Teen Detective – Shroud of Mystery Chapter 3

Teen Detective – Shroud of Mystery Chapter 3

Chapter 3 The Bet

“Easy! Guys!” Sterling took out a handkerchief and wiped his forehead. “Do not let outsiders hear about the threatening letter, since it is likely to cause panic before the show.”

“I know!” They replied together. After all, this was not their place. The two of them knew very well what to do.

“Well, I will leave first since I have something else to do. If you guys have any questions, just ask Linda.” Sterling smiled and quickly disappeared from their sight.

“Excuse me, is there a dressing room?” Hugh asked Linda: “I want to change.”

“Yo, you actually do know what to wear, huh.” Hanfei said sarcastically: “I thought you would wear that to the exhibition.”

“Don’t worry, I am not so stupid that I don’t even know what to wear for this exhibition. Unlike a certain someone else in some shabby clothes. ”


“Just kidding.” Ouyang Hugh smiled, then followed Linda to the dressing room and disappeared into the exhibition hall.

“Ouyang Hugh …… The name sounds familiar, where did I hear it?” Hanfei thought for a while. In addition to the familiar name, when he saw him at first, his heart actually had a sense of familiarity, as if he had known him for a long time.
“Bo, have you heard of the name?” After he thought for a long time, Hanfei had no clue. He had to ask Bo to get some useful clues.

“I remember he seems to be quite famous.” Bo said, “He had solved a few cases in Japan, France, Britain and many other countries. One of the most famous cases that he did was one on the case about the Royal Chamber murder that intrigued a lot of French detectives. ”

“I remember that!” Hanfei patted his head: “No wonder the name sounds so familiar.”

“Ah but over time, many Chinese people have gradually forgotten about this case, so the security officers did not recognize him.”

“Well, I also solved that case, too!” Hanfei felt disdain: “If I wasn’t sick, I would not have let him get all of the credit.”

“You are so confident. Do you want to make a bet?” Hugh slowly walked in, wearing a formal suit for the party. He always had a smile on his face, with sapphire blue eyes giving off a unique charm. His grey and silver hair attracted the young ladies around. People would never relate this look to the boy who had just fought with the security officers at the door.
“A bet? Elaborate please.” Hanfei smiled. Although his clothes were somewhat shabby, he was pretty handsome. Besides his unwillingness to submit, a unique charm gradually radiated from him.

“The case! Let’s see who can prevent the occurrence of the threat.”

“Oh ~ what about the stakes?”

“If you lose, I’ll have your reputation.”

“Do you know me?” Hanfei wanted to see through Hugh’s thoughts.

“Do not underestimate yourself. You have a great reputation.” Ouyang Hugh touched his silver-gray hair: “At least in Japan, there were a lot of people who knew that you cracked the Japanese billionaire kidnapping case. This explains that your reasoning ability is not any poorer than mine. ”

“Well, I can promise that, but what if I win?”

“If I lose, I’ll give you a chance to make all the young people admire you.”

“Sounds tempting but, what exactly is this chance about?”

“When you win I’ll say it.”
“Then I’ll wait for it.”

“Good!” Hugh smiled, turned around and asked Linda: “Miss Linda, I want to ask you a question. Why isn’t there any cameras around the hall?”

Hanfei was slightly shocked. According to Hugh’s question he finally knew why he felt there was something wrong before. In such a big hall, there wasn’t a single camera. Not even a pinhole camera. It almost seemed as if the manager was waiting for someone to steal.

“That ah, the manager trusted Mr. Zheng Hanfei, so there is no need to install cameras.”

“He is really thinking highly of me. We have never even met before.” Hanfei felt somewhat helpless, but now it was too late. After all, the exhibition was about to begin. He couldn’t delay the exhibition to install cameras.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? You’re making mistakes at this critical moment!” An argument could be heard from the display shelf. A middle-aged man was scolding a skinny young man and pointing at the display shelf.

“What happened?” Linda asked.

“Miss Linda,” The middle-aged man was annoyed: “This guy was installing these miniature spotlights but he made a mistake somewhere and now all the spotlights are off position.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” The young man bowed down to apologize: “I will make the appropriate compensation.”

“You cannot afford it!” Shouted the furious middle-aged man: “This exhibition is organized by the manager. Now that you made this mistake, the manager’s reputation will be hurt. You will get fired if that happens!”

“Ah! Don’t do that please! I have my family to raise!” He looked very nervous, grabbed Linda’s hand and cried: “Miss Linda, please don’t let the manager fire me.”

“Well, well!” Linda comforted, “It’s too late to explain anything now. I’ll talk to the manager about it. So you two don’t worry.”

“Thank you.”


“What’s wrong?” Seeing that Hanfei didn’t look well, Bo was concerned and asked.

“I had always felt that something was not quite right.”

“Master, to be honest, I think since you know Ouyang Hugh’s identity, you became paranoid. This is not good for you since you have to concentrate.”

“No! I’m not!” Hanfei said: “Didn’t you notice that from 6 p.m. to now, there were so many accidents going on. It seems like the Acheron Wizard is playing tricks.”

“Haha Bo. Don’t worry about what I just said.” Hanfei scratched his head and laughed: “Maybe I am really being too paranoid.”

“Master, do you need me to go find a hat. Scratching your hair is going to hurt your brain.” Bo was worried.

“No!” Hanfei looked angry and shouted, which scared the people around him. Hugh was looking at the two with a doubting face.
“I am going to take a rest. Bo, you can just collect the information I asked you to before.” Hanfei went out of the exhibition hall, leaving Bo worried and Hugh contemplating.
“…… Is the letter true? If so, why didn’t I feel anything about him ……” Ouyang Hugh himself stood for a moment, then looked at Bo and left the hall.


Stop! Stop!

Hanfei’s heart was crying, but the effect from shouting was the opposite. His head became more and more painful. Several times, Hanfei almost passed out.

Zheng Hanfei ran all the way. He did not know where to go. He just wanted to run. He did not know how many people he had ran into judging from all the cursing going on behind him.

Eventually, Hanfei ran into the bathroom. He locked the door and sat on the toilet, breathing heavily. His body occasionally twitched, showing that he was suffering great pain.

Why? Why are you doing this?

Hanfei had been repeatedly thinking about this sentence. He liked asking other people, but also liked asking himself.

Time went by fast, but his pain did not get better. Then two figures gradually emerged out of Hanfei’s mind. One was slim and the other was skinny. He wanted to see their faces, but it led to further pain.
Just hate him. He turned you into this. You don’t need emotions; you don’t need sunshine. You are just a dark shadow.

This sentence kept ringing in his head, which made his body twitch even more. It seemed like this sentence was a curse, which Hanfei could never get away from.

“Shut up!” Hanfei said. Then his pain started relieving gradually. He stopped sweating and his body stopped twitching. Everything finally returned to normal.

“Whoo~” After a while, he breathed and opened his eyes. After looking around, he started thinking.
Why am I having a headache? And who were the two figures in my head? And what about the voice?

A lot of questions emerged from his head. No matter how smart Hanfei was, he couldn’t find out in a short time.

“Any way, just think about this later. I need to solve the problem I have right now.” He scratched his head and walked out of the bathroom. At this time, he should go hear what information Bo was able to collect for him. Hopefully, the information will provide some clues for the Acheron Wizard.