Kikanshita Yuusha no Gojitsudan

By Tsukiyono Furudanuki,月夜乃 古狸

Kikanshita Yuusha no Gojitsudan Chapter 1

Kikanshita Yuusha no Gojitsudan Chapter 1

Chapter 1 : Return of the Hero

“Yuuya-sama, the preparation for the ritual is ready”

In the words of a young woman, I leave my room prepared in the royal palace.

Aa, Yuuya is my name.

Real name is Kashiwagi Yuuya 

In here is called Yuuya Kashagi. It seems that it was impossible to pronounce Kashiwagi well.

I am a college student from modern Japan who was summoned as a Hero to this world Wiltarius. (Wiltarius is the name of this continent where this country is and it probably will have another name if I go to other continents).

I was called to this country (& kuso megami) suddenly by summoning about three years ago.

Then, afterwards, it will not be adopted even by such Light Novel at this time! It rank is reaching template from template.

Upon exiting the room, Maid-san (!!) bows and welcomes you.

Even if I say a maid, It is not a woman who is a half-sex custom | (pretty biased) who wears something like a maid clothing in a certain metropolitan area, it is real genuine maid! It is a professional royal palace maid who will not break the perfect works.

She took care of me all the time while I was summoned to this world and staying in the royal palace (even though it was two years on the way I was not in the royal palace) She is a very good person. However, this person has a slightly troubled habit,

“Yuuya-sama, are you really going back to the original world today?"

“Aa, hai … I will return, I really appreciate Eris-san. It is sad that I will not be able to meet everyone with this, but after all, there are also my families in there”

From my answer, Eris-san walk and lead to me and responding,

“Is that so … … In the end, Yuuya-sama not even once put his hand to me”

“?  A, ano, Eris-san?”

“it is not too late even now, won’t you spare 1 or 2 minutes in the vacant room there, please put your hand to me thoroughly?”

“N-no, that, Saint-sama too still waiting, as expected it is bad isn’t it … …”

“… … That's a shame”

Joke like that, that frequently come is troubling, Why do you think it is a joke?

Because this person saying like that without fluttering or changing facial expression at all.

Tteka, 1 or 2 minutes, as expected I think it is too early (too fast) for me! Although just probably, it is not that early! (I say it twice because it's important).

Even more bad when beautiful woman with awesome style that said it. (TN : of course you know that style in this sentence means body curve, right?)


“? What?”

“no, it is nothing” (Ie, nandemonaidesu)

I was tired at a stretch as I was silent and walked like a fool in a long corridor to a tower in the King's Castle during summoning.

Two month has passed since the fight with the Jashin (Evil God), one month since I returned to the kingdom.

After the battle, I came back to the kingdom with a relatively relaxing march, but the welcome of the Capital citizens at that time was amazing, The festival was for held three days and three nights after the royal palace offered stockpiles food and sake. Even on the way back, although we received hospitality from the people and aristocrats who were released from the warfare with the demons, it was plenty of no comparison to compare.

Ma~a, as the hero who summoned by the country defeated Maou and Jashin, the proud emotion and the feeling of relief that “we won the peace” and the warfare with the demon who had long been carried out, I can understand that the feeling that went exploding was put here, I also decided to go back to the former world,  it is too late to feel jealous that it seem it is less to get involved with something troublesome that seem interesting, but I had fun enough. (I think it means it won’t be as interesting as it is, if he back home)

By the way, the day when the battle ended become a holiday, and festival will be held from the next year. Either way it is good, although it doesn’t concern me at all.

Nde, the return has been extended until this day, it is completely necessary to heal the tired Saint-sama who continued traveling together (a beautiful girl who wore the white robe who first mey after the battle), and a great person in the order of stars (who carefully explain the moon calendar minister (a quite important office in this world where calendar is determined by the travel of stars and the moon) A great person explained it, but it was completely incomprehensible) it became this day. (I think except saint-sama is tired, it need special day)

Ma~a, I had gone so far that somewhat there is not much difference even if I late to go home, I also enjoyed my first visit to the capital with a sense of security that I could definitely return home.

Anyway, when I was in the Kingdom before, I was desperately trying to live so I can return and studying, so I had not seen the kingdom sight at all.

By the way, If I remain in thi country, I would be given a residence, territory, and title as an award by this country Arianus Royal Family, His majesty The King, but I refused.

I wanted to go back to Japan more than anything, even though I called Yuusha and Eiyuu, I can see there will  be no fuss if I serve as a vassal of the kingdom.

When I told that I can choose beautiful woman from anyone as concubine, a little, no, a lot, My heart shakes a lot. It should not appear in expression too, probably.

That's why I got a heavy gold coin instead for the compensation of the battle.  

Even though it is necessary funds for post-war reconstruction and should be refrained, but I decided to accept it, if not, I won’t get any rewards for defeating Maou and Jashin, in addition also for those that had died in war who could not receive rewards. Kingdom gold coin seems to be almost pure gold, so I am happy, really happy.

...... But after thinking carefully later, even if I return to Japan, I can not explain how to obtain it ... so I can not sell ... ...

Walk for a while, I arrive at the courtyard of the royal city where there is a summoned tower.

A lot of knights were lining up orderly in the courtyard.

When I got out to the courtyard,

 "Salute the hero (Eiyuu) who saved the world!"

Knight chief-san signaled knight who crowded me to salute to me with a single - stringed movement.

...... I was Scared ...... (Bibitta)

No, it’s pretty embarrassing though.

What, are you practicing this?

When I looking around the line a little, the knights face that I knew suddenly grinned and averting their eyes. Kuso.

When you stepped one step towards tower, the knights line up to make a way.

The road ahead, in front of the tower there were majestic figures of Majesty Arius and His Majesty Queen Lefia, Crown Prince Leon, an there were other friends who greeted me first in the temple after defeated Jashin.

Proceed as it is and kneeling in front of the King and Queen's majesty.

“don’t need to bow. Stand up”

“Exuse me”

I stand upin accordance with the words of his Majesty Arius.

His Majesty Arius approach and talk to me,

“So, After all you want to reamin in this country right?”

"Your Majesty, I should have refused that story many times already"

“Is it useless just Melsuria? ... ... like I thought, The breast is not enough ... ...  Then let’s add Eris! How’s that! If it is Eris, I think the breast and buttock are quite good”

His Majesty pull out flying remark with hand gestures in strange direction … … His Majesty, the hands movement is bad … … also, the Queen vein’s is blue … …

“Yuuya Kashagi-dono, we apologize again for forcing responsibility to you a person from another wolrd,  and then, On behalf of our people, I appreciate the feat of salvation that you have accomplished for our people”

As she said that, The Queen bowed her head to me,

“N-no, Please, raise your head”

I hurriedly said,

I do not know about the original world, but in this world it is impossible for the royal aristocrat to lower his head to commoner. Even though to express gratitude or apology, will never do lowering the head as “losing authority”. It is not a good or bad but the culture is that way. It is not that look down on it separately (although some aristocrats look down on the natural persons of the commoners and nobles small countries naturally), When it is necessary to guarantee and give compensation, to express it with a reward/prize is common sense of this world.

“Is that so. I understand … … but, I truly want you to stay in this country, that’s what I feel”

The queen smiled softly while saying it.

Ano, since the Queen grinding steadily in the King’s legs, not even put out the King voice of agony but …

...... I think that thin heel is a fine weapon ... ...

“Perhaps I thought that you might become a brother-in-law”

While telling such a thing, Crown Prince Leon walk step by step.

He is a tall ikemen with silver hair. Ikemen Prince that excellent in literary and military arts, what kind of Otome game is that.

… … it is not inferiority complex … …

“Your highness too, said such a thing”

I respond with a bit of caution. After all, everyone here is a royalty and everyone is going to send a woman to a man.

“What, I just think that it will be boring if you are gone”

 “People is not for killing time, please”

When I sighed, Your highness went back while laughing.

Meanwhile, His Majesty the King held down his legs and was crying. The King is in tears.

(God please hear my pray, I hope you make me married seiyuu like Kana Hanazawa or Saori Hayami)

I also turn my eyes on my friends.

"I was taken care of"

Bruno · Legg, who has a big rough face, calls out.

It is a man of 30 years old who is a knight of the kingdom of Arianus, extremely tarnish but always calm and dependable.

He taught me how to handle weapons right after being summoned as a Hero (Yuusha) and he came with me on a journey from the beginning to the end.

“well, that’s my line. I've been helped many times. I was really taken care of. Thank you"

I said so with a smile.

"Take care of yourself. It was hard, but I also enjoyed it. I can boast to my daughter. "


Really? Had Bruno Married?? 3-years always together but I haven’t heard it for once though?!

When I was shocked with a sharp look, the blonde Ikemen who was next to me also called out a voice.

“it is the last time I see that face. If people see it, they will be disillusioned”

“Noisy ~ yo” (uru se ~ yo)

This man is Irvania Kingdom Genius (Self proclaim) magician Wisper Rance. Cynical man with a bad mouth but it is not like he is a bad person, Because the age is close, he is the person who talk with me the most among my friends.

It was a good memory to have been caught in the middle of the journey to peep into the bathing of the saint-sama and the others. He complained about being sacrificed alone for a while because I ran away quickly.

“Wisper too, take care yourself. Be healthy”

“Fuh! For you who had betrayed me and ran away quickly, you can go home as soon as possible”

Do you still had a grudge … …

The last one is a girl with cat ears and cat tail.

“Sun, sun…… u u~u゛…… (スン、スン……う゛う゛ぅ゛……)

“ U…”

A little flinching.

A pretty beautiful girl is said that with face full of tears and a runny nose.

“Yuu~ya-zama~~! Are you~Rea~ly going~~?”

“A, a, Sorry Tia”

“Tia know it is impossible. Yuuya from the start is not this country but from another world. In addition, there are families over there”

Although Bruno follow up but Tia expression is not change.

“Th~en, Please take me too”

Although Tia says such a thing, I do not know whether the repatriation will work well when it become two people, in the first place it will be a big fuss if I take a pretty girl with cat ears and cat tail over there.

I am worried about leaving Tia who don’t have family alone, also it does not mean there is no feeling that I want to show off to the friends of the other side, but considering the previous thing, it is better that you should walk your life this way.

I do not feel guilty at all ... ...

"I'm sorry"

I only said that while stroking Tia’s head gently.

By the way, there are two people in the back, one of them should be waiting between the summons and the last one to say "I dislike crowds" before returning to the kingdom to where he lived.

I went back.


A little by, after I heard she finally said that,

“de wa, Thanks for all you've done"

I bowed my head to everyone, and stepped into tower for summoning.

… … dangerous, I am going to cry … … (……Ya be ~e, naki-sō……)

When entering the tower there is a big door in the front, guards who refrain at both sides will open that door.

Dive in the door and go out into the hall where a large magic square was drawn on a smooth floor of cobblestone.

A woman in white robe was waiting in front of that magic square.

"Sorry for being late, Saint-sama”

“I do not mind, because I still have time to do the ceremony of repatriation, I also understand everyone feelings"

To my apology, a woman Arianus royal family second princess and saint Melsuria responded so,

“Besides, please call me Mel like always. I will feel  embarrassed to talk to you, Yuuya-san, with such a tone”

Said that while smile softly.

Damn, You are cute like always, ~ chiku sho ~! (Kuso, aikawarazu kawaii nā ~ chiku sho ~!)

"Even so"

While saying that, Mel looks back at me.

“it is been since that summoning Yuuya-san in that form/dress ne~”

Said nostalgically.

Of course my form now is neither an armor figure nor a commoner's clothes of this world.

It is a very ordinary Japanese style of T – shirts parker, sneakers and cargo pants.

Actually I was wearing a cotton shirt under Parker, but my body size changed because I trained, so I could not wear it. When you forcibly wear it, it seems that shirts will be scattered like a trader of a certain assassination fist.

"It was saved because it being kept"

"It is here that I told you that once everything is over you can return. That’s a matter of course”

After saying that and laughing, we tightened a little expression,

“It is the truth that Yuuya-san is not related with “Wilterias” problem but got involved, and then not blaming us and granting our selfish request, I will never forget that kindness. We will definitely revive this world that have protected by Yuuya-san"

And then Mel lowered her head deeply, then laughing frankly,

“In fact I was hoping Yuuya-san would remain and stay here as my husband”

It continue.

O~u, Melsuria-san you too?

What do you mean saying that now?

Although during the journey to defeat Maou & Jashin there is nothing that show like that・・・

Even if told like that … … it doesn’t change anything.

It is impossible for me to welcome a country's princess as a bride.

"It's almost time, so let's begin the ceremony of repatriation"

As she said so, Mel urges me to go to the center of the magic square.

"Thank you for everything, it was hard and painful, but also fun"

Then Mel laugh, Mel had a look that seemed to cry for a moment nevertheles showed a smile soon.

"I also enjoyed myself. Take care ... but ! peeping is a No good!"

Buste~d … …

When I stand in the center of the magic square, Mel starts casting spells. And light wrapped me.

After a momentary floating feeling, the light disappeared and I returned to the original world Japan.