Romance is in the Air HONG JIU,红九

Story 1: In my Lifetime, I will only Gamble on You
The campus adonis suddenly approaches Fu Xiaoke, creating an inseparable bond between the two of them. But why did he really initially approach her? And is his love genuine?
Story 2: Always Imagined Hugging You Like This
Oftentimes, falling in love with someone happens because of something tiny and particular that you notice. She fell in love with him because of his modesty and attentive attitude. But then in a curious coincidence, he becomes her superior, and is extremely strict to her. Later, after he quits his job, he says, “I quit so that I could hug you in this moment without having to worry about any company rules, and to hug you in broad daylight!”
Story 3: Young Lady, the Young Master isn’t Home
This is the story of a black-bellied, facial nerve paralysis suffering Young Master and his stepsister…