Teen Detective – Shroud of Mystery Prologue

Teen Detective – Shroud of Mystery Prologue

Case 1 The Missing Gem

Preface: Invitation from a Figure

Dear Mr. Zheng Hanfei:

I am a private secretary for the manager from the Claudia Reese Group, and we sincerely invite you to the Claudia Reese Group Gem Exhibition at the front lobby on April 5. Our manager is going to have an important talk with you. Please be sure to attend.


“Who’s this manager from the Claudia Reese Group?” Zheng Hanfei sat on a shiny sandalwood chair, holding the letter in one hand while pinching his chin. After contemplating for a moment, he slowly turned to the butler in front of him and asked.

“Sterling!” The butler was around fifty to sixty years old. He was wearing a black suit and a pair of black shoes. His gray hair was neatly combed without any trace of disorder, which gave off an overall capable and experienced image.

“He’s mixed-blood. His father is a military officer and his mother was a banker. During World War II, his father became a private banker and made a lot of money from the war. After the war ended, he came to China and became the founder of the Claudia Reese Group and expanded his business into many industries. Later on, Claudia Reese became a world-renowned group.”
“He sure is a figure!” Hanfei nodded and said, “Isn’t he in the UK most of the time? Why is he coming to China?”

“I don’t know.” The butler shook his head. “According to what he said, his trip to China is to celebrate his child’s birthday by hosting this gem exhibition.”

“This ah ……” Hanfei pondered for a moment, and then said, “Why is he inviting me? Does he even know me?”

“Maybe ……” The butler Bo seemed a little awkward. If he couldn’t make it clear, his young master would likely not participate in this party, which could be bad for Hanfei’s future. Hence, he said, “Maybe this has something to do with your dad. After all, your dad knew many people. I believe Mr. Sterling is one of them.”

“Is this related to my father again?! ……” Hanfei was angry and turned away with a look of indifference, but Bo clearly saw that Hanfei’s hands were shaking, and a few crystal clear tears rolled off his face.
It seemed that he still cared about his father. Bo smiled and felt some comfort; he understood his young master. Although he kept cursing his dad, it was just a façade. Whenever he saw or heard some clues about his father, he would become excited. Perhaps he had become a detective in order to look for his father.

“Bo, let’s go!” Hanfei wiped his tears. He took a pen on the desk and a silver watch, “Let’s go and see why this great man has invited me.”


Zheng Henfei, an ordinary sixteen year-old boy had another identity–a detective. A person’s identity was not necessarily proportional to his age. Although there were millions of people who didn’t know him, for anyone who’d ever experienced Hanfei’s inferencing abilities, they would definitely admit that he had remarkable talent in this field.

Unfortunately, the highly intelligent Hanfei lost his memories of his first five years for some unknown reason. He couldn’t remember who his parents were. He only knew that from the age of six, he lived with his butler Bo at this villa in the suburbs. In addition to eating, sleeping, and reading detective novels, every day he would search for clues about his father and his background.

The only items related to his parents were a pen and watch which he took with him every time he went out. According to Bo, the pen and watch were left there before the previous master had left him. The master told Bo to give them to Hanfei when he turned ten. Hanfei had no trace of any clue, even until now.

No one could predict what the future was going to be like, including Hanfei himself. He would’ve never expected that this mysterious invitation would lead him to unlocking his past and uncovering the mystery of his life.