Using My God Skill "Breathing" to Level Up, I Will Challenge the Dungeon of the Gods Volume 1 Chapter 2

Using My God Skill "Breathing" to Level Up, I Will Challenge the Dungeon of the Gods Volume 1 Chapter 2

TN: If you haven’t read chapter 1, read it .
This chapter is short so I did a quick translation. Haven’t decided yet if I will continue on translating this novel once KT is complete. This is just a tease(1/10).

“I’m home…”

The place where I live is an inn.

It is a place with reasonable price that targets adventurer who plans on entering the dungeon. The building is quite old, the rooms are a bit of rag and the dungeon is kinda far from this place however everything is cheap, father’s cooking is delicious and mother is good at taking care of our customers, which make business prosperous.

and most importantly,

“Onichan, welcome home! souvenir?” (TN: Onichan = Big Brother)

My sister, Mary, who make a smile like a blooming flower asked me question. She is 1 year younger than me but she is known as the signboard girl of this place. No, is that really it? Her charming face is quite similar to mother who is also popular in town.

She came dashing next to me who is standing at the back door. She asked again a question.

“You came from the castle right? You did not get any souvenir?”

“No, I did not get any”

“Is it alright for onichan to talk about his dream being crushed?”

“Why do you know about that?!”

Mary was surprised when I unintentionally raised my voice

“Eh, that was my bad. Sorry”

“No… It’s okay. I’m also sorry for raising my voice like that”

I walk pass by my younger sister

“I will be a good son and work for the inn. I made a promise with father. If I cannot become an adventurer, I will inherit the inn”

Mary looked back at me,

“Onichan, you haven’t gone inside the dungeon yet!”

“……It’s okay, Mou~”

“Do not give up so easily! Whatever skill you got, I’m sure that it will be useful in the future!”

“How can a skill like 【Breathing】 be useful! It allow me to inhale and exhale!? What the heck is that!”

“B-but you will never know until you try! Breathing, It’s breathing you know!? Uhn… E~to… I cannot think of anything right now”

“That’s enough, leave me alone…”

My little sister still try on saying something, but she just became silent.

I’m sure that she is imagining my disappointment. She is really kind, it warms my heart.

“Onichan… Ah, uhm”

“……… What?”

“A while ago, Pauline-chan came. She said that she will be back later” (TN: Pauline-chan in raw is プリネちゃん(Purine-chan). Let me know if you can provide better alternative)

It’s the name of my childhood friend who is really skilled in using a sword.

“I understand, Thank You”

While saying that, I did my best not to look at my little sister’s face and proceed on climbing the stairs.

It was at that moment.


I heard the scream of Mary from my back. However, I am unable to look back. I am unable to move my body as if it was frozen. It’s like I am being held by an invisible power.


My sight is becoming dark, literally. The stairs, the walls, the ceiling, my feet and hands. They are becoming black and I am unable to see anything. However, I heard a voice, a woman voice.

“……there is no doubt”

―W-who is it!

“I will take this girl’s 『time』”

―Mary!? Don’t joke with me! Who are you, where did you come from!?

“The Witch of the North”

ba-sa basa basa basa, the world of darkness changed into crow and flew away (TN: Basa basa is a SFX, not sure of what tho)


I look at the back and saw my little sister lying down near the entrance. She is still breathing but she is not waking up no matter how many times I call her name. She is also not moving.


My childhood friend Pauline was running when she arrives.

“Is that… Mary-chan!?”

“Did you also hear that? Pauline, please call father and mother!”

“Ah, Mary, chan…”

“Pauline! Call Father and mother!”

“Wa, Yes!”

My parents came shortly afterwards.


“This is a 『Witch Curse』… I cannot find a way to take care of it”

The one who is examining the condition of my sister is the Mage Doctor, Jin-sensei. He apologize to me while shaking his head. (TN: Take note that Jin-sensei don’t have a gender. I will refer to sensei as male for now, I will change it if the gender is different later. Btw, Sensei is used to refer to a professional or someone with authority like teachers, accountants, lawyers, physicians or politicians)

After that incident earlier, we have laid Mary in her bedroom. It seems the mysterious voice who call herself『Witch of the North』was also heard by my parents. I immediately called a Mage Doctor but it seems even sensei who is known to be number 1 in the whole country is unable to awaken Mary.

“Mary… What will happen to Mary, sensei!…”

“Probably, after 1 year… she will die”

Die. You mean. My little sister.

That’s, I don’t understand.

“No way…… Mary……Why……!”

My mother was crying while holding my little sister. Jin-sensei continue to talk

“If we have the『Seed of Sage』?”

While we were crying, father asked a question.

『Seed of Sage』? Is she going to be cured if we have that!?

“Yes, probably. However, I’m sure you already know where you can find it, Lana-kun”

When I was asked, I silently nod.

“It is at the last floor of the dungeon”


The last floor of the dungeon that no one has ever reached.

It was said that an all-purpose stone, which is universally known as the『Seed of Sage』 is can be found. It is an excellent item that every magicians and adventurer wants to obtain. I see, if I have that item we can get rid of Mary’s curse as well.

I did my father’s work in the inn while father was asking around town for Curse Experts and Magicians but no one was able to wake up Mary.

That means, there is only one thing to do.

The next day, I have baggage that can last for 2 nights, I was standing in front of the back door.

I will register at the Dungeon Guild, my work in this place can wait while I become an adventurer.

Also, I need to reach the last floor of the dungeon within a year… and acquire the 『Seed of Sage』

It is what all adventurers are aiming for. It is said that it can be exchanged for enormous wealth, the 『Seed of Sage』

Even though I do not know what my skill 【Breathing】can do, I will never give up.

Mary, please give me strength.


My mother and father came to see me off while having a worried face, 

“Father informed the guild about the 『Witch of the North』. Once we find her, we will gather a group of adventurer and deal with her”

“That’s why, Lana. You do not have to push yourself okay?”

They also keep on saying that repeatedly last night, and every time I will answer It’s okay while laughing. My mind keeps on thinking that I will not see my little sister every time I go home.

I tightly grasped the hands of my parents and,

“I will absolutely wake up Mary”

I turn on my back, and leave.

I have lived all my life here in our house.

I was thinking of that while having a runny nose.


After I hide behind an alley to wipe my eyes, I began to walk back in the road leading to the guild. 

I’m pretty sure that this is where we should meet but…

“P-please stop, please let me go…”

TN: Wow, what an half-ass way of ending a chapter. No plans yet for the next tease.