Tens of Thousands Worlds of Martial God

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Tens of Thousands Worlds of Martial God Chapter 3

Tens of Thousands Worlds of Martial God Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Reversing Time and Changing Fate

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It didn't know how long it took, Cheng Feng woke up from fainting.

"It hurts, and the headache is almost blasted!"

Cheng Feng rubbed his head and sat up, pondering for a moment, and then concentrated his attention: "Thunderfury, huge eyes, reversing time and changing fate... This, this should be an illusion!"

Cheng Feng remembered what had just happened, and he was full of doubts.

However, when his gaze swept away, he saw a scene before his eyes made him stunned, and just like there was a thunderclap in his mind!

"Cheng An, you are not dead? How is this possible!!!"

In his memory, Cheng Feng's personal servant Cheng An died before Tiemu Dengke wrote off his marriage. He was slapped by Tiemu Dengke, and Cheng Feng's mind was very clear about it.

But now, Cheng An is still alive and leaning his body on Cheng Feng's side bed, he is sleeping.

Moreover, Cheng Feng was in the Weapon Pavilion of Cheng Clan before the coma, but now he is lying in his bedroom.

Everything about this was telling Cheng Feng's fate should have changed!

"Don't tell me... that old voice tells the truth? He can really change my life..."

Cheng Feng muttered to himself and awakened Cheng An, who was sleeping on the side of the bed.

"Young Master, you wake up." Cheng An stood up and said with joy: "Today is the big day for Big young miss, and it's no wonder Young Master sleeps frequently."

"Big young miss's big day!" Cheng Feng stood up and grabbed Cheng An and asked, "You said Big young miss, but miss Qingxue? What happy event did she have?"

Suddenly, Cheng An was interrupted by Cheng Feng, and he felt awkward: "Young Master, you are fine, Big young lady is, of course, Miss Xuexue! A few days ago, Tingmu Dengke of Tiemu Clan and Miss Qingxue was the first meeting day, at first sight, he launched pursuit...and today, he is married to Miss Qingxue, it’s a big day!”

"Ha! Haha!" After listening to Cheng An, Cheng Feng couldn't help but laugh three times.

There were too many things in his laughter, but the most intense one was the excitement that cannot be concealed.

"Reversed time and changed my life, It truly happened to me!" Cheng Feng held his hands tightly and let the Buddha seized his fate.

"Kid Cheng Feng, the feeling of reversing time and changing fate, that was quite good, right?!" At this moment, suddenly the old voice sounded in the mind of Cheng Feng.

"Senior... I really don't know how to thank you." Cheng Feng stared blankly and responded.

Although this old voice changed his life, he might hide the secret, yet Cheng Feng was willing, as long as he could kill Tiemu Dengke and changed the fate of Cheng Clan, even if he went down the 18th layer of hell, he would not hesitate!

"Kid Cheng Feng, now you have no ability to thank the old man."

The old voice said: "The most important thing you should consider now is how to seize this opportunity to change your life completely and the fate of your Cheng Clan. After you have solved your business, come back to me!"

After listening to the old voice, Cheng Feng took a deep breath.

The old voice did not immediately let him repay back, which gave him enough time and energy to do what he wanted.

"Countless regrets, my Cheng Feng finally returned from the heaven, this time, must not let the tragedy fall on Cheng Clan."

Cheng Feng's eyes flashed with a ferocious light: "The first thing I need to do, stopping the marriage contract. I must not let the marriage of my elder sister and Tiemu Dengke be completed smoothly!"

With a plan in mind, Cheng Feng released Cheng An and told him: "Cheng An,.... father, they, perhaps they had been there, take me to see them."

Cheng An took the lead and took about ten minutes. Cheng Feng came to Cheng Clan's Conference Hall.

At this moment, Cheng Clan's Conference Hall was carved and painted by richly ornamented, left far from the old ** of past lives.

In the Conference Hall of Cheng Clan was already full with the crowd.

Among them, Cheng Clan Patriarch, Cheng Wutian, he was old but vigorous and sat on the chief's seat.

On his right hand side were Cheng Clan's elders, uncle Cheng Wentian, and third grandpa Cheng Qingtian.

As for the left hand side, they were his father Cheng Xinghe and his elder sister Cheng Qingxue.

Outside the Conference Hall, Cheng Feng stepped in. When he caught sight of the full black haired grandfather Cheng Wutian, the warm and gentle cultured father Cheng Xinghe, as well as the pure and tender elder sister Cheng Qingxue, he couldn’t help but the sore feel from his nostril. His tears swirled in the eyelids.

The scene of the past life, the memory was too deep in his heart, and now he sees this scene make Cheng Feng shocked, is truly big for him.

"Tiemu Dengke, I must kill you, I will not let the tragedy happened again... Never again..!"

Just as Cheng Feng in the pondering state, Cheng Wutian’s voice suddenly came: “Feng'er, what happened?”

"Grandpa, today is the happy day for my sister, so my grandson is a little out of order." Cheng Feng woke up and immediately found an excuse.

"Kid, you are 16 years old, yet still sniveling, you haven't grown up."

Although Cheng Wutian said so, the kindness in the eyes was exposed: "Come quickly, your brother-in-law will come, don't let other people see jokes."

Cheng Feng nodded and went to the side of Cheng Wutian. He whispered: "Father, Elder sister, Tiemu Dengke, at what time will he arrive?"

"I heard that Dengke will arrive at noon, but I think it should arrive in advance." A sweet smile appeared at Elder sister Cheng Qingxue's face.

Looking Cheng Qingxue's face, Cheng Feng couldn't help but feel a pain.

Cheng Qingxue was absolutely in love with Tiemu Dengke but the mutual love each other, in fact, Tiemu Dengke possessed a heart of wolf and lungs of dog, closed to Cheng Qingxue, just to break through cultivation base with the help of Cheng Qingxue's Nine Linglong Body and awakened Martial Spirit.

"Elder sister, Tiemu Dengke is a scumbag, I must dismember his body into pieces so that he can't ever hurt you again." Cheng Feng snorted and then stopped muttering to himself, waiting for the arrival of Tiemu Dengke.

As time passed, when the sun reached its highest point, the hawk cry sounded.

Hearing the eagle's voice, in Cheng Clan's Conference Hall, Cheng Clan's people got up and walked out of the Conference Hall.

When Cheng Feng followed his grandfather and walked outside the Conference Hall, at the east side of the sky, a row of ‘人’ shaped giant Northern Goshawks, were rapidly advancing.

Cheng Feng looked up and saw that there was a young man standing on top of a giant Northern Goshawks.

The young man was tall and handsome, held a long black sword in his hand. His majestic appearance was standing above the common crowd[1]. He was the first genius of Tiemu Clan, Tiemu Dengke.

Beside Tiemu Dengke, There was a silver robed old man with a cold face.

This old man was a Tiemu Clan expert, the ninth elder Tiemu Zhengxiong!

Standing behind the crowd, Cheng Feng looked at Tiemu Zhengxiong, the killer of the dead grandpa Cheng Wutian, and looked at Tiemu Dengke, who caused Cheng Clan to fall apart, his sister committed suicide, and his father was depressed, and his eyes emitted killing intent.

But Cheng Feng still forcibly endured, because now was not the time of the explosion, no matter how much he hated, he should endure...

Note :

[1] Idiom : Outstanding