Ninth Netherworld Celestial Emperor Chapter 3

Ninth Netherworld Celestial Emperor Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Onward

“I never imagined that I would be interested in killing two Martial Apprentice in one day, Fortunately, those guys are too stupid, otherwise I would be a total joke. What a disgrace!” Shi Feng cursed himself.

If Ming An and the horse driver heard Shi Feng’s words, they would have jumped out from the dead. For heaven’s sake, we were killed by you, yet you felt embarrassed for killing us?

If Ming An and the horse driver heard Shi Feng’s words, they would have jumped out from the dead. For heaven’s sake, we were killed by you, yet you felt embarrassed for killing us?

Shi Feng took off the pale blue ring on Ming An’s middle finger of his left hand and held it on his own hand.

Shi Feng’s mind moved and created a connection with the ring. Then a series of items stored in the ring suddenly flashed through his mind.

This was a spatial ring, made by a refiner to store various items in the space inside.

Spatial rings are considered very rare, and only the four patriarchs of the four main families possessed it in the entirety of Blue Moon City.

The people gazed at this rugged boy in curiosity who dared to kill a Second Order Refiner. Moreover, he also took away the man’s spatial ring.

The treasures of a Second Order Refiner are definitely rich and hard to imagine, but unfortunately this youth wouldn’t be able to enjoy it.

They could foresee the grueling demise of Shi Feng. Trapped in a cold and dark cage, covered in blood, arms and legs ripped apart, beaten like a dead dog, unable to live, yet also unable to die.

But at the moment, Shi Feng looked calm, as if nothing happened. Placing the pale blue ring on his middle finger, he turned around and look at the thin, small body of Shi Ling.

Shi Ling was still standing in the same place, seeing Shi Feng coming towards her, she quickly ran up and hug Shi Feng's thigh. She was crying as her tears choke her voice, “Brother……Ling’er wants to go home. Please bring Ling’er home….Ling’er is afraid.”

Looking back at the memories of this life, a gentle. loving smile spread upon Shi Feng’s face. He dottingly caressed the little girl’s head as he picked her up and soft said, “Don’t cry my little princess, brother will take you home.”

He turned round and looked at the black steed that pulled the carriage. He suddenly flicked his arm as a snow-white sword appeared in his hand.

With a slash, the rope that connected the horse and carriage were instantly severed.

But just as Shi Feng and Shi Ling jumped behind the horse, an old voice said, “Little friend Please wait a moment.”

Shi Feng’s brow wrinkled. Following the sound, he saw a white-haired elderly man standing in the middle of the crowd. Wearing a long black robe, he had a ruddy complexion and a stable atmosphere. With a single glance, Shi Feng knew that this man was a warrior.

“Nine Star Martial Warrior?” Shi Feng looked at the old man and saw his cultivation level.

It can be said that killing Ming An and the driver was like killing a chicken or a dog. But even so, he had to rely on the peerless martial arts of his past life as well as his combat skills to challenge his opponents. Not to mention, he had to catch them off guard in order to slay them.

However, there is a whole realm between an Apprentice and a Warrior that was just like an impassable chasm. The gap between the two was like an insurmountable mountain. It was like a man against a child.

“Old Bai.”

“It is actually Old Bai. "

“Greetings Old Bai.”

When the old man appeared, all of them respectfully greeted him with a certain prestige.

Old Bai nodded his head in response.

Shi Feng looked at the old man as he moved forward. His brows frowned even deeper. “Who are you? What do you want?”

Old Bai also moved forward and stopped three meters in front of Shi Feng, “This old man is Martial Hall’s Baitian Xin. Does little friend want to leave like this?”

“What do you mean? Are you going to prevent me from leaving?” When he Baitian Xin’s words, Shi Feng's face suddenly turned gloomy,

Baitian Xin shook his head and then sighed, “This old man doesn’t want to, but you know that you have already committed a big mistake right?”

“You slayed the Sky Wind Sect’s Second Order Refiner Ming An. Sky Wind Sect will sooner or later discover about this. If you can’t give them an account, innocent people in this city will be implicated and blood of civilians will stain the streets.”

“What! Sky Wind Sect! It turned out to be Sky Wind Sect!” When they heard the name of Sky Wind Sect, their faces changed greatly. Those three words were like a mountain that pressured them.

“It is actually the Sky Wind Sect. They are a superpower that has stood for thousands of years in our Yunlai Empire. Their foundation is so deep that it’s hard to imagine. Legend says that there are numerous powerful cultivators overseeing the entire sect. Even the master of the Wind Sky Sect is a very powerful existence that can stand on equal footing with the Emperor himself.”

Shi Feng also learned from his memories that he was now in a country called the Yunlai Empire in the Eastern Region.

The Tianheng Continent was vast and boundless. No one knows how big it is. However, the first few people divided the continent into the eastern, southern, western, northern, and central regions.

In the Easter Region alone, there were countless numerous countries, sects, and clans, both large and small scattered throughout.

The Yunlai Empire was but a medium-sized empire in the midst of hundreds of countries.

“So you mean, I should have let those two dogs kill me as if I don’t have eyes since they have a powerful background? Death cannot wipe out their crimes. Now that I killed them, is it me who committed a big crime?” Shi Feng said coldly.

Being scolded by Shi Feng, Baitian Xin wasn’t angry. His eyes gave off a self-righteous appearance as he continued, “In fact, you didn’t have to kill them. As long as they did not die, things can be resolved slowly. But now that … Well, there’s no point in talking about it anymore. Now, would you tie your hands up and await capture? This old man does not want to do it for you.”

“Capture your sister!” Shi Feng snapped,” If I didn’t kill those two retards, then those two dogs would have killed this daddy. Resolve my fart. Old Undead, the Martial Path has only one path and that is going forward. You are timid, you are afraid of the head and terrified of the tail. Without a strong, brave heart, you will never attain success and accomplishment in the path of martial arts."

“Aaaaaaaah!” As Baitian Xin heard Shi Feng’s last few words, his body suddenly trembled like an earthquake. Shi Feng’s words were like magic that shock his mind and instantaneously made him understand something, like an enlightenment.

Some things that he has been trying to catch for years now seemed to be in sight. The realm that he has been unable to cross over the years at the moment seemed to be like a window paper that a single finger of his can pierce through. His whole body was wrapped in a singular feeling.

“Hummphh, Old Undead, this time I will let you off!” Shi Feng no longer paid attention to Baitian Xin. As if enlightened, Baitian Xin suddenly sat cross-legged in the street and began to meditate.

“Drive!” Shi Feng’s feet kicked the horse’s belly. As the black horse suffered, a long thud rang out as the horse moved forward.

“This…” The people on the street were dumbfounded. They don’t understand what just happened now. Wasn’t Old Bai trying to capture the youth? Why did he talk to the boy? As a cultivator in the realm of a Martial Warrior, he seemed to have been reprimanded by this youth of a younger generation?

Not only did he not overpower the youth, why did he suddenly sat down so inexplicably?

All of a suddenly, some people felt a tremor of the forces between heaven and earth. Finally, someone exclaimed, “Old Bai … Old Bai advanced! Our Blue Moon City has one more Martial Spirit!”



“What!!! He’s dead!"

Blue Moon City, Hai Clan.

In the hall, the screams of an angry man can be heard. He was aloof and possessed a dignified prestige. The man was none other than Hai Family’s master, Hai Batian. After listening to the report, he was furious and shocked as he stand up from the chair. He was in utter disbelief as he muttered, “We are dead.”

“We are truly dead.” As he thought about the terrifying Sky Wind Sect, Hai Batian’s restless heart can not calm down. “In order to find out the origins of that strange thing, it cost me a great deal of money to invite Sky Wind Sect’s Second Order Refiner Ming An to come here. How could this be the case? How should I explain this to the Sky Wind Sect?”

“What should I do, will the centuries of my Hai Family’s business be ruined by my hands?” Hai Batian was upset, constantly pacing back and forth. He can’t wait to kill Ming An’s murderer; quarter his body, rip his skin apart, smash his flesh in pieces.

Thinking of the murderer, Hai Batian just realized that he still don’t know who the murderer was. Then he screamed at a subordinate who was already trembling fear at the at top of his voice, “Tell me! Who the hell did this?”

“Uh….uh.. when this subordinate arrived, lord Ming An and horse driver Li San were already killed. This subordinate haven’t seen the murderer with my own eyes, but I got some information about who he is. A man at a restaurant said that the one who killed lord Ming An was a fifteen year-old boy who lives at the foot of Xiuling Mountain outside the city. His name is Shi Feng.”

“Then what are you still doing here? Don’t bother bringing back that dog to me. Kill him where people can see his fucking corpse! Go!” Hai Batian snarled.

“Yes! This subordinate obeys!” Scared witless, he hurriedly ran outside the hall calling the people to go.


Outside the city, the dark horse stopped rushing and continued on a brisk walk while carrying Shi Feng and Shi Ling on the mountain road. Shi Feng travelled nearly an hour outside the city.

“Brother, we haven’t bought mother’s medicine. Mother has no medicine, what are we going to do?” Hugging Shi Feng’s bosom, the cute little girl Shi Ling worriedly asked Shi Feng with her big, watery, sad eyes.

“Hush, good girl, don’t worry about it.” Shi Feng softly said to Shi Ling’s ear as his right hand pressed Shi Ling’s chest.

When Shi Feng reexamined his memories, he felt that there was an Extreme Yin Qi swirling in his body. Of course, the first time he activated the Nine Netherworld Method it was immediately sucked into his Dantian where it was refined into the Nine Netherworld Force, a very pure elemental force.

In fact, because of the Extreme Yin Qi in his body, it was so easy for him to enter the realm of the martial arts after absorbing the force of death from the two dead bodies..

When he checked Shi Ling’s body, sure enough, an existence of the Extreme Yin Qi was scattered throughout her little body.

Shi Feng place his right hand on her chest, and absorbed it all.

According to his memories, the health of their mother was now extremely deteriorating, and she was bedridden. Undoubtedly, she was also probably affected by the Extreme Yin Qi.

“So this turned out to be a location of the Extreme Yin Qi!” Shi Feng can not help but want to laugh. The location of the Extreme Yin Qi will not only help his own cultivation to rise rapidly, but there is possibly a rare treasure in there that is producing this Extreme Yin Qi.

Thinking of the Extreme Yin Treasure, and remembering the kind and loving face that took care of him for many years, a sense of love emerged from deep within his heart. He can now completely cure the disease that has plagued his mother for many years. Shi Feng can not wait to go back home.

Cheers!!! – Cerberus

Cheers!!! – Cerberus