smiled once again. He then maneuvered to silver sword to float towards the ground towards Yao Beibei’s feet, making it easier for her to walk up.

Yao Beibei carefully stepped on the silver sword. Upon doing so, she discovered that, although the sword looked thin, it was actually quite strong. However, she was still very worried for Bai Ziming’s safety, fearing that he might fall into the abyss during their flight. After some thought, she pulled out a piece of cloth, twisted it into a rope, then bound both Bai Ziming and her person onto Duan Yifeng for safety.

At this time, Yao Beibei could only faintly hear Bai Ziming’s muttering without understanding his words. She was unsure if he was displeased for her begging Duan Yifeng’s help, or if he disliked being bound too tightly to her, or if he was uncomfortable with the fact that men and women shouldn’t be too close?

But in this situation, why should she care about these things? Yao Beibei no longer cared for Bai Ziming’s thoughts. As she stood behind Duan Yifeng, she smiled at exclaimed, “Duan Gongzi, I am ready now!”

Sword Flight yeah! Today was the happiest day Yao Beibei has had since coming to this world! This new world was unlike any dynasty in China’s recorded history. It was more like a parallel time and space of historical China, since the language was similar to that of the ancient Song Dynasty.

What Yao Beibei never expected was that this world was actually one where people can cultivate immortality! She recalled the fantasy TV drama that she used to watch, “Imperial Sword Flight.” She had always wanted to visit such a world!

“Lady Yao, you have to pay more attention to safety. We will now be heading to the sect!” Hearing the gentle voice of Duan Yifeng, Yao Beibei snapped out of her imaginations and came back to reality.

“Okay!” Yao Beibei nodded enthusiastically.

Duan Yifeng stood at the head of the sword; as he made signs with his fingers, the sword lifted from the ground and was guided in its flight through the air.

“Yeah!” Yao Beibei couldn’t help but yell in excitement as they began their ascent through the wind. She always thought that flying swords were a cool thing. However she expected to be overcome with a sense of danger. As the sword flew higher in altitude, the ascent felt more uncomfortable than the ascending of a plane. This was too much!

The sword had finally reached the clouds, and one can easily see the trees underneath their feet. As they flew higher, the scenes below began to blur. The wind roared past them.


In the beginning, Yao Beibei could still maintain a calm image in front of Duan Yifeng. She was quite reserved as she insisted standing upon the flying sword. But after flying for a period of time, she finally squatted on the sword helplessly while tightly grabbing on to Duan Yifeng’s legs with both hands.

Seeing how Yao Beibei had shamelessly clung to him, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. However, he brushes off such feelings when he remembers that she’s merely a mortal woman who has suffered much, having just encountered a demon and experiencing sword flight for the first time. Without further ado, he waved his hand and summoned a transparent barrier to protect her.

When Yao Beibei saw the protective bubble that Duan Yifeng kindly set up for her, she perked up in excitement. Wasn’t this the legendary protective shield? With such a shield, the strong winds could not enter; the space within her bubble was no longer cold, neither did it lack oxygen. Staying in it was as comfortable as being in a warm little house.

Gradually, Yao Beibei quite down and her eyelids began to droop from exhaustion…

The next day, a touch of sunlight fell upon Yao Beibei, causing her to open her sleepy eyes.

She saw a bright red sun peaked slightly in the horizon. The sky above was still a bit dark, and had not yet completely faded the color of the night.

Gradually, the sun was lured out of its hiding like a child who was bribed with candy. It rose higher in the sky, causing golden light to shine brightly. The orange sky and the yellow sunlight intertwined, revealing magnificent colors that loomed in the horizon, as if to form the softest and most beautiful brocade.

Everything in the world gradually became brighter and Yao Beibei’s sight became clearer. She indulged herself in the morning’s beautiful sunrise and forgot about her own situation.

In front of her lay a huge mountain range that stood between the clouds. From afar, the mountains appeared faint and misty. It looked very dreamy, like a fantasy land!

Yao Beibei was immersed in her happiness when she suddenly became aware of the ache in her body. Her back felt as if it were weighed down with something heavy, and why does her shoulder feel warm and moist?

Yao Beibei finally remembered that she had tied the unconscious Bai Ziming to her back last night. Was the warmth and moistness on her shoulder be from his saliva?

At this time, she heard a groan from behind her. It seems that Bai Ziming had woken up. He must have recovered from the vicious poison with the help of the black pills! So Yao Beibei sat up and began to untie the rope that bound them together. As she looked in front of her, she noticed the transparent liquid that pooled upon Duan Yi’s sword. That should be her own masterpiece. Awkwardness hung in the air and with panic, she quickly tried to wipe her clothes clean.

After unraveling the rope, Bai Ziming took the initiative to separate himself from Yao Beibei. Sensing the stiffness of the air behind her, Yao Beibei didn’t dare to look behind. Instead she continued to sit still on the sword and looked straight ahead. “Ziming, how are you doing. Are still feeling uncomfortable?”

“I’m doing much better!” Bai Ziming’s low voice sounded quite angry.

Yao Beibei directly ignored Bai Ziming’s temper. Even if he was upset for last night, of course, she only did what was necessary to protect his life. What choice does she have to consider his thoughts?

“You seem to have recovered well. We almost to our destination!” Knowing that the two people were awake, Duan Yifeng controlled the flying sword to descend beneath the clouds. Su Huarong followed close behind.

“Is this the Qingfeng Sect?” Having landed, Bai Ziming observed his surroundings and asked this in surprise. His expression showed a hint of joy.

Feeling suspicion, Duan Yifeng pretended to smile and seemed to casually ask, “This is indeed the Qingfeng Sect, but how did Brother Bai come to know about this?”

Even Su Huarong reacted in vigilance, clasping his sword while giving Bai Ziming a look of warning. If he dared to criticize Qingfeng Sect, then he will immediately deal with him.

Bai Ziming had now resumed his aloof expression. “My mother was a disciple of the Qingfeng Sect under Master Qian Du. I have been informed of this sect since I was young.”

After hearing this, Yao Beibei finally realized that originally, Bai Ziming was also someone who cultivates. No wonder he was so powerful. So he was in search of the Qingfeng Faction, and he finally found it!

Duan Yifeng was surprise at such an unexpected discovery he turned to Su Huarong, and smiled as if to warn. “Since he is Master Zhi Shu’s successor, then Bai Ziming and Miss Yao are also my people!”

She saw Duan Yifeng removing his sword from its scabbard while pointing his other hand forward. A wave of water flew out from his fingertips and scattered into a mist in front of him. Then a light gate appeared within the fog.

Duan Yifeng led the way while Bai Ziming and Yao Beibei immediately followed him into the portal. Meanwhile, Su Huarong followed closely behind, but his eyes were closely pasted onto Bai Ziming and Yao Beibei, as if they were thieves. Yao Beibei was extremely upset at his behavior.

After taking a step into the glowing portal, a whole new scene suddenly appeared before her. She saw numerous mountains that ascended into the clouds, making their peaks invisible. Heavy mists floated between the mountains and white cranes could be seen flying across the sky from time to time. She felt a burst of emotion as if she were in heaven.

From time to time, a strong breeze would blow over, leaving people feeling refreshed. Could the Qing Feng sect** be named after this?

(**T/N: Qing Feng 清风 —meaning “pure breeze”)

Duan Yifeng wasn’t surprised to see the look of amazement oon Bai Ziming’s and Yao Beibei’s faces. He smiled lightly, “Brother Bai, Master Zhi Shu has traveled for many years and still hasn’t returned. If you came for the sake of furthering your cultivation, then that would do well for me. I will take you and Miss Yao to meet my master so he can make arrangements. Is that alright?”

“Many thanks!” after Bai Ziming had inquired of the master’s name, he thanked Duan Yifeng with a palm and fist salute.

As for Yao Beibei, she was so fascinated with the sights before her that she completely forgot her etiquette. Seeing her distraction, Bai Ziming couldn’t help but frown.