Teen Detective – Shroud of Mystery Chapter 4

Teen Detective – Shroud of Mystery Chapter 4

Chapter 4-The Exhibition Started

“Master, are you okay?” As Hanfei came back into the hall, Bo was worried and asked.

“I’m fine. This time my headache was not like what we thought it was.” Hanfei smiled and said: “Bo, so the information I asked you to collect…”

“No worries, master.” Bo said: “I have already collected the information. However…”

He took out a black hat and gave it to Hanfei.

“Bo, this is…”

“Master, this time is different. Don’t let your persistence lose you the bet. Just take the hat.” Bo desperately attempted to persuade Hanfei to wear it. It looked like Hanfei’s headache had shocked him.

“Alright. I know.” Hanfei took the hat and put it in his pocket, then asked: “Bo, tell me about what you found.”

“Yes, master! Sterling has two children, a boy and a girl. The boy’s name is Diro. He is about your age. He likes magic and is not interested at all in business. He is currently studying at Quain College.”

“Quain College?” Hanfei thought for a while. He was surprised and asked: “Isn’t that the school where Xun and Jerry are at?”

“Yes, master.”

“Umm…then he is really something. What about the girl?”

“The girl’s name is Katie. She is seventeen and is very proficient in English, Japanese, French and over seven other languages. She was once a translator for the Claudia Reese Group, and is skilled with musical instrumentals. Her violin and piano skills are both at level ten.”

“Katie…Claudia Reese…Katie!” Hanfei was suddenly shocked: “Is she the one who won the first prize at the International Concert?”

“Yes. That is her. And also, master, there is one thing that is even more surprising.”

“What about it?”

“She also studies at Quain College, just like her brother.”

“Woo…Who are these children…It’s already unbelievable to have such a famous father. Now the two kids are also so intelligent.” Hanfei started to admire Sterling.

“How is their relationship?” Hanfei calmed down and asked.

“According to Linda, they don’t seem to be close to their father because Sterling doesn’t visit them a lot.”

“Alright. I see.” Hanfei nodded and looked at his watch: “Now it’s 6:55 p.m., only five minutes until the start of the exhibition. Bo, let’s just wait here.”


“Hugh…..Why are you here?” In a room in the back stage, a sixteen-year-old boy was looking at Ouyang Hugh in surprise.

“Diro! Didn’t you invite me here?” Hugh looked at the teenager and said. The teenager had blonde hair and was in a nice suit. He was a little bit slim, with widened black eyes.

“When did I invite you…Oh no! No! I invited you. Haha, I almost forget!” Diro was about to say the truth, but looking at Hugh’s eyes, he had to correct himself and laughed in embarrassment.

“Hugh, just don’t bully Diro.” At this moment, a girl older than Diro came. Her waist was slim. She was tall in a gorgeous dress. Her blonde hair had reached down to her hips, and her purple eyes were staring at Diro with care and love. This is Sterling’s daughter, Katie.
“I didn’t bully him!” Hugh said: “I just wanted to ask why he didn’t tell me about this event.”

“We didn’t want to bother you. After all, you have to spend all your time there. If you do something else, it’s not good for you.”

“You…Alright, then I’ll just leave it.” Hugh sighed and then sat on the soft and comfortable couch. He crossed his fingers and asked: “I just wanted to ask you guys. Why did you invite Hanfei here?”

“Him?” Diro was first surprised, then relaxed and said: “I heard from my father that he was a competent detective so we invited him here. He is also pretty well-known. Didn’t he solve the case in Japan?”

“Just because he is famous, you are not installing cameras in the hall?”

“This…my father decided that. He said that if it was his request, people will look down on him. So he asked me to take responsibility for the lack of cameras.”

“Really? You don’t get along with him right? Why are you listening to him this time?”

“He is my father. Why not listen to him?”

“Alright, let’s stop the chatting here.” Katie said: “Diro, it’s getting late now. Go back to get ready. Hugh, we are heading to the hall. Can you leave for a moment?”

“Okay…” Hugh stood up looking at the two, said good luck and left the room.


“Bo, seems like it’s time to start. Let’s go.” Hanfei looked at the crowd coming in from the door, and took Bo to a corner close to the exhibition shelf.

“Let’s wait here for the exhibition.” Hanfei leaned on the wall, looking at the people coming in. It seemed like he was looking for the Acheron Wizard.

“Master, let’s get something to eat.” Bo said: “Or you will be starving.”

“Alright.” Hanfei nodded: “Get me some deserts. If I don’t eat something after I overuse my brain, I will become an idiot as the night goes on.”

Bo agreed and walked to the dining area.

“Looks like you are working hard. How is it? Do you have any clues?” After Bo left, an annoying voice was ringing. Needless to say, it was Hugh.

“What are you doing here?” Hanfei was annoyed: “You want to get some clues from me? Don’t even dream of it! You are not going to find out.”
“Oh, how can you say so.” Hugh pretended to be sad: “I just wanted to send you a clue.”

“A clue?” Hanfei looked at Hugh with a puzzled look: “Are we not having a gamble? Aren’t you afraid that you might lose?”

“I am not afraid!” Hugh replied: “Reasoning is not about winning or losing, or the level. There is only one truth.”

“Are you not ashamed of using Conan’s words?” Hanfei laughed. He suddenly felt friendlier when looking at Hugh. Perhaps, the bet didn’t actually exist in their hearts. After all, the nature of the detective is to reveal the truth.

“Well, what clue do you want to share with me?”

“I always feel that Diro and Katie are not really nice to Sterling.”

“Is this your clue? I felt sorry about you. I have had this clue already.”

“Oh? Then you are very fast, then how about this clue? I asked Diro why there are no cameras. He said that it was his father’s arrangement.”

Hanfei’s eyes brightened. At the moment, he felt like he understood something and then he felt he didn’t.

“Don’t worry about this now.” Hugh patted Hanfei’s head, pointed to the opening door and said: “Look, the show began.”

Suddenly, the hall became dark. All the lights gathered at the entrance. The host’s voice was ringing: “Now, let’s welcome Mr. Sterling.”

Sterling, Diro and Katie entered the room majestically. Sterling was walking on the red carpet with a very steady pace. He had an exquisite box in his hand. Diro and Katie followed Sterling, smiling and looked at the people in the hall.

In less than a minute, the three had arrived at the display shelf. Sterling put on his gloves, taking out the “Tears of Hope” and handed it to Diro who also had gloves on.

Diro first showed the “Tears of Hope” to the attendees, then place the gem into the display frame. Then came a roaring sound, and people saw that the glass shield slowly closed.

At this time, Katie stepped forward, took the red cloth from Sterling’s hand, and covered the glass shield. She turned back and looked at the audience, giving them a sweet smile.

Cheers! Everyone applauded for this exciting moment. Hugh and Hanfei participated in the applause as well in the corner, but the two’s eyes were showing a trace of doubt. It seemed as if …… the present situation was somewhat different from what they thought.