Tens of Thousands Worlds of Martial God

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Tens of Thousands Worlds of Martial God Chapter 2

Tens of Thousands Worlds of Martial God Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Thunderfury

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After a period of time passed slowly, Cheng Qingxue finally recovered her consciousnesses. She looked at Cheng Wutian's eyes and firmly shook her head: "Grandpa, I didn't!"

"Good, as long as we take the principle, I will fight with my old life, and I will give a proper explanation to Qingxue!"

Cheng Wutian turned to Cheng Xinghe: "Xinghe, you should go and entertain the guests, I will go to Tiemu Clan Manor right now."

After said these words, Cheng Wutian's Origin Power expanded, and he soared in the direction of Tiemu Clan Manor.

A few meters away, he looked at the guests who had burned the frying pot, at the pale faces of a clan member, a grieved and sorrow elder sister's face... Cheng Feng gritted his teeth and clenched his fist, unexpectedly, let his nails penetrated among the hand's flesh.

"Why, how possible.....!!?"

"My elder sister Qingxue is gentle and pure, and definitely will not do what Tiemu Dengke said. My elder sister definitely is framed!"

“Tiemu Dengke, my elder sister has done so much for you, she helps you breakthrough the cultivation base, she helps you get a grade eight Martial Spirit, as well as she helps you enter to the Hidden Dragon list... and you, yet hardly show my elder sister's involvement, even you didn't greet her in the public and you.. let my elder sister’s reputation be destroyed in public..."

"If it turns out that my elder sister is innocent, my Cheng Feng will rip my body and crushed bones[1], and I will invite and drag you into the 18th floor of hell!"

As time passed, one day after the Cheng Clan's disturbance.

At this time, Cheng Clan's courtyard was a mess, Cheng Clan members didn't have a mood to pay attention each other, without exception, all people were sitting in Clan's Conference Hall, waiting for Patriarch's news.

Suddenly, a whistling sound rang through the air, and then a figure rushed into the Conference Hall.

Everyone took a closer look and found that this person was actually Cheng Wutian who went to Tiemu Clan to ask an explanation.

Cheng Wutian, as the current Patriarch of Cheng Clan, was the pillar of Cheng Clan, yet he had become like this in a day.




Cheng Clan's people saw him, and then they immediately rushed and surrounded Cheng Wutian.

"Grandpa, who did this, who did this?!" Cheng Feng's eyes socket almost split.

Cheng Wutian was bathed in blood and trembled: "I was injured by Tiemu Clan Elder, Tiemu Zhengxiong. All of this was planned by Tiemu Clan because the little princess of Yuhua Divine Dynasty is about to come to Hidden Dragon Academy. Tiemu Dengke with his wolf ambition, in order to pursue that little princess, so that this series of events, is in order to eliminate his past..."

"Xinghe, my Martial Spirit had already shattered by Tiemu Zhengxiong and also broke my core[2]. I cannot alive for several days. In the future, Cheng Clan will depend on you."

After said these words, Cheng Wutian's mental and physical efforts were exhausted, he passed away.


Seven days later, Cheng Wutian was buried and at rest[3], but the days of Cheng Clan have been especially difficult since this day.

Without a person who had the cultivation base of the peak of Heaven Martial Tier to take position as Patriarch, all parties in Sky Star city could be described was beginning stir[4]; Inside the Cheng Clan, the arrogant idler third grandpa had been suppressed by Cheng Wutian, now Cheng Wutian had passed away, Cheng Feng was restless to handle various kinds in the clan.

Half a month later, Cheng Qingxue, who couldn't bear all kinds of slander to her, sneaked away from Cheng Clan and went to Tiemu Clan to ask explanations from Tiemu Dengke.

Yet, since Cheng Qingxue left, there was no news at all. When there was news again, it was already two months later. The news was that Cheng Qingxue committed suicide...

After learning the news, Cheng Xinghe vomited blood, and in less than three months, he already didn't stand in the world.

In just half a year, the grievous news continued, one after another, which made Cheng Feng from incomparable anger, and then gradually despair!

Because Tiemu Clan was too strong, with the strength of Cheng Feng wanted to revenge, it was difficult was like to ascend the heaven!

"Is there no hope? Is there really no hope at all?!"

"I do not believe!!!"

On this day, in Weapon Pavilion of Cheng Clan, Cheng Feng with his red eyes, he took a human head-sized iron pearl and muttered to himself: "The rumor is that Hidden Dragon Academy's 'Wrath of Thunder' can kill a pinnacle of Heaven Martial Tier expert, as long as I can get close to the beast Tiemu Dengke, and then detonate this 'Wrath of Thunder', it will be able to blow him into flown ash!"

Cheng Feng’s plan was crazy enough, yet it’s not easy to succeed.

First, Tiemu Dengke was hard to come by.

Second, once this plan was successful, he would also visit the Yellow Spring, so it was suicide revenge.

"Kid, once you have implemented this plan, you have to put your own life. You don't regret it?" An old voice suddenly sounded.

"No regrets." Cheng Feng said in a hysterical way: "As long as I can kill Tiemu Dengke, I will not regret what I paid!"

"Are you sure?" asked the old voice.

"I am sure!"


There was a wave of volatility in the old voice: "Kid Cheng Feng, your determination is rare in this world, the old man Nalan Changseng will give you a chance, a chance to change your life."

"If you can change your life, not only revenge great enmity but also you don't have to die."

"However, after you succeed, you need to do something for the old man as a reward!"

As the sound of the old voice resounded, suddenly a huge eyelid appeared from the Weapon Pavilion of Cheng Clan.

This eyelid was very deep and seemed to contain countless spaces and countless worlds!

At the moment when it appeared, there was a dragon cry sounded in Hidden Dragon Academy while a Sword Intent ascended to heaven in Yuhua Divine Dynasty, and the same time on another place, an underground of unknown palace which was surrounded mountain range, the buried Sky Mountain Range, a dead body opened its eyes...

In the Weapon Pavilion of Cheng Clan, Cheng Feng was dragged by the huge God eye, like a snake swallowing a giant elephant, the huge God eye unexpectedly was separated and into the right eye of Cheng Feng.

As for Cheng Feng, he only felt an unbearable pain, he Immediately lost consciousness.

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[1] idiom : to sacrifice one's life

[2] I am a bit hesitant "core"

[3] idiom : RIP

[4] idiom : to get restless

[5] idiom : to die