The Man Whose Fiancées Were Stolen from Him by the Hero, Is Picked up by the Goddess Chapter 2

The Man Whose Fiancées Were Stolen from Him by the Hero, Is Picked up by the Goddess Chapter 2

I was robbed of all part 1 – Separation from the saints

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They and I surely loved each other. At least I thought so.

But of course, the results turned out more different than what I thought they would be. 

Since they were vested with “power”, their interests in me gradually faded away.

 I bet I could have had happiness with my [childhood friend], [younger sister] and [fiancé], if they were with me.

However, the [Saints] and I would never be able to be…together. 

This was the reality, however cruel it is. It was certainly laughable, I mean, my thoughts regarding them before their so-called ‘betrayal’. 

But where was the affection that I ought to have accumulated by then?

Did it get erased by that man? Or was it painted over?

I know it’s good. That the feelings created once do not disappear and reappear as a negative emotion.

 The affections that they had had for me before ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ was all changed to feelings of [contempt] for me.

 And when I cease to be a subject of disdain for them, I completely disappeared from their minds, as if I had never existed in the first place.

 Because I am weak, small, and disposable compared to that man. 

My hatred for that man exceeds the limits of humanity. Has my heart been turned into that of a Demon’s? 


“Ray!, Fina!” (Lei) {ED – can’t be stuffed typing her full inconsistent name}

Calling me and Fina was the elder-sisterly figure of Leitia rushing over here.

(TL – Damnit, I have a very soft spot for elder sister figures…) 

“Leitia-nee-chan! That… you’re a saint?”(Fina) 

“Yeah, it sounds like you were given a blessing, I mean, the sword’s saint. I really can’t believe it!”(Ray) 

After finishing their small exchange of astonishment, Leitia and Fina hold hands with each other and rejoice.

On the other hand, I silently stood there and thought to myself for a bit.

I have heard that when a new [Demon Emperor] is born, along with it, four saintesses are born. 

The Demon Emperor, a figure shrouded in mystery.

What I do not get however, is how fighting for your own race’s freedom and getting revenge for the crimes done against you and your people is enough to get you a title like Demon emperor. 

But, that matter is not for me to bother over, speaking about these matters in public is enough to be thrown onto the chopping block. 


It is certainly a proud fact that she was chosen as a saint and I am glad. But I do not want her to fight that demon. Because she is a girl who is far from suited for killing.

Letitia is a perfect and gentle woman who is against the thought of killing anything, including demons. 

She is the perfect example of femininity.

(TL – *Sobbing sounds increase*) 

“Ray… Fina…” (Lei)

 I heard a soft voice beside me, turning towards the side, I saw Leitia looking at me with a soft gaze. 

 Oh, that’s right. What are you thinking you idiot? What should I do? She’s looking at me with such an expectant gaze …

(TL – Dafuq, why is this guy so much of a wuss?) 

“Uh…Leitia, congratulations. I am very happy that you’ve become a saint…” (Ray)

 I wish to bless her because of the fact that throughout our childhood, I received a motherly type of romantic love I should admire.

“Ray…” (Lei)

 Little by little tears started to drop from Leitia’s eyes. 

 I would kiss her as usual if she did this type of attack on me, but however, due to the many eyes on us, I could do nothing but shrug and hug the both of them. 

Their warmth spread a seed of suspicion in my heart. 

Would we always be able to remain like this? 


“Huh, Ray… are you going to stay in the kingdom?” (Fina)

Fina asks you not to hide the puzzle. In contrast to Leitia and the captain of the kingdom.

(TL – Didn’t understand anything in the above sentence so I just left it as it is.) 

“Well, Leitia has to be trained in the church to improve the power of the saint and to prepare her for the fight against the oncoming demons.” (Chief Priest)

 The chief priest explains it while shaking his tall and broad body.

(TL -It’ll be a different kind of ntr if the priest himself ploughs his harem first) 

“Letitia… are you fine with this?” (Ray)

 Actually, I’d like her to come back with me, but I know that her position wouldn’t let her. It will only be a bother to her if I continue to say the impossible.

“Yeah, Ray … I will miss you but … I want to save the human race ⋯ ⋯.” (Lei)

I do not get it, why so much fervor to save such a despicable species? Let the Demon emperor plough through the la—

I shook my head and forced the dark thoughts away. 

In a way, Leitia is right. It would be the best option for me to build a place where she could go home to with peace.

And since Leitia was chosen as a saint, I knew that it would somehow happen. It is surely the same as her.

“Ray ⋯ ⋯ Fina ⋯ ⋯. Even if I get separated, I’ll write a lot of letters to the both of you.” (Lei)


“I will soon return after defeating the Demon Emperorl.”(Lei) 

“⋯ ⋯.”(Ray (TL- the antisocial kid))

As Letitia turn and walked away, I could hear quiet sobs as she stood still and turned back to face us. 

She silently smiled with her eyes closed. 

“And Ray, when all of this is over … ⋯ ⋯ I will return as your wife ⋯ ⋯ So please wait…” (Lei)


{ED – *sighs and shakes his head in disappointment*}

“Yeah, of course!”(Ray) 

 Saying that, I ran to her with a smile and kissed her⋯ ⋯.

 We decided to part and go on our own destinations. Even though our roads and destination were different, won’t we have to return to the same place? 

Won’t we all have to return to our home one day? 


A year passed, this year was the year that Fina’s job will be awakened.

In last year’s job awakening Lethia became a saint and left the kingdom. That was known to all over the country, and the people rejoiced at the birth of the saint.

My parents and Leia’s parents were very pleased, I was pleased as well at the fact that Lethia was chosen. 

Despite the concern of the Demon Emperor, there was no description that the Braves were defeated to the Demon Emperor to see the history book of the past, and the birth of the saint got up, but since the birth of the Demon Emperor had not yet occurred, this year It was said that you can safely kill the Demon Emperor with the power of a trained disciple.

(TL – Didn’t understand anything here) 

In the past year, many letters were exchanged.

(TL – The following are letters sent by Leitia—every sentence is a different letter—) 

It was surprising that the meals were very luxurious, I also became frightened because I was given a maid. I didn’t really like these, they were too wasteful. 

Training was severe, I felt like my body would break many times; I want to return home.

Finally, it became possible to fight equally with the knights of the church, my knight opponents lost to me, Yay!

I also met with the strongest swordsman in the kingdom, as of now, I’m learning swordsmanship from him. 

I’ve finally managed to beat the strongest swordsman! 

(TL – Letters end here) 

Her training seemed very severe, it was becoming more impossible for me to become a priest due to the limited amount of free time I have. I also lost many opportunities to meet with her due to training and whatnot, furthermore, those opportunities were also very rare. 

 However, there was an opportunity to meet with her only one time after receiving the letter that she sent down the strongest swordsman in the kingdom.

I could only be with her for a little bit, but she was very dignified, noble and beautiful since she became a saint.

(TL – Of course, everyone becomes beautiful after being ploughed through a thousand times…) 

I remember, that her aura seemed to have gotten more pure and holy. Although, mixed within that aura was a slight edge of sharpness. 

“Excluding the aura that makes you become a sword and makes people uneasy. I have attained that.” (Lei)

She said that she was an existence made to protect, it turned into an existence that protects everyone including myself. I felt somewhat lonely, but I was happy that I could get more than that and I was happy, and I did not mind that much at that time.

And this year is Fina’s turn. (TL – To get cucked of course Kakaka!) 

“Onii-chan, what job do you think I will receive?” (Fina)

Fina speaks hopefully in the carriage heading for the kingdom.

“Onii-chan and Leitia-nee have gotten wonderful jobs, so I will be sad if only I’m the one that gets something strange ⋯ ⋯.” (Fina)

She seems to be very worried about that. 


(TL – it’s the mc’s commentary from the future) 

 ”Haha, it’s okay, don’t feel so tense, you’ll get a good job for sure.” (Ray)

Noticing the conversation, I remembered that our position right now was the exact opposite of last year’s, a smile suddenly fell on my face.

 ”Onii-chan?” (Fina)

 ”Oh, sorry sorry, today’s situation is the opposite of a year ago right? That time, you comforted me and I’m comforting you!” (Ray)

 ”Oniichan! Fina over here is crushed by the anticipation, it’s not a moment where you should be laughing!” (Ray)

 As we talked and talked about it, the horse-drawn carriage finally arrived at the church.

 By the way, Lethia who is supposed to be in the church is going to the ruins called “dungeon” as training for saints, so we cannot meet today.

 This place was also spelled out in the her letters, and Letia was dissatisfied, and it was that she was going to go to church officials for a long time.


 You can hear cheers and cheers.

 The reason is simple, like the last year, the people are anticipating the birth of another [Saint].

A year ago, the same thing happened to Letitia, now it’s Fina Orlost who is waving with a smile.

‘She was my sister and fiancee.’


(TL – From now on, I’m going to use ‘ ’ for mc’s future commentary) 

 ”Onii-chan! Onii-chan, I became a saint!” (Fina)

Fina is the magic saint, a Saint said to be capable of crushing mountains and dividing seas with her magical powers. 

I felt sad actually. She was also going to go away. 

 ”Congratulations Fina! Even so, it’s surprising that Letia and Fina become a saint, so I will not be… sad…” (Ray)

 Saying that, I hug Fina.

 ”Really! Onii-chan, I still can’t believe it!” (Fina)

 Then, as expected, she decided to practice at church. Breakup, it was a breakup. Ah… 

 ”Onii-chan, why are you crying, are you OK?” (Fina)

 ”Haha I’ll certainly be lonely but it’s okay, because, with this, Letia will have you along with her at all times.” (Ray)

{ED – i can feel his depression and loneliness seeping from this line}

 ”Yeah, of course! Because the two of us will join forces and kill the Demon Emperor at once! Please look forward to it and wait, Oniichan!”

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{ED – it’s the opposite for me}


{ED – Oh shit, gotta run!}

Because it was the second time, I got used to it a little bit, and this time I could break up with a smile ’til the end.

Besides, it is a factor that makes me feel easier for Fina to have a sociable Leitia as her older sister along with her.

 I can not directly support them like Letia or Fina, but at the very least let’s be a good human being and make the house flourish so that it can be a base for their hearts. I decided to decide. {ED – what?}


 A few months later, good news and bad news ran around the world.

The birth of [The Hero] and the resurrection of [Demon Emperor].

{ED – honestly, the Demon Emperor’s title keeps getting changed, there’s demon emperor, demon king, demon lord, devil emperor, devil king, devil lord and devil, i changed them all to Demon Emperor because it was the highest ruling rank.}

First of all, the foremost fortune teller in the country predicted the revival of the Demon Emperor.

On the other hand, the Kingdom of Earthza (TL – really nigga?) immediately started to summon the hero using a summoning ceremony, and they succeeded in doing so. 

{ED – bro, no racists remarks please}

 The name of the summoned hero is Tensho Hayato. It seems that he came from a country called ‘Japan’ which is in a different world.

 In the Kingdom of Earthza, it is rare to find a black-haired young man, whose gentleness fascinated women of the world.

(TL – Pfffft!) 

 In addition, despite the fact that the hero never did any training, his sword skill was top class in swordsmanship, the amount of magical power in him was enormous, and it was a story that he used light magic and thunder magic of tremendous power immediately after he was summoned.

 At the same time, the demon that finally resurrected appeared and declared war on the human world. It declared retaliation to the Kingdom of Earthza. 

 Immediately, the hero decided to subjugate the demon kingdom, he engaged himself to Princess Rosina and formed a party with the Sword Saintess Letitia and Magic Saintess Fina. 

One month ago, the hero party left, the healing saint, who has not appeared yet, will also wake up in the near future. It was a public opinion.

{ED – changed senior to senpai, cuz senior didn’t sound right}

 ”Oh, Ray … are you reading the newspaper again?” (Senpai)

 ”Oh, yes, senpai … After all, I am concerned about ⋯ ⋯.” (Ray)

 ”Oh yeah, I guess so … Huge hero party of human beings, that two members of the absurdly beautiful girls who are members are your fiance? ⋯ ⋯ I envy you.” (Senpai)

{ED – this sentence doesn’t make any sense. Also they had newspapers? The medieval times were from 476 AD to 1492 AD, newspapers were invented in 1690 AD

 I am now learning in the church of the kingdom to gain experience as a priest.

 It was my senpai who taught me how to make a voice to my friends. He is a friendly person and a person who is loved by everyone.

 ”Well, I guess I must become a good man to be a match to those two people.” (Ray)

 ”Don’t tell me. Ah, I have to devote twice as much time to learn about the teachings of the Goddess today. ” (Senpai)

Senpai left, leaving me alone in the room. 

 ”I really must do my best ⋯ ⋯.” (Ray)

 I misunderstood, I found a letter mixed in the documents addressed to me that I was sorting out.

 The sender is Letia, the contents were:

 The journey for the suppression of Demon Race finally started getting on track.

 Leitia and Fina are actively killing demons.

 About the hero person, I think that it is not good being with men other than Ray, so I want to kill the Demon Emperor and return home as soon as possible.

 The Hero is indecisive, he always acts indecent with ladies and gropes them when they aren’t looking. Fina and I hate him. 

 He only knows how to sweet talk women. My head hurts. 

 I want to see Ray soon.

 It was contents like this.

 Apparently, the two do not seem like they like the hero very much.

I sighed in relief as I could finally be in peace that they wouldn’t make a mistake with the Hero. After all, they aren’t being seduced by the guy, are they? 

 Besides, I was able to know the state of the two people who wanted to see me, it was cute and it could not be helped.

 Yes, I felt reading the letters I immediately took a brush to reply.

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