Major General Spoils his Soul-guiding Wife 初霁

Qin Zhaoyue, a Soul cultivator and famous artifact refiner, dies and transmigrates into a body of 16-year-old Xi Zhaoyue, who died on her wedding day. The unlucky previous owner of the body was an illegitimate daughter of a powerful family and lived her whole life in the orphanage, but at the age of 16 her Guide glands were awakened and as fate willed it, Xi Zhaoyue happened to have the highest compatibility with the youngest, bravest, most handsome Major General of the Empire, a dream husband of the whole Outer Space. Yet, at the wedding ceremony, her Mental sea was invaded and she died. Once Zhaoyue figured out the situation, she wouldn’t be a proud and self-respecting cultivator, if she didn’t strive for independence, for the right to live the life freely! Cultivate, refine, get stronger! Become your own person!

Wait, what’s wrong with the body? Why is it hot?
Guides suffer from being in heat?! This… heat entices Sentinels?!
And only Sentinels mark can help alleviate their pain and survive it?