I Am a Great Scientist

By 蜜汁扣肉

I Am a Great Scientist Chapter 1

I Am a Great Scientist Chapter 1

Under the bright stars, a meteor flew by.

“Grandpa, what is that? Ah, it’s so beautiful!” The little boy pointed to the sky at the slowly fleeting meteor, the little face excitedly asked.

“It is a comet. Hopefully  Xiaoxing will grow up to be a big scientist! Make a wish on the star so that it will come true in the future!” The old man said lovingly to the  small Zhou Xing.


Little Zhou Xing  nodded his head obediently , his face tightly concentrated, and made his wish.

As if to respond to the wishes of small Zhou Xing, the comet shot toward him.

“Xiaoxing! Run!” Zhou Xing’s grandfather screamed in horror.

Voice barely finished, the rapid meteor smashed down.


“No! No!” Zhou Xing was awakened by the nightmare, covered with cold sweat ,the dream still in his mind.

At the beginning of summer, the sound of Cicada sounds loud and clear.

At noon, the sun beats down upon a school.

Anyang first middle school, the somber bell rings, the morning course is over.

Tired of the teacher, excited students pack up their books and hastily leave the classroom,  Some rush to go home, while others rush to the cafeteria, the classroom empties quickly.

There is a blackboard in the corner of the classroom a few words in particularly prominent red chalk read,

“Only 45 days away from the college entrance examination!”

“Zhou Xing, school is over, why are you still here?” Wang Haitao preparing to leave, has a bag slung over his right shoulder stares at the still reading Zhou Xing.

Zhou Xing turns a deaf ear, his  eyes focused on the book.

He seems to be in his own world, filled only with books.

“What novel are you reading? Gah! Like talking to a wall, are you listening?” Wang Haitao unhappily shouts.

Wang Haitao walks to him, slaps the cover in Zhou Xing hands  to see the book.

Zhou Xing looked up at him, his pale face turning a light shade of pink.

“You go away! I want to go eat in the cafeteria. Do not bother me please!”

“What novel is hiding in your English textbooks? Let me see!” Wang Haitao looks wretchedly at Zhou Xing and asks.

“Hey! THere is nothing hidden!” Wang Haitao is surprised in a moment, the English textbooks do not contain any other books.

“Give me the book back! Quickly!” Zhou Xing becomes anxious, as if his most prised possession was stolen.

Wang Haitao, turned to protect the English textbooks, turns around and looked at Zhou Xing, his pair of small eyes looking confused.

“I do not see any other books!” Zhou Xing shouts angrily at Wang Haitao:

“English textbooks can be read so adamantly? Is your head alright?” Wang Haitao innocently looks at Zhou Xing.

“I have to study , you go away!” Zhou Xing impatiently waved.

Wang Haitao seems to be betrayed and angrily said. “Study? Are you ok? Yesterday you promised me after school today we would to the internet cafe!”

“Next week is the simulation test, I want to seriously study. I will not go back to the Internet cafe!” Zhou Xing looks sadly out the window.

“Do you really want to study? Is there a problem with my ears ?” Wang Haitao tries to clean his ears.

“Why not? I want to learn. Go away quickly roll, do not look for me!” Zhou Xing grabbed the textbook, waved and said.

“This joke is a bit cold! You are not poisoned? Is it when your confession to your goddess Tang Xin failed?” Wang Haitao’s eyes flash with the passion for gossip.

“Someone with class results like yours wants to study? What a joke! Zhou Xing, haven’t you already given up on the university entrance examination? ‘Serious study’, this sentence actually can jump out from your mouth? Is the sun rising from the west?”

“Haha, it must be that you are studying to get in the good graces of Tang Xin. You will not start to study for no reason, ah!” Seeing  Zhou Xing’s rolled eyes look, Wang Haitao almost chuckles :

Zhou Xing angrily shouts,


“Haha, it seems that I guessed right. Not that I look down on you, but at most you will last for two days! There is an event the day after tomorrow at Yang cafe, see you there! Don’t make me lose!” Wang Haitao sees Zhou Xing’s lips curl and grins

Finished, Wang Haitao grabs his bag and leaves while smiling.

Wang Haitao looked back to see Zhou Xing’s face showing a strange color.

“This bet you will lose”

Great  Scientist Assistance System:

Objective: To assist the host to become the top scientist of all mankind.

Host: Zhou Xing (ordinary Han human)

Sex: Male

Age: 17

IQ: 116

Concentration: 75

Physical fitness: C

Talent: Unknown

Charm: 3

Skill: None

Props: None

State: Mandatory learning (the most effective way to change learning attitude: to implement punitive coercive measures.)

Title Rating: weak chicken slag (You are weak chicken slag, you did not lay the foundation but want to be a big scientist, work hard to learn everyting!)

Suddenly a strange synthetic voice sounded out in his mind.

Warning: host learning distraction is nearing 60 seconds. Set for 9 seconds, 8 seconds.

Zhou Xing face change, with no time to see what the task information is, he quickly picks up the textbooks and continues studying.

“This auxiliary system is too wicked, the warning countdown occurs if I am distracted, and if the countdown ends, brutal punishment immediately falls on my body! What Mandatory Learning? This is torture!”

“Damn, i lost my place.” Zhou Xing’s hands panictly flip through English books, anxious tears almost falling out.

Fumbling, Zhou Xing takes too long to find his place, the countdown is over and punishment will come.

“AGH” Zhou Xing moaned, lying on the desk, his eyes tightly shut. A strong pain coursed through his body, as if a heavy truck was crushing him. Just ten seconds and a cold sweat turns his uniform soggy.

The punishment is complete, host, the next punishments time extension: 5 seconds.

Face pale, the waves of pain subside. Quickly struggling up, Zhou Xing looked at the English book to find his page.

Too much of his body hurt.  Other people’s systems at the beginning of a novel send skills, send wealth or something of the like. His luck is so bad, forced to learn and not to say the system corporal punishment.

To good!

Last night there was a dream about when he was a child, and then waking up after to this broken system. No more fun! No more play!

Zhou Xing cried.

Warning: host, host learning distraction nearing 60 seconds, 45 seconds, 44 seconds ….

Zhou Xing’s face changed, concentrating on the book, he quickly started reciting English words.

A system of punishment is not a joke, if you are distracted, a harsh corporal punishment will fall.